Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog:

The name of the brand, Black & Decker, is itself enough to convince anyone to their product. With the vast variety of designs and tools, Black & Decker has been winning hearts all over the world since 1910. This is the sole reason why most people first try to find a tool with the Black & Decker name on it, and then will look for something else.

The Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog 19-Inch 12 amp is a powerful munching mower that will take the least effort to get the best result, and at the cost of zero emission. The quality and performance is certainly of top level, as it is another Black & Decker product; this means, you can literally see your kids turn into adults before seeing this machine in your garage for sale. With its smooth and easy to push move, you will need to use the minimum of your energy to cut the maximum grass of your lawn; and all your work will be done in a lot less time than you will expect.

This is an ideal product for getting a smooth green lawn with all your clipped grass in a rear bag of the mower. Do you ever feel like you are spending more time in trying to make your lawn look good, than spending a quality time in a neat lawn? If is, then this is the beast you are looking for to take the least time to cut the maximum grass, doesn’t matter how hard the grass you are growing on your lawn. You can easily adjust the speed, height and the style of cutting with the friendly user interface. You don’t have to sit and read the manual for hours to figure out what each button does.


• Corded electric lawn mower with a 12 amp motor
• Easy to start and maintain, and produces zero emission
• Adjustable handle height, and handle grip cushioned
• 52 pounds with a 19” deck
• 2-years limited warranty

Its Pros:

• Comes with the Black & Decker warranty of 2 years
• High performance
• Easy to use, with a very friendly user interface
• Very light, allowing the user to have a better control while mowing
• The engine has a power equivalent to a 6.5 horsepower gasoline engine
• Much quieter than the gasoline engines
• Low maintenance
• Faster than most lawn mowers
• You can choose from 8 different cutting settings


• Effort is needed to keep it clean, especially the blades, if you wish to use it for quite a long time
• The wire may be a little annoying
• Comparative smaller cutting area


This is a great mower for your lawn specially for mulching. You are getting the power of a gas engine without having to think about any gas hassle and cost. You wouldn’t be able to get the mobility for being corded, and thus, you will have a limited cutting area. The best part is, it is faster and has more power, so you would not have to spend a lot of time in getting your grass straighten up. Also, has a wonderful handling and ease for the smoothness and light weight. All in all, this item gets 4 out of 5.

Conclusion Rating

4 stars

4 stars

4 stars