The ECO WG780 by Worx is a cost-efficient electric lawn mower that gives you enough mowing power without the hassle of gas or electric cords.

It is powered by heavy duty batteries that ensure enough power when you need it. It is a great quality product that will surely benefit you for long term use.

Perfect for people who…

This battery powered electric mower is perfect for bigger yards. The high powered 24-volt battery lets you mow up to 17,500 square feet on a single charge. And because the battery is removable, you have the option to keep another one handy in case you need to do more.

So if you have an average to large lawn, this is a very cost efficient solution for you since you won’t need to spend for a lot of gas or pay shocking electricity bills. It is easy to use, easy to maneuver and safe making it possible for anyone in your home to get the job done in no time.

Power and Batteries

It includes 24-volt AH removable battery which gives you enough power with a single charge. And with the option to purchase additional batteries, you can do more without spending a lot on oil and electricity bills.

The safety key prevents accidentally starting the mower so you can make sure you’re not wasting energy.

It also has a power level indicator to keep you informed on how much charge you have left in your battery.

Since it’s removable, you can charge the battery anytime, anywhere conveniently. No need to plug it with the mower.

The cutting path deck is 19 inch wide.

3-in-1 Function

The WG780 lets you mulch, bag and do side discharge as well. You can collect clippings in the included grass bag.

You can put in the mulch insert so you can recycle the clippings back into your yard.

You can also use the side discharge chute to quickly clear grass from the cutting deck.

Ergonomic and Easy to Maneuver

It is designed with an ergonomic handle with ErgoSum Design Technology allowing you to adjust the handle where you would be comfortable so it would be easy for you to push it around.

The electric motor has very minimal vibration making it lighter for you and easy to maneuver the mower.

Once you’re done, you can easily fold the handle with its quick release function for easy storage.

One-Step Height Adjustment

It features 6 position height adjustments with one lever for all four wheels at once. You can adjust it between 1 ½ – 3 ½ inches.

Worx ECO WG780 Pros

Easy to re-charge
No assembly required
Has great runtime with a single charge
Safety key saves battery power
Cuts and mulches well
The bag is easy to assemble

Worx ECO WG780 Cons

It could be a bit heavy to push because of the batteries but the design and the wheels still make it easy to maneuver
The battery may die out after some time but it is user replaceable and can be replaced under warranty


The Worx ECO WG780 is an ergonomic and environment-friendly lawn mower that is powerful and cost efficient. It is the perfect solution for those who have bigger yards. The powerful removable batteries allow you to do a lot more with longer run time without having to spend more. It is quiet, safe and easy to use great for the environment, your neighbors and your home.