Friendly Robotics robotic lawn mowers have been on the market for about 10 years. The RoboMower RL1000 is designed for the medium sized to large yard. This robot is fully automated and comes with its own docking station to recharge itself when the battery is low. It features a rain sensor, an alarmed anti theft system and a programmable mowing schedule. It mulches clippings to keep your lawn healthy. Its safety features include a child guard and a tilt sensor which stops the blade when the RoboMower RL1000 is lifted.

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RoboMower RL1000

RoboMower RL1000 Features and Specifications

  • RoboMower RL1000 Coverage  – 17,200 sq/ft
  • Mower Size – 35” l x 26” w x 12.5” h
  • Weight with battery – 78 lbs.
  • Cutting width – 21 inches
  • Cutting height – 1.75”-3.25” with High Cut Blades and 1”-2.5” with Low Cut Blades
  • Safety Sense mower lift detection
  • Average working time – 4 hours
  • Charging time – 20 hours
  • Slope capability – 15 degrees
  • Programmable day and time and lawn entry points
  • Current Generation Software
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Theft-Guard theft deterrent system
  • Mulching System
  • Manual controller for easy use
  • LCD operation display
  • Touch sensitive bumpers
  • Edge learning capabilities
  • Power management system
  • Includes docking system and station
  • Dual navigation systems
  • 5.5 HP equivalent cutting system

RoboMower RL1000 Reviews

Friendly Robotics lawn mowers have quite a few customer reviews for the robotic lawn mower market. The majority of people gave the RoboMower RL1000 positive reviews. They found the mower to cut well, with one reviewer describing the quality of cut as excellent. They also praised the mower for being able to navigate a complicated yard. Many of the reviews were given after over a year of use, which speaks to the longevity of the product. One reviewer said they would buy this robot over and over again even if it lasted only 2-3 years. The RoboMower RL1000 costs less than he would pay for a mowing service and his lawn looks better than it would with a service as he can set the robot to mow every day if he wishes. The convenience of not having to mow himself is worth the price. Many reviewers felt the same way.

Some RoboMower RL1000 owners say they wish they had chosen a LawnBott. Interestingly, they were still satisfied with their RoboMower, but liked the smaller size, and additional features of the LawnBott and the fact that LawnBotts are quieter. However, considering the price difference, they felt the RoboMower was good value for its price. A few reviewers mentioned that the kit does not come with enough perimeter wire but that any 14 or 16g heavy wire available from home improvement stores can be used. RoboMowers use lead acid batteries which may be an issue for those who are environmentally oriented. Interested customers should also note that the slope capability is lower than for other mowers.

Buy the RoboMower RL1000

Overall, reviews were positive in that the RoboMower RL1000 is good value for its price tag, and has the same longevity as the current market standard. We can therefore give this robot our strong recommendation.