The Gardena 4025-U is a very unique type of battery powered lawn mower as it can also be used conventionally as push reel mower without the batteries.

It is a powerful cordless mower that has innovative features and reliable performance making your lawn mowing chore easy and enjoyable as well.

Perfect for people who…

The Gardena 4025-U cordless push reel mower works great for average to bigger sized yards. And because of its compact size, it is also perfect for smaller yards making it very versatile. For people or families who move or need to move from time to time, this is a great product for you because it is compact and could be used in any type of yard. The powerful 25 V lithium ion battery allows great cutting performance and is user-replaceable so you have the option to keep extra ones for longer run time perfect for large lawns.

During those times that you just need to cut on maybe an area of your lawn, the Gardena 4025-U can be used without the batteries as a conventional push reel mower. This saves you your battery life making it more efficient when you really don’t need that much power.

This also means that you have more control over the mower even though it is battery operated meaning it is more maneuverable.


The mower uses 25 Volt lithium-ion batteries which provide great cutting performance in fast and very efficient way saving you time, energy, and money.

It features an innovative LED Display which indicates the battery level so you can make sure there is enough power when you need it and have them replaced with your spare.

It comes with 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Height Adjustable

The cutting height is easily adjustable in infinite positions and can be done with an easy handy controller and cutting height scale.

Handling and Maneuverability

Gardena 4025-U handle is ergonomically shaped which features a conveniently positioned switch making it easy for you to push the mower even for taller people.

Its big wheels and push reel design make it easier to maneuver with or without the batteries.


The bags can be easily placed and removed for easy storage. You can take off the bags and the mower can stand compactly even on tight spaces.

Gardena 4025-U Pros

Long battery life
Easy to maneuver
Cuts well
Bags easily and efficiently

Gardena 4025-U Cons

More expensive than other battery powered mowers
Mulching uses more battery power
The cutting path is not that wide
Won’t cut Bermuda grass very well


The Gardena 4025-U is a great choice for those who have average to bigger sized yards. It is battery operated and the batteries are user-replaceable meaning you have the option to keep extra ones for longer run time or if you have a large yards. It is a very unique mower because you also have the option to not use the batteries and use it as a conventional push reel mower making it very versatile. It is designed with innovative features and is very maneuverable making the job faster, easier, and efficient for you.