Ryobi RY40180 40V Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Mower Kit, with 5.0Ah Battery, 19.88" x...
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  • Dimensions: 19.88 X 40.748 X 22.677

Taking care of your yard or lawn doesn't need to be a demanding experience and can be a chore you enjoy if you are equipped with the right tools. The Ryobi 40V brushless lawn mower promises many things, and the most popular one is that it will help your mowing experience be enjoyable. In addition, since it is a lightweight machine and maneuvers well, it makes a great alternative to gas mowers which produce harmful emissions.

Ryobi 40 v lawn mower is one of the best choices for battery-powered mowers, and it's famous for its ease of use and maintenance where you don't need to have oil filters, spark plugs, and no storing of gas. Read on this Ryobi lawn mower 40V review to understand the performance, features, and advantages.

1. Design

Ryobi RY40180 is a 20-inch brushless lawn mower that is easily maneuverable thanks to how lightweight it is, and it's also better for the environment than a gas mower that releases harmful emissions. The Ryobi electric mower is versatile, can handle any tall grass, and power any other Ryobi lawn equipment.

2. Performance

The Ryobi mower comes with a brushless motor which is both efficient and fierce and includes an active load-sensing technology that ratchets up the cutting power to reduce the stubborn weeds and tall, thick grasses with might. This rivals the gas mower competitors, and it throttles back to ration your battery once you move back into the thin surrounding turf.

The 40-volt performance is excellent for most lawns, and it performs the best when it's working on dense grass because it provides excellent resistance for the blade to work against. The model performs well in edging grasses, cutting tree branches, and trimming bushes.

3. Battery Life

The Ryobi 40 volt brushless mower features a 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery and a battery charger that cuts right through the grass of any height for about 40 minutes and can be used for up to 45 minutes, but the last five minutes are not worth it. At 42 minutes, the cutting power tapers off significantly, and the motor starts to shut down with increasing frequency. So it is advisable to have two batteries, and you can store them in the Ryobi's onboard battery compartment.

Having an extra battery doubles your time, and it allows swapping a second battery without pausing your task or job for more than a few seconds. In addition, if you have other Ryobi tools that have the same battery specs, you should consider this a great buy since these battery packs are interchangeable across all their hardware. Notably, you may find that your battery will drain fast when mowing long or thick grass or when a mower hits, but the second battery will ensure you can mow the entire lawn successfully and maximize battery usage.

Fortunately, Ryobi batteries usually recharge faster than others when you can charge one battery to total capacity in about 90 minutes.

4. Ease of Use

Ryobi 40v lawn mower is easy to use straight out of its pack as it doesn't need any assembly of parts, and also it folds up flat where all you should do is turn the knobs and extend the handles. The Ryobi model has a battery slot open which you can use to insert the included batteries and a full charge, and the battery should be adequate to mow any averagely sized lawn. In addition, it has a telescoping handle’s quick-release knobs that lengthen or shorten its dimensions to serve any user's comfort. Finally, the additional carrying handle makes the lightweight Ryobi lawn mower less demanding to lift.

With a shift of the knob, the blade height can be adjusted to fit your needs, and once you adjust, you can effortlessly mow your lawn. The startup process is relatively easy, and all you need is to insert the battery and position the safety key because the lawn mower won't start without the safety key. Follow this by pulling down the bar and pushing the button to start your lawn mower. The safety button is essential for preventing any hazardous scenarios like when curious kids might want to play with it in the yard.

5. Cutting Path

Whatever grass you are cutting, the brushless mower will not take a lot of effort to mow them, and once you use the Ryobi Ry40180, you are guaranteed a fair cut. Ryobi 40V lawn mower is recommended for half an acre lawns because it comes with a small cutting deck of about 20 inches where the motor controls pick up the power and cut more dense grass. The customer can adjust the mower height in seven incremental steps, ranging from 1.5 to 3.75 inches, where they will need to pull the lever at the left hand of the mower deck.

6. Cut Quality

Ryobi RY40180, a 40-volt mower, was built to groom small to medium-sized lawns, and they should have as minimum slopes as possible. It cuts grass cleanly with a two-foot path, and what is left behind is a fine carpet finish. When it comes to disposal, both the bagging and mulching features wrangle clippings in an orderly way and don't build up any clump shards in the machine.

It would be helpful to check the blade speed, as running a blade at a slow speed will make you sharpen the blade more often to mow the grass successfully. Also, Ryobi 40 volt features some small but powerful LED headlights that cast a glow making it perfect for the nighttime mowing sessions made possible with the quiet operation.

7. Runtime

Ryobi claims to have up to 45 minutes of cutting on one charge using the 5.0 amp hour battery, and as the battery power goes down to a bar, the lawn mower starts cutting off. However, the lawn mower will restart after you let go of the bar and hit start again. So, realistically, the battery mowers will give you a good 40 minute run time before you start experiencing interruptions that interfere with your productivity.

8. Size and Weight

This mower weighs about 55 pounds with the battery installed, and since it's lightweight, it guarantees that it will be easier on your back and knees. However, it may be difficult to maneuver it in areas such as steep grades or hills because it's not self-propelled.

Also, the model lacks a side discharge, and instead, it has a rear bag that collects the grass clippings as you are mow or cut grass.

9. Folding Storage

The 40-volt Ryobi mower features an impressive folding design which you can use to lower the handle telescopes and fold them on top of your mower to get vertical storage. This is among the key features since it helps the mower take less space for storage than a gas mower and the telescoping handle also helps to lock the height. However, the user will need to move the height adjustment every time to get the handle to lock tightly, and since the height adjustment process is easy, it won't be a big deal. Notably, it is recommended to mow your lawns at three inches and let the grass become thick enough to choke out the weeds.

10. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, this battery-powered model gives you an easy time since you don't have to deal with issues of gas engines since there are no fuel and oil to mix, no emissions, and no carburetors to gum up. Ryobi 40 Volt brushless mower packs all the benefits and what is most impressive to users is how quiet the model is.

In addition, Ryobi 40 volt packs a limited five-year warranty and a full three-year warranty on the lawn mower and batteries. With such a warranty, there are no malfunctions or defects that will not be covered, and this will guarantee a user of maximum durability. However, remember to keep the Ryobi 40 volt dry as it's allergic to moisture, but other than that, your days of struggling with a push gas mower are behind you, according to this positive review.

  • Pros
  • It has a fast and easy assembly where you need to unfold the handles and insert your batteries, and you are set
  • The mower is quiet than most gas mowers in the market
  • Produces fewer emissions and pollution
  • Lightweight and collapsible design hence easy to store as it will fold up vertically
  • Impressive mower cutting power where it had no problem cutting tall and thick grass
  • Twin battery space that allows extended mowing time
  • Minimum storage footprint thanks to a vertical posture
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and can be used to power other compatible Ryobi cordless lawn equipment
  • Runs hard even in thicker grass and weeds
  • The battery lasts up to 40 minutes
  • Easy mower height adjustment
  • Cons
  • It is a cordless mower that is not self-propelled
  • The mulching plug is quite difficult to insert and can get in your way if inserted incorrectly.
  • It includes a small cutting deck of 20 inches.

Why Should you Purchase an RYOBI 40-Volt RY40180 Lawn Mower?

According to this RYOBI Lawn Mower 40V review, this mower is the best electric lawn mower for any homeowner with a small yard or small lawns of half an acre or less with limited storage but need efficient cutting power. With a 20-inch cutting path and seven cutting height positions that range between 1.5 to 3.75 inches, you can modify the height using a lever on the left side of your mower deck. In addition, it is the best cordless lawn mower if you want to be environmentally friendly and comes with a mulch plug that helps you grind down grass clippings for reuse for gardening purposes instead of throwing them away.

Additionally, besides relieving a user from yearly maintenance, which traditional mowers require, the two batteries it includes that can work with other lawn equipment give the mower some added value. It makes the lawn mowers worth considering. However, since it doesn't have self-propelling features, some buyers could significantly disadvantage this.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ryobi Lawn Mower 40v Review

1. Does the Ryobi RY40180 have a self-propelled mode?

No, this Ryobi RY40180 model doesn't have the self-propelled feature, but it's still easy to use yet lightweight.

2. How long does the Ryobi 40 Volt battery last during mowing?

The model's battery life will depend on the cutting conditions, and according to the mower review, for tall and wet grass, the battery may last up to 30 minutes. For dry grass and cutting inches off, your battery could last up to 90 minutes.

3. Are gas mowers better than the 40-volt units?

Yes and No. Gas mowers are better for large lawns since a battery-powered mower may run for 20 to 45 minutes with each battery charge, depending on the grass height and thickness of the lawn. However, there are more suitable for the battery or electric mowers for small to medium-sized yards of up to 14,000 square feet.

Also, a gas mower would be the best option for people who want the convenience of a self-propelled or a riding mower or those who cannot push the heavy or more oversized mowers. However, if you are a homeowner who doesn't fit in any of the above categories, opting for an electric or battery-powered model is the best choice as its pros outweigh the cons.

4. How long does the Ryobi Ry40180 last?

This will depend on the kind of maintenance the mower called Ryobi has experience where with proper use and maintenance, it will give a user years of reliable service. To guarantee the user of durability, the manufacture offers a three-year battery warranty and a five-year tool warranty so you can be sure it will give you full service.

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