The Black & Decker MM275 is a powerful electric mower great for mulching that is lightweight but heavy on features.

It is made with a specially designed mulching blade and innovative functions that would make the job easier for you.

Perfect for people who…

The MM275 is great for average sized yards but unlike other electric corded mowers, this one has a 100-feet range. This is especially great for mulching but you can use it for bagging as well with the optional side bag. This is perfect for those who are looking for a powerful mulching mower and don’t like to deal with gas and batteries. It is easy to assemble, easy to use and store which suits our fast paced life today just well.

Power and Quality

Black & Decker MM275 uses a 9 amp motor which is actually a lower power motor than most electric mowers but it is powerful enough to cut even through thick grass.

It is made of high quality and sturdy materials and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the deck and a 2-year limited warranty on all the other items.

It includes an attachable side-chute and it’s designed with a built-in mulch door for your convenience. You can also add the bag that is sold separately if you need it.

Cutting and Mulching

This mower has great cutting power as well as mulching. Its cutting path is 18-Inch wide and it cuts the grass nicely even at normal walking speed.

It features a specially designed combo blade for mulching and it has a built-in mulch door.


It starts easily with one step. Just turn the switch on and you’re ready to cut or mulch. No need for pull starts that you have to do over and over again on traditional mowers.

One-touch Height Adjustment

Black & Decker MM275 has a one-step height adjustment feature to make things even easier for you. All you have to do is pull one lever to re-position all four wheels at once.

You can adjust it from 1 to 3 ½ inch and all wheels go up or down together.


The front and back wheels are rugged and sturdy making it easy to push even on rough patches so it won’t affect its cutting or mulching performance.

The handle height is just right so you don’t have to slouch or reach up too high to turn it around.

Black & Decker MM275 Pros

Very powerful at 9 amp
Easy to start
No tools required for assembly
Easy to push and maneuver

Black & Decker MM275 Cons

Since it’s corded, you would have to get used to the cords and maybe extension wires
You can’t use it when the grass is wet or you just have to be very careful with the cord


The Black & Decker MM275 is a powerful electric lawn mower great for mulching even for cutting and optional bagging converting it into completely versatile 3-in-1 backyard equipment. Its easy operations make lawn mowing not only easier but could also be enjoyable. No need to deal with gas and fumes. It is quiet and safe so it is friendlier to the environment as well as for your neighbors.