While push lawn mowers may seem like a thing of the past, they are ideal for ease of use and environmental friendliness. Nowadays, push mowers are designed so that they can cut just as any electric or gas powered mower, but without the hassle of charging batteries, plugging in the mower or constantly filling it with gas. The Brill 78366 Razorcut 3 13-inch Reel Push lawn mower is a lightweight, easy to use mower that can mow almost any type of the grass without a problem. It is great for people who don’t want to have to worry about starting a mower. In addition, it emits no harmful fumes to harm the environment. The blades are long lasting and sharp, giving any lawn a clean, even cut. It also runs silently as to not disturb any neighbors with the sound of lawn mowing.

The 78366 comes already assembled with the exception of the handle. However, the handle is easy to put together and does not require any tools. It can be easily snapped together within minutes. The handle is made out of ergonomically shaped rubber foam, which is gentle on the hands so pushing the handle causes no trouble—especially for those larger properties which take a long time finish. The mower weighs less than 50 pounds, so moving it from location to location is not a problem, and it is that much easier to push. While mowing, the grass cuttings get released in a neat matter, and the mower is designed so that the cutting do not land anywhere on the person pushing the mower.

The blades of the mower are fire sharpened and will last years before needing to be replaced. The blades last as long as eight years. There is no need to worry about flowers or shrubs, as the blades have a metal cover to prevent those from getting cut. The blades can be lowered and raised between .55 inch to 1.8 inches and spin easily producing such, a clean cut that the lawn will look like it was cut with scissors. The five blades are the perfect combination for increased cutting ability and pushing the grass. The mower utilizes a non-contact cutting technology, which prevents the metal blades from coming in to contact with each and lengthens the life of the blades.

This is the right mower for those who simply need a lawn mower out of necessity and don’t care to get heavy duty models that require gas or expensive batteries. It is also ideal for people who cannot do much heavy lifting or strenuous activity. Having a lawn mower such as this one adds ease to the task of mowing a lawn, making it something that can be accomplished easily with little stress or trouble. The mower doesn’t have complicated instructions and doesn’t take forever to start up; just assemble the handle and being cutting grass. For a well-groomed lawn without the effort, the 78366 is the mower for you.