Storing your bacon fat in glass jars is a great way to keep it fresh – but where do you put the leftover grease? This guide will teach you what to do with all that pork fat.

The “pork shoulder fat render” is a cooking technique that can be used to make flavorful, crispy, and crunchy pork rinds. The rendered fat can also be used for other dishes.

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The greatest method to utilize the pig fat cap, in my view, is to smoke pulled pork on the Big Green Egg. When you’re ready to cook the pig butt, slather it with yellow mustard and season it with your preferred rub (Mine is Raging River by Dizzy Pig).

Cook the pig butt on top of the pork fat cap. This allows the hog fat cap to render down and all of the liquids to soak into the meat, resulting in soft, moist pulled pork.

Visit my pulled pork procedure for additional details on how to smoke pulled pork.

There are also additional possibilities if you have surplus fat from the pig fat cap. When making pulled pork, it’s ideal to cut the fat down to around 1/8′′ to 1/4′′ thick, leaving some fat scraps.

Here are seven different ways you may use all or portion of your leftover pork fat caps.

1.All the fat drippings that flow out of the steak and into the beans or chili underneath are one of the factors that make foods like over the top chili so tasty. As a result, baked beans and/or chili are great ways to use up the surplus pig fat from the cap juices.

2.Any form of sausage or jerky is another alternative for using pig fat cap leftovers. When creating sausage or jerky, adding the pig fat cap to the grinder is a great idea.

This is also a great ingredient to use in venison or deer sausage. The extra pig fat cap may also be frozen for later use.

3.Many chefs refer to preparing pulled pork with the pig fat cap down as the cooks snack. It doesn’t need to be trimmed, but once rendered, it’s what some term “heavenly flesh,” also known as the false cap.

4.Pork scratching is a common pastime in the United Kingdom. Simply season the pig fat cap with your preferred rub and fried it in a deep fryer or a cast iron pan with vegetable oil.

5.The pig fat cap is a great spice source. Many people use the pig fat cap to season their cast iron cookware or skillets.

6.One more suggestion: after the pulled pork is done, retain the pig fat cap until you’re ready to remove the meat. After the pork has been extracted, press the pig fat cap over the top to assist add some tasty juices.

7.Another thing that many people like doing is feeding their pets some of the pork fat cap. While there are no health advantages to these leftovers, dogs like them.

The “pork shoulder fat side up or down slow cooker” is a question that has been asked many times. The pork shoulder fat can be used in several different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with pork fat caps?

A: Pork fat caps are commonly used in cooking as a way of adding flavor and texture to various dishes.

What is pork back fat used for?

A: Pork back fat is a type of meat found in the shoulder area. Its most often used as an ingredient for certain types of sausages like pepperoni, country-style ribs and crackling.

Do you eat the fat cap from pork shoulder?

A: The fat cap is a white layer of fat on the inside of pork shoulder that most people peel off and discard.

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