Nobody wants to spend all day mowing the lawn and with the WG789 cordless lawn mower by Worx, you can have more free time after you work on your beautifully cut lawn with no sweat.

It is specifically designed for fast and powerful mowing action without you having to spend a fortune on your electricity bills or gas.

Perfect for people who…

Introducing another new interesting feature called the PaceSetter, Worx has made the WG789 the perfect tool for the busy folks out there who still want to keep a nice clean lawn for their home. This is mowing made easier, more convenient and faster so you really get the value of your money giving you more of your precious time.

Product and Operating Features

It uses a removable rechargeable 36-volt battery that runs up to 45 minutes or 12,500 square feet per charge. This means you don’t have to deal with long and heavy cords or gas and still have even more power when you need it.

It is very simple and easy to use with its intuitive ignition system so you don’t have to spend hours pulling strings, pushing and looking for buttons, etc. It’s practically effortless.

The IntelliCut mowing technology gives you more torque for a more powerful cutting action for tough and sometimes even impossible grass.

You can also adjust the mowing height from 1.5 to 3.5 inches.

The unique PaceSetter technology automatically adjusts to your walking speed so it won’t feel as though you’re pushing a truck just to cut your grass.

Its three-in-one grass handling feature mulches and discharges grass to the side or you can bag it for composting or disposal.

It has a Quiet mode feature which is really great as it allows you to do your mowing at anytime.

It has a convenient detachable handle makes it easy for you to remove and change batteries.

The handlebar collapses so that you can store it in tight spaces and makes it easy for you to get it ready to use and put it away when not in use.

It includes the collection bag, side discharge chute, mulch plug, the charger and owner’s manual.


The speed control system will adjust to you from 0 to 3.6 miles per hour. The further you push the handlebar, the faster you mow.

Aside from the self-propelling technology, the WG789 includes a mulching blade designed to chop up clippings much faster and neater than standard blades.

WORX WG789 Pros

Easy to maneuver
Works great on difficult areas like hills or inclines
Quality is good and can do for heavy duty
Very easy to set up as it is delivered 95% assembled

WORX WG789 Cons

Self-propelled feature may not be working properly at times
Heavier than others but still very easy to handle
Hard to move it backwards if you want to re-cut an area


The WORX WG789 is ideal for those who have large yards and works great even in hills and inclines. Its simple and easy to use ignition system makes mowing faster and more convenient so this is great for those who only have little time to do these chores. The PaceSetter feature will help you to work faster and more efficiently as you walk and push. This way, you can still have a nice clean lawn without stressing yourself out.