Quality lawn care equipment helps you maintain your property with care, and Electric Lawn Mower Reviews are available to help you find top quality equipment.

Your lawn deserves the best, and yard work will be easier to handle with the right machinery.

Lawn mowers come in all different shapes and sizes, but for most suburban homes an electric lawn mower provides the right amount of power to keep the lawn trimmed and neat.

Choosing a reliable model that suits your tastes will take some consideration. You’ll find a variety of features, sizes and brands at the retailer, and it helps to understand what makes an electric lawn mower better for your lawn than gas-powered or reel mowers.

Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers cut grass efficiently, without releasing emissions and with very little noise. Cordless models are even more convenient and can be moved around with precision in smaller yards.

Most experts agree that electric lawn mowers work best on flat yards 3/4 acre or smaller. Anything larger, or yards with rolling hills, may require a gas-powered lawn mower.

You will not have to keep fuel on hand for electric lawn mowers, although it’s important to keep the batteries charged or take good care of the extension cord.

Electric lawn mowers also require less maintenance and come in larger sizes designed to cut down your mowing time considerably.

Electric models are easy to store and generally last for quite a few seasons. Corded models are usually quite a bit cheaper than gas-powered mowers, although they do cost more than reel mowers. Cordless electric models are a substantial investment, but offer optimum convenience in operation and storage.


Electric lawn mower reviews cover the basic features of each model, comparing the usual stats such as width of the mower deck (electric models come in sizes anywhere from narrow 14-inch models up to 20-inch wide models), size of the motor (measured in volts) and type of battery.

You’ll also find a difference in the brands, since big names like Black & Decker offer a wider selection than smaller brands like Sun Joe.

But the size of the manufacturer matters little to reliability, and you want to invest your money in quality yard equipment that will do the job well season after season.

Other electric lawn mower features include the ability to bag or mulch grass clippings, as opposed to simply discarding them on the lawn. You may want to choose a self-propelling mower that eliminates the amount of pushing required, or opt for a mower with height adjustments for better control.

What To Look For in Top Quality Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

There are certain features available on top quality models that will help make yard work easier and quicker. Look for an electric lawn mower with the following specs:

* 20-inch mower deck width – unless you have a small yard, this deck width is the best choice and helps you finish the job fast and effectively.

* removable battery – some cordless models have a built in battery bank that needs to be plugged in for recharging. A removable battery allows you to switch out in the middle of the job, as long as you have a fully charged spare on hand.

* self-propelling mower – a self-propelling electric lawn mower is easier to use, especially on hills and through tall grass. Be sure your new mower has a system with variable speeds that allows you to change the propulsion level based on your walking speed.

* 36-volt battery – this larger battery delivers the right amount of power, enough to get the cordless mower through a long patch of grass. A 24-volt model will work well, but 36-volt delivers extra power when you need it.

Your ideal mower will may have slightly different features than those listed, but consider all of these features as you shop. Check out the Electric Lawn Mower Reviews here to find the model that suits your yard and lifestyle.