The perfect mulching mower that you need is now in the Black & Decker MM575 with its powerful 12 amp motor.

It allows you to spend more time giving proper care to your lawn than in your mower. No need to worry about all the hassles of maintenance, tune-ups and gas.

Perfect for people who…

The MM575 Lawn Hog is perfect for people who like to keep their lawn healthy at all times. It is especially great for mulching and has great power perfect for average sized yards. It has easy adjustment functions allowing you to mow with ease under different circumstances. It also gives precise cut just the way you want it. It is convenient, efficient, environment and neighborhood friendly with zero emissions and quiet operation.

Power and Performance

The Lawn Hog can mow within a 100 foot radius of the nearest outlet.

Its 12 amp motor delivers more than enough power to chop through tough grass giving your lawn a clean and even cut.

The 18 inch blade covers wider path that requires you to do fewer passes so you won’t be too limited even with the cord, you can still do the job faster.

The 3-in-1 polymer deck comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 2 year limited warranty on all the other parts.

Perfect for Mulching

This electric mower will turn your grass clippings into nutrient rich mulch. It has an attachable side chute that comes in very handy which you can easily open to spread the clippings over your lawn.

You can also purchase the optional bag to gather the clippings and add them to your compost pile transforming it into a more versatile backyard tool for a rich and healthy lawn.

One Lever Height Adjustment

The 1-lever height adjustment feature allows you to adjust all four wheels at once for a close cut or plush pile.

You can set the deck level between 1 and 3 ½ inches from the grass height which is best for your lawn depending on the seasons and circumstances.

Comfortable Operation and Maneuverability

Not only can you adjust the cutting height easily, you can also adjust the handle length to fit your height so you can have a better mowing posture to keep you comfortable while mowing and giving you better maneuverability saving you effort and time.

It is also effortless to start with a single pull of the lever. No need to pull cords.

The MM575 is also very quiet and has zero emissions so it is friendly to the environment and less annoying to your family and neighbors.

Black & Decker MM575 Lawn Hog Pros

Light and easy to maneuver
Easy to assemble
Quieter than gas mowers
Mows and mulches well even on tall grass
Provides even cuts
One step start
One lever height adjustment
Very durable
Nice sleek design

Black & Decker MM575 Lawn Hog Cons

Not self-propelled but still easy to maneuver since it’s lightweight and easily adjustable
Could bog down on thicker grass
The extension cord plug has to hang downwards in the plug outlet positioning


The Black & Decker MM575 Lawn Hog is a great mulching mower powered with a 12 amp electric motor. With the option of an additional bag, it transforms into an even more versatile piece of equipment perfect for all your lawn care needs. Its innovative and intuitive features like easy height adjustments and controls allow you to mow and mulch effortlessly with less expenses, effort and time.