Hollowing out a tree log is an easy woodworking project that can provide you with an instant planter for your front yard. Plus, it’s fun to do and doesn’t require any power tools!

The “how to hollow out a log for a birdhouse” is a helpful tutorial that will teach you how to hollow out a tree log. This can be used as a planter or geocaching.

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If you have just had a storm, you may have a large number of fell tree branches or logs on your property. People sometimes have to cut down trees to create place for other things, yet it seems wasteful to merely toss the logs away.

This is why so many people attempt to think of creative ways to utilize tree trunks. There are people who will cut up the wood so that they may use it in fires, but that may not be your preference.

You could think it’s a good idea to hollow out a wood and use it as a container or planter. But how would you go about doing this?

Continue reading to discover how to hollow out a tree log. There are various approaches you may take, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to discover one that will work for you.

Cutting a log in half to hollow it out

Some individuals prefer to geocache with logs, and they may want to hollow out a log to conceal items. If you’re into it, this might be entertaining, but you could be stumped as to how to do this while keeping the log seeming natural.

The primary concept is to hollow out the log by cutting it in half lengthwise. You can simply hollow it out as much as you need with a basic wood chisel after you have two halves.

This will take some time, but it will be a very effective method of hollowing out the log. After the log has been suitably hollowed down, you’ll need to reassemble the two halves.

To do this, you’ll use wood glue to join the two log sections together. You’ll now have a hollow log in which you may store items, which is ideal for geocaching activities.

Making Your Own Planter

If you want to create a planter out of a log, there is only one practical method to go about it. This will be a little more difficult than hollowing out a log to form a cylindrical container, but it shouldn’t be too tough if you follow the instructions below.

Connect the log to a board.

Using a board to attach to the log will make hollowing it out much simpler. The majority of logs will be cylindrical in shape, which means they will roll on you.

Determine which side of the log is the most stable, and then connect a board to that side. Your foundation board should be somewhat longer than the log.

It will be essential to use long screws to secure the base board to the log. You may attempt to position the log a little farther back on the board so it doesn’t go too near to the drill press’s fence when you use it later.

Start cutting the log when you’ve marked it up.

Now is the time to mark the log so that you know where to cut it. Make a rough shape of the area you want to hollow out for planting reasons using a market.

You may have very particular proportions in mind depending on what you wish to put in the log. After that, you may attach the log to the drill press and begin cutting off the pieces.

Then you simply keep making overlapping cuts with your drill press until the log is hollowed down enough. Most people would drill numerous holes in the wood and set separate plants in each one, but you may take a different technique if you choose.

It’s also possible to hollow out the whole log this way, leaving you with a totally open planter, but that’s entirely up to you. It’ll be time to go on to the following step after you’ve finished cutting.

Carving and chiseling

Now it’s time to do some fine Carving and chiseling to get things smooth. Grab your wood chisel and start going over the cuts that you made with the drill press.

You’ll be attempting to make everything even and attractive so that you’re satisfied with your effort. It will take some time to smooth out the rough edges, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

Prepare the Planter to Be Used

The only thing left to do to have the planter ready to use is to line it correctly so that you can plant stuff in it. It’s a good idea to use charcoal to line the bottom of the hollow log since it helps with drainage and air filtering.

You’ll then be able to fill the log with dirt and begin planting your plants. Hopefully, you’ll find this new log planter to be ideal for your outdoor space.

These log planters are used for a variety of purposes, but they’re especially popular for assisting gardeners in planting succulents. You might utilize them in a variety of ways, but this is just a suggestion if you’re looking for a place to start.

Last Thoughts

Hollowing out logs isn’t tough, but you’ll approach it differently based on your goals. The most typical purpose for hollowing out a log is to use it as a planter, but geocaching is also becoming more popular.

Regardless of the strategy you choose, you’ll need the correct tools. You could theoretically do without a drill press, but hollowing out the log with a wood chisel would take longer.

The most essential thing is to be detailed so that you may customize the log to your liking. If you want the log to be smooth, you’ll have to spend some time with a wood chisel no matter what.

Hollowing out a log is an easy way to make a planter or geocache. It’s also a fun activity for kids, and it’s not as hard as you might think! Reference: boring out a log.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hollow out a log by hand?

A: First you must find a log that has already been cut into pieces or fallen over. Then, take your hands and give the log a gentle whack with your ax in the middle of its length to get it leaning backwards. Next, use both hands to push down on one end while pulling up at the other until it falls onto itself and exposes an indentation where you can place your knife.

How do you bore a log?

A: Before you bore a log, make sure its not alive.

How do you hollow out a tree?

A: You would begin by digging out the middle of it and removing most of its branches. Then, you would make a hole in the bottom using an ax or saw and place rocks inside to weigh down on top of each other. The next step is to use fire to burn off any remaining leaves so that they can gather no fuel for burning while they are being removed from around the trunk. Finally, you could encase the entire tree with concrete or bricks before burying it underground as tightly as possible

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