There are many ways to keep bears away from deer feeders, but they all depend on your location. This article will help you find the best option in order to keep both yourself and the wildlife safe.

The “how to keep bear off your corn pile” is a blog post that provides 7 tips to try in order to keep bears away from deer feeders.

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Bird feeders are a good idea if you want to attract birds to your yard. However, owing to nearby fauna, some individuals have difficulties with this.

It will be disappointing to wake up to discover that bears have interfered with your bird feeders. Bears are very deadly, and you don’t want to come into contact with them if you don’t have to.

Although bird feeders may attract bears to your yard, this does not imply that you should stop using them. There are a few options for keeping bears away from bird feeders that should work well.

Continue reading to discover how to keep bears away from your bird feeders. It will be simpler to take the appropriate activities if you have a better understanding of what can be done.

1 – Place your bird feeders out of reach of bears.

Bird feeders that are hung out of reach of bears have shown to be effective. Birds will be able to utilize the bird feeders if they are hung high enough, and bears will not be able to take the birdseed.

The simplest method to do this is to utilize a pulley system to raise and lower the bird feeders. You’ll be able to lower and elevate the bird feeders using a rope as needed.

It may take a little longer to replenish the bird feeders, but it’s a great trade-off. If you have a suitable location in your yard where you might place the bird feeders, you should do so.

2 – Use a Bear-Proof Pole to Hang Your Bird Feeders

If you don’t have any trees that are tall enough, bird feeders don’t have to be hung from them. Some folks like to use poles to keep the bird feeders out of reach of bears.

The idea is similar to hanging bird feeders from a high vantage point, but you won’t require a pulley system. Simply dig a hole in the ground and then set the bird feeder on top of it.

To make it bear-proof, you’ll need to dig a pole deep into the earth. After you’ve sunk the pole into the ground, you’ll need to fill the hole with concrete to guarantee that the pole stays place.

Bears are large and strong creatures. If you don’t account for everything, a bear will just knock the pole down to get to the birdseed.

Bears won’t be able to climb a bear-proof pole if it’s constructed of a slippery metal. You may use wood as the pole’s base, but because you don’t want the bear to get to the bird feeder, it’s best to cover it with metal.

3 – Think about bringing your bird feeders inside at night.

You may bring the bird feeders inside your home at night, which is a nice alternative to keep in mind. This will prevent the bears from messing with your stuff while you’re sleeping.

The most prevalent scenario in which bears tamper with bird feeders is when they enter the yard late at night. While it’s not impossible for a bear to appear during the day, they tend to prefer to hunt for food at night.

When it begins to become dark, you might simply move your bird feeders inside the garage or barn. It won’t be feasible for bears to get to them as long as you keep them in a safe position.

This technique is somewhat inconvenient since you’ll have to transport the bird feeders back and forth on a frequent basis. It is, however, an excellent idea for anybody who is willing to put in a little more effort.

4 – Remove the Birdseed from the Ground

Birds will most likely create a mess beneath the bird feeder over time. They could drop some birdseed on the ground, which will delight the bears.

It’s a good idea to clean the area beneath the bird feeders on a regular basis to discourage bears from receiving a free meal. This makes it less likely that bears will want to come by, and if they do, they won’t be able to obtain anything.

Bears may be deadly, so you don’t want them to feel too comfortable on your property. Cleaning beneath the bird feeders is an important precaution that should not be overlooked.

5 – Eliminate All Other Food Sources

There might be additional food sources luring bears in your yard. You won’t want to put any pet food out in the yard that bears can smell, for example.

If you feed your dog outdoors, make sure the dog food is kept in safe containers. It’s preferable to store pet food in a barn, a safe storage shed, or within your home.

Bears may sometimes visit your land in order to eat on different fruits and berries. If you have food-dropping trees and shrubs, you’ll want to tidy them up.

Bears will be less likely to stay in your yard if you take the effort to clean it up. This may take some time, but it’ll be worth it if you’re attempting to keep bears off your land.

6 – Select Birdseed that Bears Will Not Enjoy

Another crucial step is to choose the birdseed for the bird feeders with care. You may pick birdseed that bears aren’t as interested in so they don’t come around as much.

Safflower seed, for example, is something that birds will eat, but bears will not. You might also try something like Nyjer seed, which is also known as thistle.

7 – Think about using motion-activated lights or alarms.

Finally, using motion-sensitive lights or sirens might be a good option. When bears approach too near to bird feeders, these techniques may be used to efficiently frighten them away.

Loud sounds are likely to frighten bears in general. Bears that go too near will be quickly frightened away if you put up a form of motion-activated alarm that makes sounds.

People have also utilized motion-activated lights to frighten away bears. Regardless of the method you choose, you should be able to keep bears away.

Take precautions.

Take precautions. when it comes to having bears in your backyard. It’s understandable that you would want to be able to enjoy bird-watching, but if you can’t solve the bear issue, it might be best to take the bird feeders down.

Fortunately, most individuals will be able to get decent outcomes if they follow the guidelines above. Bears may be stubborn, but if getting to the birdseed proves too tough, they’ll likely shift to other food sources in the vicinity.

You’ve learned a lot more about your alternatives, and maintaining your bird feeders should be a lot simpler now. Just keep in mind that bears may be dangerous to you, and you don’t want anybody in your family to be wounded.

The “do bears eat rice bran” is a question that many people are asking. The answer to the question is that, yes, bears do like rice bran. This article will provide seven tips for keeping bears away from deer feeders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep bears out of my deer feeder?

A: One way to keep bears away from your feeder is by using a bear-proof container. Another option would be building a boma, which consists of large slabs or boards that are set up in an enclosure around the perimeter of the food source, with smaller gaps between them for animals to enter but not exit.

What can you feed deer that wont attract bears?

A: The best solution is to avoid attracting bears by not feeding deer in the first place.

What smells do bears dislike?

A: Bears dislike the smell of sulphur and rotten eggs.

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