Because of the dangers it can pose to your pet and yourself, many dog owners are finding creative ways to keep their furry friends out of other people’s yards. From a fence that only dogs can jump over, to a backyard pool with an invisible wall around it, there is no shortage of innovative options for keeping pets safe while still giving owners peace-of-mind.

The “what to do when neighbors dog poops in your yard” is a question that has been asked for a long time. There are many different options, but some of the best solutions include using a fence and making sure your yard is clean.

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If you live in a neighborhood, there’s a good chance a stray dog has wandered into your yard at some point. This occurs on a regular basis in various locations.

Our backyard has always been fenced, but it hasn’t stopped dogs from roaming through the front or around the fence. A little dog has even gotten through a small hole in our fence!

While we all adore dogs (we have two), we don’t always want additional dogs on our property. Not only may they be dangerous, but they often leave little (and occasionally enormous) gifts for humans to discover.

There are some basic actions you may attempt if you’re in this scenario right now and don’t know what to do. You’ll find numerous strategies for keeping dogs out of your yard listed below.

Choose the options that make the most sense for your scenario. You are not required to utilize all of them.

Dogs Entering Other People’s Yards for a Variety of Reasons


It’s crucial to understand why dogs enter your yard in the first place if you want to keep them out. So, why do dogs seem to find their way into our yards?

To Investigate

Dogs are inquisitive creatures that are sure to get bored in their usual surroundings. Wouldn’t you want to explore what’s out there if you were restricted to your home and a little backyard?

Your yard might have something interesting to other dogs, such as squirrels or a water feature. If they’re not well-trained, the urge To Investigate can be difficult for them to overcome.

To Find a Partner

Dogs sometimes simply want to be loved, something they are unlikely to get in their own backyard. If a male dog isn’t neutered, he may go out in search of a female in heat. Females are likewise on the lookout for male companions.

Dogs Shouldn’t Be Allowed in Your Yard

While some people simply despise dogs, the majority of us have reasons for not wanting other dogs in our yards. Let’s look at a few of these factors.

They may pose a threat to your safety.


Although the majority of dogs are amiable, this does not imply they will never bite. If you have young children or pets, the last thing you want is for a neighbor’s dog to stray into your yard and endanger everyone’s safety.

When removed from their owner, even well-behaved dogs react differently. It’s not always safe to assume that if a dog wanders into your yard unsupervised, they’ll behave the same way they do in their own yard.

They may do business away from home on occasion.

For a number of reasons, dogs mark their territory with urine and even excrement. Unevenly growing grass, or, even worse, cleaning up after someone else’s dog, are the last things you want to deal with.

It’s possible that they’ll dig in your yard or garden.


Some dogs like digging, particularly in soft garden soil. If a dog enters your backyard and discovers some soft grass or mud, they may find it amusing to dig a hole for you (or their toy that they want to save for later).

Your property may be chewed on or destroyed by them.

Dogs, particularly pups, like to chew on things, as most dog owners will tell you. If you have objects in your backyard that a nearby dog finds appealing, don’t be shocked if they are chewed or damaged.

My family used to have an Australian shepherd that would chew on the home siding when I was a kid. At all times, we had to keep a tight check on him.

They may cause anxiety in your pets.


Dogs operate on instinct, and chasing other animals is one of those inclinations. If you have outside cats, a dog from down the street could like chasing them around. This, of course, makes your cat feel uneasy and afraid in their own backyard.

Dogs in the Yard: How to Keep Them Out

Now that we understand why dogs stray into other people’s yards and why we may wish to keep them out of ours, let’s look at some methods for deterring or preventing them from entering ours.

1 – Have a Conversation with Your Neighbor

When dealing with a dog that comes into your property on a frequent basis, the first step you should always do is to speak with the dog’s owner before taking more serious actions. Tell them what you’re worried about, whether it’s a safety problem or the dog marking its territory.

Many people will be kind and do all they can to assist you if you manage the discussion in a non-threatening way. Even if this doesn’t work, you’ll know you tried. It’s time to switch gears and try something new.

2 – Use Your Gardening Creativity


Certain plants, such as citrus trees, may help keep dogs out of your garden. You may also plant some thorny shrubs in key locations to keep them from going any farther.

The aroma of some fertilizers containing animal products, such as bone meal or fish emulsion, attracts dogs. Use plant-based fertilizers to maintain your lawn and garden healthy without attracting a nearby dog.

3 – Discard Curiosity Objects

One of the reasons why dogs stray into other people’s yards is just boredom and curiosity, as I described previously. While you won’t be able to do much to relieve their restlessness, you may take some basic efforts to make your backyard less enticing to them.

Because dogs consume a lot of water, the first step is to remove all sources of water. A dog’s water dish, a bird bath, a child’s pool, or standing water in particular sections of your yard might all be sources of water.

Also, be careful to remove any sources of food, or possible sources of food. A dog’s food sources might include your dog’s or cat’s dish, an open trash can, or the aromas from your barbecue.

Don’t forget to get rid of as many “toys” as you can. You may need to store your outside toys in a garage or shed if you have dogs. The same may be said about young children’s toys.

4 – Use a Sprinkler with Motion Detection


Installing a motion-activated sprinkler is a simple and efficient way to keep a dog out of your yard. Unlike ordinary sprinklers, which are designed to water your grass, motion-activated sprinklers are used to keep animals out of your yard.

When it senses motion in the area it’s covering, a motion-activated sprinkler sprays water. Most animals, including deer, rabbits, and other small animals, are deterred from entering your yard by a quick shower of water.

The Yard Enforcer, manufactured by Orbit, is a motion-activated sprinkler that may be used as a conventional sprinkler as well as a deterrent for animals. This is a useful characteristic that not everyone has.

The Yard Enforcer operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can cover up to 1,600 square feet. It may also be linked to additional sprinkler heads to cover a greater area.

One thing to remember about motion-activated sprinklers is that they spray water whenever motion is detected, which means that if you, your mailman, or your neighbor’s children chance to wander inside the detection zone, they will be sprayed. This may amuse you, but it is unlikely to amuse them.

5 – Use an Over-the-Counter Repellent

Using a commercial repellant is another way to keep dogs out of your yard. Commercial repellents are generally available in granular or liquid form and must be applied to the protected area or around the perimeter of the protected area.

Commercial repellents function by emitting scents or tastes that dogs don’t like. These repellents must be reapplied on a frequent basis to be effective (reapplication times vary by product).

If you decide to use a commercial repellant, do your homework and make sure it’s safe for dogs, children, and anything else that could walk into your yard.

6 – Create a Physical Barrier


Installing a fence is one of the most efficient methods to keep a dog out of your yard. It also happens to be one of the more costly options.

However, since a fence has several advantages, it may be worth considering in your scenario. A fence not only prevents items from getting in, but it also prevents your children and pets from escaping.

A privacy fence, assuming you choose one, makes it more difficult for people to view your property. Keep in mind that it will also make it more difficult for you to view outside of your yard. As a result, in our yard, we installed a shorter picket fence with space between the pickets.

When it comes to constructing a physical barrier for your property, a fence isn’t your only choice. You may also use some landscaping to create a natural border. On the edges of his yard, one of our neighbors has a natural barrier made of arborvitaes. To accomplish the same, a neighbor down the road has planted rows of pine trees on both sides of his yard. These not only keep dogs out, but they also give seclusion.

7 – Establish an Invisible Border

You don’t want a real fence around your yard? Perhaps an invisible border would be a better choice for you.

By spraying vinegar around the places you wish to protect, you may establish an invisible border. This isn’t suitable for a huge area, but it could work nicely in your garden.

Because vinegar might harm your plants, you should only spray it on non-living objects such as rocks. You’ll also need to reapply the vinegar on a frequent basis for it to operate properly.

This isn’t the best option for most individuals, although it may be useful in specific circumstances.

8 – Inform the authorities about your next-door neighbor.


You always have the option of reporting your neighbor to animal control as a last resort. A call may or may not go you very far, depending on local regulations.

Also, be prepared to offer verification of any allegations you’ve made if they do send someone out to see you. You’re accusing a neighbor of something by contacting animal control, so don’t take it lightly.

Keep in mind that contacting the police will almost certainly produce a rift between you and your neighbor. Ideally, you should only contact animal control after you’ve tried all other options and if the situation is more than a nuisance.

What to Avoid

Nothing that is harmful to dogs should be used.

While a stray dog might be a nuisance, you should never hurt them physically. You’re certain to come across some poor advise about utilizing commercial chemicals or powerful spices like cayenne pepper if you search online.

These chemicals and spices may harm not just dogs, but also other animals and people that come into touch with them. While some of these home cures may seem appealing, they should never be utilized. There are lots of safer alternatives to consider, such as the ones described above, that will suffice.

Repellents containing urine should not be used.


While it may seem that using an animal repellent is a good idea, be sure that the repellent does not include urine from other animals, such as coyotes. Although its aroma is repulsive to certain animals, it is attractive to dogs.

Last Thoughts

While most of us love dogs or at least don’t have an issue with them, we don’t necessarily want them wandering about our yard, causing us all kinds of problems.

While no strategy is failsafe, by applying a couple of the suggestions above, you’ll be well on your way to stopping other dogs from entering your property.

The “how to keep dogs out of yard naturally” is a question that has been asked by many. The best option for keeping your neighbor’s dogs away from your yard is to make sure you have plants, trees, and hedges in your yard.

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