This self-propelled SNAPPER P2185020E mower convinces us that a fuel-powered machine designed for a balanced working and efficiency can in some instances be worth its high cost and even more. For a push mower, the incredibly fierce motor, smartly planned cutting method and apparently unlimited operative components gives it the power to deal with intimidating spreads of dense, tall lawn you could think only a riding model would handle. That’s not saying much, since this giant mower is almost as heavy as the electric models rather than its gas-feeding siblings.

Key Features

  • Briggs & Stratton 850 Pro 190cc OHV motor with electric start. No need for priming nor choking.
  • Three ways to dispatch grass: bag, mulch, or throwing away.
  • Adjustable for seven height levels
  • Triple rear wheel drive, multi-speed disc control transmission and soft turn differential gives more auto-impelled driving without affecting cutting performance.
  • Innovative 21” HI VAC deck with rounded edge sucks in grass while the impressive blade chops, giving as result an even surface due to the exclusive suction method.
  • 3-year household warranty


You must experience the potency of the 190cc B&S 850 Pro series OHV motor. No fuel-powered model can match this furious 90-pound beast. By far the most powerful motor put inside a push mower, the Snapper P2185020E chops any objective into shreds, from delicate moderate grass to the 8-10-inch Florida grass. Trust me when I tell you that the B&S potency is matched only by its amazing sturdiness. Some long-term Snapper users told me that they only needed to replace the engine two times on the same unit in more than 10 years of continuous usage.

I like when a brand evidently cares about agility as much as it cares about sturdiness. Use the Snapper P2185020E just once, and I bet my life you will feel impelled to praise Snapper’s determination to give this machine the highest maneuverability. It can reach 4mph impulsed by its robust 10” rear wheels equipped with ball support for long-term smooth rolling, no visible damage to your turf and unaffected cutting performance at every step. Along with the robust B&S force, Snapper’s distinctive multi-speed disc control transmission and soft turn differential allows you to maneuver easily without leaving clear spaces even on slopes that might paralyze some bigger appliances.


This machine is incredibly easy to use, when its funnily exasperating setup process is done. The tremendous satisfaction this mower provides lamentably starts with an overwhelming amount of assembly steps which are mainly guided by one of the most puzzling instruction manuals ever packed with a lawn mower. Before discarding your purchase invoice, check several times that all the included parts came in the box and keep all the paperwork until the first week of use is elapsed without any inconvenient. Users have seldom had to call Snapper to replace broken or lacking parts, which almost always ended well.

Unless? I never liked the term “dumb-proof” to describe the easy operability, but actually everybody can tame the Snapper P2185020E in a moment and start sculpting grass like an expert boss in minutes. The electric start removes the need to prime or choke and can be used to compare it with any fuel-powered mower effectiveness. Besides leaving behind the old pull-start method and the constant response if the throttle, this is a robust, solid strong mower that even physically weak people can handle.

Cutting performance and options

You technically can opt between throwing the cut grass to a side or mulching it, and maybe you don’t even care, but this model’s stamped steel 21” HI VAC deck’s rounded edge and creative vacuum mechanism are meant to bag the grass. While the exclusively designed blade cuts with scalpel’s accuracy and orders of size quicker move and force, the cutting mechanism produces an enormous suction that lifts theoretically each piece of cut grass and gives as result a spotless smooth finish. When you find unequal ground or particularly thick grass in front of you, the super-sturdy rubber wheels go up and down quickly and accordingly by connecting one only lever that adjusts between seven height levels from 1,25 to 4 inches. This machine won’t really roll as apparently slides on the lawn.


As already mentioned, be careful about eventual issues. Malfunctions do not happen often enough to deter you from buying the product, but they do occur. Don’t forget to load the motor with 18 oz of oil before trying for the first time, since it is not shipped pre-loaded. Inclining the machine to its side for maintenance could also cause trouble, since this mower is inclined to pour the fuel past the carburetor and into the motor, drowning the cylinder and the crankcase.

Any other issue is covered by Snapper’s standard 3-year residential warranty.

Cost efficiency

This is a breaking point that can dissuade some customers: the cost. The P2185020E costs about 200 bucks more than standard self-propelled fuel-powered models. But remember, not any mower will give such a swift, controllable, potent performance and such a long-lasting lifespan. Many years of service is enough credit for making up for its price. When you are doubting whether your backyard is too large for an auto-impelled mower or too small for a riding mower, Snapper enters the scene with a push mower meant to make your mind up.


  • Incredible cutting potency and outstandingly durable
  • Cutting efficacy
  • Maneuverability handles slopes easily
  • Large drive wheels for uneven ground
  • Quick, simple height setting
  • Amazing velocity control


  • Setup process is a drag
  • Very expensive
  • Inclining it to a side for upkeep might flood the motor cylinder with gasoline