It seems strange to say that there is a wide variety of lithium mowers on the market. They’re not from the other world, but we have to keep in mind that we’re pruning with a battery. A couple of years ago we introduced the best battery mowers. Ryobi has significantly improved its model with the Ryobi Brushless Mowerkeeping the good features and introducing others.

In theory, there are only a few differences besides the model number. For beginners, you now get a5.0AMP battery instead of two of 2.4. The price is $100 less.

Some things are better to keep, and this version maintains a brushless motor and a 20-inch cover.

The assembly is not usually one of the favorite things, but in this model, it is just about opening the box and taking it out. It’s excellent. What you need to do is take a couple of hours to charge the battery, set the cover height and decide if you want to put the mulch plug or connect the bag.

The bag is also easy to install. Basically you have to put it in the back and it doesn’t take long.

The mulching plug is less intuitive, but once you see how it fits, you get used to it.

What defines the quality of a battery mower is its engine, and you have to choose a brushless one. It’s the only way to maximize uptime. As an extra, the electronic controls required for a brushless motor also give you the ability to pass through thick grass.

You can choose a wide range of heights to choose from, as low as 1 and a half inches to 3 inches and three quarters. In particular, I prefer to prune at 3 inches to let the lawn become thick.

Adjusting the cutting height is easy. With a single lever you move the four wheels up or down with very little effort. It locks easily, which is also very good.

The great thing about battery mowers is that they don’t have many of the problems of gasoline engines. They have no carburetors that are damaged, no fuel, no oil. Neither emissions, and the operation is much quieter. The Ryobi 40V Brushless Mower has all the benefits, but the best thing really is how quiet it is. I was even able to have a conversation on the phone standing right next to the working mower, and without wearing headphones or anything like that. It’s much quieter than vacuuming your house.

Besides the herbs, there’s another type of weed in my garden. However, this mower was able to cut it easily and without any problem. He left a consistent lawn at the same height, and did not require more effort. Even in parts where the lawn was thicker and rougher, the engine behaved well.

One thing to consider in any lawn mower is the speed of the blades. The slower the blade, the more often you’ll have to sharpen them so they can cut effectively, and lawn mowers tend to maintain the better speed. In this model you can feel that the speed is lower, and there are areas where you have to pass several times. However, I can say that he behaved well in dense areas.

This model can run continuously for up to 45 minutes cutting into a charge with its 5.0 AMP battery. When the battery level dropped, the lawn mower was lowering the power. It restarts right after you release the bar and start it again. Actually the normal operation is 40 minutes before the interruptions begin.

Having spent a lot of time using this mower, intermittent shutdown is not thermal and is more than random. Sometimes it’s frequent and sometimes not so much. But it happens every time I’m pruning. Just restart the lawn mower and you’re pruning again. Yes, it’s kind of irritating. The problem seems to lie in a switch on the side.

The Ryobi 40V Brushless Mower is a good choice for 1/4 acre patios, unless you plan to buy a second battery. With this model you get the result of other equipment in its category but for a much lower price.

The great thing about this mower is that it starts with a power button, has 7 positions for height adjustment, the engine has good power, its battery gives up enough, and it has built-in LED lights. In addition, it has storage capacity for a second battery. Works for much longer with a 5.0 Ah battery.