Replacing timecutter choke cables is not as simple and easy as you might think. You need to know the right size of your old cable, what kind of new cable to purchase, how much it should cost for a replacement, and more. This article will shed light on this confusing process so that you can buy a new one with confidence.

The “toro timecutter ss5000 choke cable replacement” is a process that can be completed in a few minutes. The process requires the user to remove the old cable and install the new one.

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It’s that time of year in Michigan when the weather starts to warm up and the grass begins to grow again. When I went to reorganize the garage and start my Toro TimeCutter SS5000 mower, the choke wire snapped.

You may still start the TimeCutter by manually holding the choke open with your hand, but this is just a temporary workaround in my view. In this article, I’ll show you how to replace Toro’s SS5000 choke cable step by step, with photos.

To replace the Toro TimeCutter SS5000 Choke Cable, you’ll need the following items.

  • Wrench, 15 mm, for the nut below the control panel
  • The top of the control panel nut is held in place using an adjustable wrench.
  • Screwdriver Philips
  • Choke cable has been replaced.

How to Disconnect the Choke Cable on an Old Toro TimeCutter SS5000


Three Philips head screws should be positioned on the control panel near the key, blade engagement, throttle, and choke. Remove them from the equation.


On the underside of the control panel, find the bottom choke cable nut using a 15mm wrench.


Hold the top nut with an adjustable wrench while removing the bottom nut in a counterclockwise manner.


Loosen the cable support screw on the opposite end of the choke cable sufficiently to release the choke cable from the bracket.


Remove the cable from the bracket throttle after it has been removed from the support bracket.


Pull the choke cable through the TimeCutters control panel the rest of the way, taking careful not to loose the locking washer or nut.

To install the new Toro TimeCutter SS5000 Choke Cable, follow these Instructions.

To install the Choke cable has been replaced. on the SS5000 mower, you will basically be doing the first step in reverse.


Start out by putting the Choke cable has been replaced. through the hole in the control panel, add the locking washer and then the nut.


Then, as before, feed the choke wire back through the bottom of the frame. Make sure the locking washer and nut don’t come loose.


Insert the choke cable into the bracket, maintaining the cable at a 90-degree angle and straight into the hole for the best results.


To keep the cable support bracket from slipping out, tighten it up after it’s attached. This should just be a snugged screw; don’t overtighten it or the cable will be crushed.


Return to the control panel side and manually tighten the nut on the side of the control panel.


Take the 15 mm wrench and the adjustable wrench and tighten it up without overtightening it.


Finally, return the control panel to its original position. Place the screws in the three screw holes in the correct order. The SS5000 Toro TimeCutters choke replacement operation is now complete, and everything should be running properly again. Best of luck!


15 minutes of active time

15-minute total time

Difficulty: Simple

$20 is the estimated cost.

Unfortunately, the throttle cord on my mower cracked when I hauled it out of storage this winter. Fortunately, this is a simple remedy that even a novice can do. To replace a Toro TimeCutter Zero Turn SS5000 Choke Cable, just follow this tutorial.


  • Choke cable has been replaced. which can be found here


  • Wrench, 15 mm, for the nut below the control panel
  • The top of the control panel nut is held in place using an adjustable wrench.
  • Screwdriver Philips


  1. There should be three screws on the control panel where the key, blade engage, throttle, and choke are situated; remove them.
  2. Remove the nut and locking washer using a 15 mm wrench on the bottom and an adjustable wrench on the top.
  3. Remove the choke cable from the throttle assembly by loosening the cable support bracket on the opposite end of the choke cable. Pull the choke wire out, taking care not to loose the locking washer or nut in the process.
  4. Repeat this process in reverse with the Choke cable has been replaced..
  5. Insert the Choke cable has been replaced. through the control panel, add the locking washer then the nut. Feed the Choke cable has been replaced. down through the underside of the frame as it was previously ran.
  6. Make the connection at the throttle assembly and reattach the cable to the motor’s support bracket.
  7. Securing the choke to the control panel on the control panel.
  8. Replace the panel in the Toro, align the three holes, and screw the scews in place. Toro’s TimeCutter Zero Turn, SS5000, chocke cable repair should now be complete.

The “zero turn throttle cable” is a replacement for the Toro TimeCutter SS5000’s choke cable. The process of replacing the cable requires a few simple steps.

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