Before we show you what the best cordless lawn mower is, it’s important you understand the differences among different type of lawn mowers. If you categorize lawn mowers by the energy source with which they are powered there are 3 main categories in the form of push mowers, electric lawn mowers and gas lawn mowers. Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers happen to belong to the electric mower category. One big hassle with most cordless lawn mowers is that they come with a electric cord. One end of the cord would be plugged into a power outlet on a wall while the other end connects to the lawn mower. The problems of electric lawn mowers are two fold.

The cable can wrap around yourself or an object in the garden and interfere with your mowing
The electric cord can get accidentally severed by the lawn mower itself – this can pose a potential threat of electric shock by the exposed live wire

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers take that risk away!

The major advantage of cordless lawn mowers is that they eliminate all the troubles and risks that come with the long power cord. With cordless mowers, you are assured that electric cables won’t wrap around your feet and trip you over. You also don’t have to worry about mowing the live wire!

Cordless Lawn Mowers are always powered by electricity

I’m afraid that is an incorrect statement. By definition, even gas powered mowers are cordless lawn mowers. However, when you talk about a cordless lawn mower, you are typically talking about an electric cordless lawnmower. If you have not heard about cordless mowers before this, you are probably wondering how these lawn mowers are powered. Well they may not have an electric cord, but they have powerful rechargeable batteries. These powerful batteries can be charged overnight for a mowing of up to one third to half an acre in one go. That is pretty amazing.

Some of the leading brands of cordless electric lawn mowers are Black & Decker, Toro, Worx, Neuton, Earthwise, Haussman and Solaris. Believe it or not, there are even ride on lawn mowers in the form of rechargeable cordless electric lawn mowers.

Another huge advantage of cordless electric mowers is that they are extremely environmentally friendly. They have zero emissions as far as the mowing process goes. Discharging the batteries of these cordless lawn mowers, at the end of it’s life span, does have some concerns, however they can be recycled so that the environmental foot print can be kept to a minimum.

In short, cordless electric lawn mowers are probably the hottest innovation in the cordless lawn mower industry today! You can read our review on best cordless lawn mowers on our homepage.