Maintaining a well-kept lawn can be difficult if you don't have the appropriate tools and equipment for this work. Additionally, you might have an uneven lawn that might require an adjustable deck for a uniform yard. Even as you adjust the mowing deck, you will need to do this on a comfortable seat, especially if you're handling an extensive yard.

Therefore the Cub Cadet xt1 enduro series LT46 is an excellent choice for a riding mower that is reliable for maintaining a neat lawn. Below is a detailed cub cadet xt1 lt46 review with more details on why you should choose this lawn tractor.

1. Performance

The performance of cub cadet xt1 enduro series lt46 kick starts our comprehensive cub cadet xt1 lt46 review. Specifically, the enduro series line of lawn maintenance machines is known for its sturdy frame with a powerful engine, a heavy-duty axle, and a gearbox for effective grass-cutting capabilities. As a result, the cub cadet xt1 enduro lt46 is a versatile and high-performance lawn tractor.

Moreover, this Cub Cadet lawn mower is an automatic machine that makes your work easier, ensuring that your focus is on achieving a neat lawn job. In addition, this cub cadet xt1 Enduro lt46 has a cutting width of 46 inches to ensure that it covers a relatively large surface area for convenient mowing of extensive lawns. Besides the wide cutting width, it is built with 12 cutting heights with height markings for easy adjustments depending on whether a yard is muddy, dry, damp, or dense. As if this is not enough, this excellent machine is powered by gas, making it reliable over extensive lawns.

2. Engine

Another feature that makes the cub cadet xt1 enduro series lt46 stand out among its peers is its professional-grade engine. Precisely, this machine comes with a hp v-twin Kohler hydrostatic gas front engine. The Kohler hydrostatic gas front engine is a powerful engine that uses the pulling technique, thus increasing its power for tackling rough terrain. Therefore, this gas front-engine riding mower is an easy yet powerful steering machine that will save you time achieving the most beautiful lawns.

Furthermore, this powerful gas front engine riding mower has advanced technology with an enormous displacement power of 725 ccs that complements the 22 hp V-twin engine for handling all weed types. In addition, this 22 hp V twin riding mower is enabled by a Tuff-Torq K46 hydrostatic transmission for smooth automatic gear transmissions. Subsequently, all you need to do is push down the foot pedal to mow the grass. So now you understand why we rate the cub cadet xt1 enduro series lt46 as a powerful lawn mower.

3. Cut Quality

We have already identified the driving power behind this incredible machine, and even so, we also need to know its mowing quality. Cut quality refers to how well a mower's cutting deck can mow grass to achieve a neat impression. Consequently, this 22 hp V twin riding mower has a sizeable twin-blade cutting deck that ensures clean cuts at a faster rate. Also, the Cub Cadet xt1 enduro series lt46 has a large turning radius of approximately 16 inches, which is the best for a lawn tractor.

The mowing quality is also excellent because of its increased maneuverability across different turfs, that is enabled by 15-inch and 20-inch front and back wheel respectively. Eventually, you will be able to achieve a neat mow quality through a lever engagement with maximum ease and optimal focus on the quality of the cut.

4. Ease of Use

Most importantly, the automation feature of this enduro series lt 46 tractor offers the maximum ease to operate this mower. In addition, this Cub Cadet xt1 enduro series lt 46 has a reverse feature at 3.1 miles per hour for easy maneuverability around your yard and saving time. This mower is also equipped with a good-grip lever on the side for raising or lowering the mowing deck.

In this cub cadet xt1 lt46 review, we also highlight that the gear shifts are easy to manage with a simple push-button and foot pedal for reversing. Furthermore, the steering system also makes riding a breeze with easy turns that save your energy. Lastly, the soft-touch cruise control makes mowing easy through the hands-off approach, especially for wide-open mow tasks. Subsequently, the cruise control feature complements the optimized steering system for seamless control of this mower.

5. Safety Features

The enduro xt1 lt46 riding lawn mower is also built with safety features to protect the machine and its user. Some of these features include a neutral start option, emergency reverse switch, operator presence, RevTek reverse cut technology, and a brake pedal lock. These features ensure that the cub cadet lt46 is started and operated safely. Also, you don't have to worry about the blades turning as the engine runs in case of obstacles in your way or while emptying the grass bag because you can easily stop or reverse.

Also, this lawn tractor has wheels that have an adequate trend drip for reduced risk of slipping on wet grass. Additionally, on sloppy areas, this tractor has rear differentials that lock automatically to avoid slips in all weather conditions and on sloppy grounds. Finally, in the event of debris and obstacles in your lawn, the front bumper provides additional protection against damages.

6. Maintenance

Among quality riding mowers, the Cub Cadet xt1 lt46 ranks as one of the best for its easy maintenance capacity. Notably, this riding lawn mower has a rust-resistant mowing deck and an easy washing port. Regarding the washing port, this mower has a 'Smart jet' for fast under-deck cleaning. By and by, this product comes with a generous warranty.

7. Special Features

We also love this hp v twin Kohler mower for its extra special features that add fun and flavor to its basic functionality. You can easily tow a dump truck, bumper, snow-plow attachment, and mulch kit with this riding tractor. Consequently, you can easily handle snow, dirt, and even rocks around your snow cabin.

Moreover, this mower cover soil excellently, and you can add attachments for additional excavating functions. This 22 hp V twin riding lawnmower also comes with a Bluetooth app for monitoring the machine's performance, including the time left before the next oil and air filter change, as well as blade information.

8. Convenient Design

We would also not do this cub cadet xt1 lt46 review justice without mentioning its convenient design. To begin with, its deep traction ensures stability on diverse surfaces. Additionally, this riding machine has a non-slip high back seat for clear front visibility and maximum cub comfort, without the risk of falling off due to its standard armrests. Moreover, it has an adjustable seat that is roomy on the side and flat.

Besides the high-back seat, this mower has an ergonomic design for easily accessible controls. Also, its tank capacity is large for long undisrupted working hours. Under low light conditions, you can still use this Cub Cadet mower due to its led high illumination headlights for maximum visibility. Also, the led high illumination headlights and the frame are corrosion protected with an E-coat for maximum durability.

Also, the cub comfort is assured for this mower because of its fully welded frame that complements the heavy-duty chassis to even carry the rider's weight without bending. Another convenient feature is the plastic hood that is adequate to reduce the overall weight. It also comes with a mulch kit for maximum functionality as you mow.

  • Pros
  • Intensive cutting power for handling even tough and thick grass
  • Ideal for sloppy and rough terrain
  • Easy operation
  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Reliable over extensive lawns
  • Strong and durable engine
  • Adjustable cutting deck for diverse grass heights
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy maneuvering with the reverse function
  • Expansive cutting deck for increased cutting surface area
  • Versatile across different lawn types
  • Led headlights for maximum visibility under low lighting
  • Very diverse
  • Reliable engine
  • LED headlights
  • Cons
  • Noisy power take-off
  • Packer and mulching units are guaranteed to come with this lawnmower
  • A bit pricey


In conclusion, Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro lt46 Series exceeded our expectations, especially among mowers meant for diverse yards. Essentially, we recommend this excellent riding mower for midsize homeowners for the ultimate lawn care. If your target lawn is more than 2 hectares, this might still work for you but is not profitable, considering you will have to make many rounds and passes. Therefore, this cub cadet xt1 lt46 review offers you all the details you might consider while tackling a lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cub Cadet xt1 lt46 Review

1. Does the Cub Cadet XT1 lt46 have a push-button or key start?

The Cub Cadet uses a start key ignition switch with the stop, on, and crank options. Even with a key start, the reverse control is a button. Nonetheless, the newer versions of the xt1 enduro series lt 46 come with a push-button, specifically for the 547 cc fuel injection lawn mowers.

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