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A well-kept manicured lawn is a staple in many homes. In fact, tending lawns has been considered a traditional hobby handed down from one generation to another. Some would even equate manicured lawns practically synonymous with apple pie, a true American home trait. Manicured lawns are not just aesthetically pleasing, it improves our life. In fact, gardeners and landscape crews alike swear by the positive effect manicured lawns and well-managed green spaces have on the environment, human health, and economy as a whole. These are findings corroborated by evidence and research studies.

As a self-proclaimed recreational gardener, gardening has been Kyle Ellis’ favorite pastime for many years. Having worked at golf courses as a kid, he has the basic knowledge and understanding of yard and landscape maintenance. He spent months researching and equipping himself with an in-depth knowledge of gardening 101; anything from seeds, fertilizers, watering, soil, etcetera. Matt took it upon himself to stay updated and dedicated his time wholly in the subject of gardening. Gardening is his true passion.

And this passion paved the way to the creation of this website, the lawngonewild.com. Matt doesn’t consider himself an expert, but he considers himself a passionate person. And passion is what drives people to do exceptional things. He truly feels that his intricate knowledge of gardening and all of his research can help make an educated consumer out of all of you. The objective of this site is to help and educate the average homeowner sort out the ideal products to purchase to maintain their yards properly. Helpful tips such as how and when to put down a type of seed, best seed to use, when to water it, or when is the best time to apply fertilizer. They’re all available here and they’re all geared to help you make an informed and unbiased decision each and every time.

Garden stores, pop stores, and local moms are all great resources, that is, if you can get ahold of the right people. This website can be your go-to resource or your last stop if you’re looking into revamping and getting your yard in shape.

Earnings Disclaimer: How do we make money?

Owning and running a website is expensive but a lucrative venture. One of the ways his website makes money is via affiliate commission. By clicking on the link of a given retailer, he gets paid in the way of referral commission. He also runs ads on his website. You don’t get charged extra for purchasing on the links on his website. As a bonus; occasionally, a special price on me is featured, in which case, he will state it clearly in the link. He also receives free products from manufacturers to test and review. However, he can assure you that these links or the free products he receives from manufacturers did not influence his reviews in any way. Kyle’s product recommendations were based on hours of research, reading customer reviews, checking manufacturer specifications, and the best sellers of every kind. They’re honest, unbiased and factual to the core. The products he recommends are products that he would also use in his own yard.


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Due to time constraints, Kyle would occasionally allow credible guest authors to write content for him. He completely trusts and vouches for them. If you have any questions for him, send him an email and he will answer it personally.

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