Nothing makes mowing easier than the WG783 Lil’ Mo. Its powerful rechargeable battery allows you to mow your lawn with the power of gas mowers without the hassles and extra costs of gas.

It makes mowing more efficient and enjoyable at the same time. Most importantly, you don’t have to waste your precious time going back and forth on your yard just to trim some stubborn grass because the Lil’ Mo will take care of it for you.

Perfect for people who…

Time is essential. Every minute of it you waste, you can never get it back just as you are reading this review. So it is important that you spend it on things that are worth it. And mowing your lawn surely isn’t something you want to spend your whole day in.

With the help of the WORX WG783, you can spend less time doing your lawn chores and more for the things that matter most to you. This is perfect for smaller to about average sized yards. It is very easy to operate and safe so practically anyone in your home can use it as long as with supervision for kids.

Operation and Functions

It uses a simple, intuitive ignition system with three-in-one grass handling that mulches, discharges grass to the side or bags grass.

The versatile discharge options let you easily mulch the grass to keep your lawn healthy or you can also bag the grass for composting or disposal.

Comfort and Ease of Use

It has an instant-on switch so no more pull starts. And since you won’t be using gas, you don’t need to worry about mixtures or running to the gas station for refills.

The battery is removable so you don’t have to hook the actual mower. It is easily pulled out via the detachable handle system.

No more cords to worry about. You don’t have to uncoil or step over an extension cord while mowing.

The quick one-handed height adjustment feature allows you to easily choose between tall or short mowing depending on the grass.

The handle is also foam-padded so you can more easily push it around.

Environment Friendly

With the Worx WG783, you won’t only be saving on gas expenses, you would also save power. With its rechargeable battery, you don’t have to worry about big electricity bills.

It is also quieter than gas mowers so you won’t be disturbing your neighbors or annoy anyone in your house.

It also has zero emissions.

Power and Design

One charge of the battery allows for 30 minutes of power or 6,000 square feet per charge.

It is lightweight so you can smoothly and swiftly push it across the lawn, even in tight corners or heavily landscaped yards.

The power level indicator tells you when it needs charging so you can make sure there is enough power when you need it.

It is also very compact. The handlebar collapses in seconds and you can store it in tight spaces.

Worx WG783 Pros

Lightweight and easy to maneuver
Easy set up and installation – about 20 minutes
It is also very easy to clean which is important because this affects performance
Doesn’t clog with wet grass

Worx WG783 Cons

Only for smaller yards
You can’t adjust all four wheels at once like more advanced mowers
Battery loses power after a year or so but it has a warranty and it is also replaceable


The Worx WG783 is great for mowing smaller sized yards. It is easy to use and maneuver so you can get the job done in less time. It is also easy to put away and the design is compact so this is perfect for those who have smaller spaces in their garage.

It makes mowing easier, enjoyable while giving you the performance that you require for your lawn.