The WG775 Li’l Mo by Worx is a completely cord-free powerful electric lawn mower that would take the chore out of mowing.

It features simple intuitive functions for you to keep your lawn well manicured in a fast, efficient, and enjoyable way.

Perfect for people who…

The Li’l Mo WG775 is perfect for families who have average to larger yards because it uses removable battery, meaning you can purchase an additional battery and have both fully charged for longer runtime. It can mow up to 6,000 square feet with a single charge. Because of its easy intuitive features, the Worx WG775 will also be great for beginners. It cuts well and is also great for mulching, bagging and side discharge. It is lightweight so it makes it easier to maneuver. It is also compact so this is great for those who have limited storage space.

3 in 1 Power

The Worx WG775 is ready for mulching, bagging and side discharge with its versatile discharge options.

You can mulch the grass to grow a healthier lawn or bag them for composting or disposal whichever you need.

Its mulching bag blade is designed to chop up your clippings smaller than standard mower blades.

Battery, Power and Performance

This electric cordless mower uses a 24-Volt removable battery that can run up to 30 minutes or 6,000 square feet per charge.

The battery is removable and can be charged anywhere so you don’t have to bring the mower around to charge it.

It features an advanced power level indicator so you can easily see if the battery needs to be charged.

One-Step Height Adjustment

It offers a simple one-handed height adjustment so you can adjust the height of all four wheels at once.

Easy to Maneuver

Worx WG775 has an ergonomically designed handle that makes it easy to push and gives you more control over the mower.

This handle collapses in one step for easy transport and storage.

The mower is also lightweight, weighing only 33 pounds. It is very easy to maneuver especially without cords that you might step on.


The WG775 comes with a two year limited warranty.

It comes with the removable 24-volt battery, charger, mulch insert, grass bag, and your own user’s manual.

Worx WG775 Pros

Reasonable price
Longer battery life than other cordless mowers
Easy to start and maneuver
One step height adjustment

Worx WG775 Cons

The charger does not automatically shuts down so the battery may get hot and overcharge
You need to get used to adjusting the height settings


The Worx WG775 is a powerful mower that comes at a great price. It is perfect even for beginners. It is great for mowing average sized yards to larger yards thanks to its removable battery which lets you have the option of having a spare for longer runtime. It is lightweight and compact yet it has lots of useful features. It can mulch, bag and side discharge as well. Now you can really enjoy mowing your lawn.