The big green egg is a cooking device that cooks foods in an indirect environment. This means the heat comes from below and the food is cooked over a fire rather than using electricity. Here are four ways to light your Big Green Egg without using electric starters or lighter fluid:
1) Make sure you have enough tinder on hand, then build up your fuel pile with sticks until it’s 3/4 of way full; 2) Open both ends of a piece of paper towel and wrap them around one end tightly so there’s no gaps left between them; 3) Dip two thick chopsticks into barbecue sauce for about 15 seconds each before inserting them deep into either side of the coals (one will be used as tongs); 4) Place one quarter-sized ball of charcoal inside another half-ball (it should look like this “O”)

The “big green egg charcoal” is a popular method of cooking food on the Big Green Egg. However, this process can be difficult without an electric starter. Here are 4 ways to light the charcoal without an electric starter.

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Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to start the Big Green Egg because the electric starter has failed, you’ve ran out of fire starters, or your torch has failed prior to beginning a cook.

It will be described here how you may still prepare a delicious meal without using the Big Green Egg electric starter.

Using A Paper Towel To Light The Big Green Egg


Believe it or not, starting The Big Green Egg without an electric starter is quite simple! Three paper towels and some olive oil are all you’ll need.

Simply grab roughly three sheets of paper towel to light the Big Green Egg without a starter. Saturate all three pieces of paper towel in olive oil until they are roughly 50 percent saturated in olive oil and 50 percent dry.

After that, fold the paper towel in thirds and place it in the lump coal of the Big Green Egg. Confirm that the draft vent at the bottom of the Big Green Egg is wide open when the dome is open.

Continue by lighting the tips of all three paper towels and allowing them to burn out, and you’ll be ready to grill/smoke on the Big Green Egg in no time!

How to Use Rubbing Alcohol to Light the Big Green Egg

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This procedure is almost identical to the Olive Oil Method. If you don’t have any olive oil on hand, there is another choice.

Simply soak the paper towel in rubbing alcohol for approximately half an hour before pushing it into the embers. Make sure the draft door is open, then turn on all three lights. After that, you should have coals burning in no time!

Using a Fire Starter to Light the Big Green Egg



Rutland Fire Starters are a kind of fire starter made in Rutland,

How to Use a Torch to Light the Big Green Egg

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How to Use an Electric Starter to Light a Big Green Egg

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At some time in our lives, we’ve all been newcomers. This is supplied with the beginning procedures to guarantee that even the most inexperienced can get The Big Green Egg rolling and begin their trip!

Because it will be quite hot when extracted from the lump coal of the Big Green Egg, the first step is to make sure you have a safe location to lay it down to cool. Simply place the electric starter in the centre of the coals and plug it in after this is done.

Allow 3-5 minutes for it to do its job, heat up, then start the lump coal. Once the coals have started to burn, just unplug it, remove it out of the lump coal, and put it somewhere safe to cool off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a fire on a Big Green Egg without a starter?

What is the best way to light a Big Green Egg?

A: To light a Big Green Egg, you can use an electric charcoal lighter or propane grill. You would also want to make sure that the vents are completely open so that air circulates properly.

How do you light a Green Egg BBQ?

A: This is a question that has not yet been asked of me.

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