Everyone loves a perfectly manicured lawn. They are a sight for sore eyes. Not to mention they smell fantastic in the morning when you have a coffee out in the front yard. However, it takes patience and time to come up with a lawn you are proud of. Mowing your lawn is an essential step of the process. This Dewalt lawn mower review gives you a few pointers to keep your lawn in perfect condition.

What Is A Lawn Mower?

A lawnmower is a motorized device with rotating blades that cut grass as you push it along. However, some lawn mowers are self-propelled and don't need any supervision. The propeller on a lawnmower cuts grass to an equal height. That's why mowed lawns look very even. Besides tidying up your lawn, a Dewalt mower will easily mow your lawn.

If you have a hard time understanding how a lawn mower works, let's break it down for you. It's the same way you might use a scissor to cut cloth or paper. The lawnmower has a rotating blade that spins very quickly. The blade is also sharp. Most mower blades can now take down larger patches of grass depending on the size and power of the mower.

Most mowers require to be moved from one point to another via the handlebars on every mower. If you like to walk behind your mower, one that requires pushing is the best for you. However, some people don't prefer to push their mowers. Such mowers are self-propelled, as we have mentioned above.

Typically, the blade of a mower moves at 3000 revolutions per minute. That is very fast. In comparison, the blades cut the grass, other components of the mower mulch the clipping discharge. Furthermore, most mowers have a mulching blade that shreds grass into smaller bits. You can later repurpose the mulched bits around your garden.

We have come up with the top Dewalt mower and other relevant information below.

1) Dewalt DCMW220W2 Cordless Lawn Mower

DEWALT DCMW220W2 2X20V MAX* 20 in. Brushless Cordless Mower
  • HIGH POWER OUTPUT: Enhance productivity with the powerful brushless motor and (2) 20V MAX* batteries
  • OPTIMAL VERSATILITY: Ideal choice for mulching, bagging and rear discharging
  • BUILT FOR CONSISTENT HEAVY-DUTY WORK with durable 20 in. metal deck
  • VARIABLE CUT OPTIONS: Single-level height adjust ranging from 1-3/4 in. to 3-1/2 in.
  • CONVENIENT TRANSPORT AND STORAGE with folding handle, lift handle, and locking wheels

This battery-powered mower runs off two Dewalt 20V batteries. It is not only effective on small lawns; it is effective on large lawns as well. With the brushless motor, you get high-power output which enhances productivity. Dewalt tools are an excellent addition to your tool belt. Furthermore, the more you get out of your lawnmower, the better for your lawn and you.

With a 20-inch cutting width, the Dewalt mower is built for heavy and industrial-type work. This means that it is durable enough to handle a heavy workload at any time, like most battery-powered mowers. In addition, the metal mower deck is also durable enough to house the moving components of the electric mower.

If you have ever found mowing your lawn a tasking chore, then Dewalt mowers are definitely for you. First of all, they are effective in that you can use the Dewalt batteries in any other Dewalt tools as a Dewalt saw and drill. Furthermore, this great mower has a 3 in 1 capability. You get mulching, side clipping discharge, and bagging, including with thicker grass.

For easy storage, this electric mower comes with height adjustment, and it is foldable. This means that the mower folds to be smaller so that you can easily store it and carry it using the handle at the front. Furthermore, with the height adjustment, you can easily adjust the height of the push handles so that the height doesn't hurt your back and give you cramps.

  • Pros
  • Safety key
  • Extended runtime
  • Strong steel deck
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to store
  • Cons
  • Plastic tires
  • Large initial investment

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Dewalt Lawn Mower

i) Design

All Dewalt mowers have their own properties that make them favorable to users or unfavorable. The design of the mower ranges from the deck to mulching and bagging. First of all, you need to ensure the mowing deck on your mower is made of durable materials. A metal deck helps to contain the movable parts of the mower.

You should also consider the 3 in 1 feature. It would help if you had the mulching, rear discharging, and clipping bag. Furthermore, outdoor tools with powerful batteries need proper storage. Finally, you should consider a foldable mower that can also stand by itself in a small space. The handles should also be adjustable to help with the handlebar height.

ii) Performance

While you should already expect your cordless lawnmower to achieve a high-quality cut, you should get one that is high-performance. Your mower should be able to cut quickly and efficiently and bag and mulch at the same time. Speaking of performance, you should also consider battery life. Two batteries come in most Dewalt tools.

However, you should know that some mowers have poor battery life. Therefore purchasing extra batteries is essential. Furthermore, auto-sensing technology also comes in handy for the outdoors and offers an excellent method of detection. This helps it to mow around corners and everyday yard obstacles.

iii) Value

Dewalt battery mowers are of good quality. However, to really take into account its power, you have to consider this Dewalt lawn mower review as a guide. Furthermore, with the battery-powered startup, and all the other features, you get your money's worth. In addition, it charges quickly and does not need regular maintenance.

However, it still requires maintenance at least once a year. Besides the maintenance and charging requirements, Dewalt's mowers are built to last and perform. If you treat your mower well, you are bound to get a few good years out of your lawn mower with the proper upgrades and spare part replacement.

iv) Type

On the one hand, you should want to consider a push lawn mower. A push mower lets you control the direction you push the mower. Furthermore, push mowers are an asset when you need to cut tall grass. In addition, a push mower is also equipped for a larger yard. They also have an excellent cut quality and cool and automatic features.

On the other hand, you should also carefully consider a self-propelled lawn mower. They have a propelled feature that gives the mower guidance as to where to mow. Besides, the drive system activates the self-propulsion. Therefore, it doesn't require you to put in much effort. It is also perfect for extensive lawns as well.

v) Ratings

You always have to read the customer reviews under a product before you purchase. However, we took the liberty of doing that for you. Most people buy a product only after reading the reviews. Of course, it helps to read the negative reviews as well. Customers trust online asessments as much as they trust recommendations from a friend.

Furthermore, most people also love excellent customer care. Customers enjoy restitution and compensation for defective products. To clarify, we mean that if a customer gets a defective part that was damaged in transit, customer care needs to reply as promptly as possible. The fact still remains that customers like to read reviews before visiting business sites.

How To Mow Your Lawn

We know some people like to have a cleared-out lawn. You might enjoy yard work from time to time; however, sometimes, your yard might need a lot more tending to. A well-kept lawn, especially with the right push mower or battery-powered lawn mower, can be a game-changer. Besides, a well-mowed lawn not only appeals to the eye it also prevents soil erosion.

There are a few pointers on how to mow your lawn better. First, of course, you could have a lawn mower, but you might not know how to use it the right way. This Dewalt lawn mower review gives you a few pointers into operating a mower at its optimal performance for your front and back yard. Cutting grass will be a breeze with these pointers.

a) Mow In The Morning

There are different times in the morning. Not all are optimal for mowing. Early morning is not optimal because there is still dew on the grass. It is recommended to mow your lawn between the hours of 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Furthermore, the time you lawn in the day will significantly affect the health and appearance of your lawn.

A good mower will neatly reduce all the grass in your small yard and keep your grass green and robust. Electric mowers can make your work easier. Besides, mowing with the wrong tools can leave your yard and grass distressed. Freshly mowed grass also needs time to heal and preferably within a few hours. Mowing mid-morning is the perfect time to give it enough time.

b) Don't Mow After It Rains

Not only is mowing after it rains terrible for your lawn, but it is also the worst thing you could do to your battery-operated lawn mower or gas mower. Whichever the case, the point still remains that it is not recommended to mow your lawn when and after it rains. Mowing your lawn in rainy conditions might have worked before, but it is not ideal.

Wet grass clogs up the mower, which causes the mower to overheat in an effort to remove the wet grass. That's one of the worst things that can happen to your mower. However, the real injustice happens to your yard or lawn. Mowing wet grass will leave clumps of wet grass to smother your grass. Yellow patches will follow soon.

c) Mow In Vertical Or Horizontal Lines

For a natural lawn appearance, you should alternate between how you mow. For example, if you mowed in vertical lines last time, you should switch it up to horizontal lines the next time. This is easier with a push mower. To further improve the cut quality, it might be best if you alternate the cutting lengths, especially if you have an uneven parts.

Uneven parts are standard in any yard. Alternating the cutting lengths ensures you have a level yard. Whether or not you have tall grass, grass grows in the direction it's mowed in. Therefore, if you mow in one direction every time, your grass will grow the same way every time. This will be either slanting vertically or horizontally. Alternation allows for straight grass to grow.

d) Remove Obstacles

Obstacles such as tree branches and children's and pet toys usually loiter everyone's lawn. From time to time, you might even trip over them. However, having obstacles on your lawn is normal. Small twigs and sticks should not be a problem to any battery-powered tools or a gas-powered mower. They pose no threat to the blade.

However, before mowing, you should remove any obstacles that may pose a threat to the blades on your mower. Aside from that, mowing around your lawn edges first should give you an excellent start to mowing your space. You should also set your mower blade at the right height before you start mowing. This is not a challenging task.

e) Service Your Mower

Servicing your mower is the easy part. Battery-powered lawn mowers or gas mowers require servicing at least once a year. It would help if you kept the mower clean after mowing your lawn each time. Furthermore, you also need to sharpen and balance your mower blades to keep them in good condition and sharp.

Oil changes should also be done at least once a year to keep your mower running well. Furthermore, it would help if you also changed your spark plugs to get your mower to start faster and better. Spoilt spark plugs won't cause the ignition required to start your mower. In addition, you need to replace and clean out the air filter.


There will always be reasons to love one mower over the other. However, each mower also has the reasons you don't buy it. These alternating changes are what make it easier to pick one mower over the other. Furthermore, you should pick the mower that works best with your lawn and mowing requirements after weighing your options.