Since the lawnmower is a vital equipment for keeping the yard neat-looking and beautiful, knowledge of DIY lawnmower repair could be helpful. This has the advantage of saving you some expenses and faster restoration of a functioning lawnmower because you do not need to wait for a service technician. Lawnmower troubleshooting is an important skill to learn if you want to save some money.

A common problem that is encountered is when the lawnmower won’t start. Either the starter cord is broken or non-functional or you may need to perform lawnmower engine troubleshooting. But with your knowledge and skills on DIY lawnmower repair, you can repair the equipment and you can save on fees charged by technicians.

There are many reasons why your machine may not start and aside from a problematic power cord, the spark plug may also be faulty. The problem with the spark plug could be simply due to dirt and all you need to do is clean it. Of course, you need to be knowledgeable on how to clean it without damaging it. Just imagine what would have happened if you did not have the knowledge and experience on DIY lawnmower repair. All the repair technician will have to do is clean the spark plug but you would have to wait for several hours or even for one day before he arrives and then you will need to pay for his services for such a simple task.

Of course, a more complex task would be to conduct small engine repair, especially for old lawnmowers. But first of all, it may be advisable to perform preventive maintenance activities regularly as a way to prevent this from happening. Most likely the actual repair of the engine may have to be done by an expert. However, diagnosing the reason why the engine would not work can be done by the owner. You will need to ensure that it is really the engine that has to be repaired by checking on the spark plug, the fuel valve, the air filter, and the idle speed. And if you need to buy certain components, you may want to check for the possibility of buying from lawnmower parts wholesalers or if not, you can look for suppliers of used lawnmower parts.

Another item that you may want to learn in DIY lawnmower repair is sharpening the blades. This activity may actually fall under the category of maintenance but if the machine has been neglected for a long time, then it can also be considered as repair work. The indicator that the cutting blades need to be sharpened is that the grass is not being cleanly cut but instead are being torn or shredded and the result is the uneven height of the grass blades. For the manual lawnmower, you only need a file and a crow bar to prevent the machine from moving. Working on a power mower is much more difficult because you have to do several preliminary steps before you could start sharpening the blades.