If you are thinking of converting your old Blackstone Griddle to natural gas, this will guide you through the process.
This is a simple conversion that anyone can do and it takes less than an hour. The benefits of converting aren’t immediately apparent, but over time they will become clear.Making the switch now could save hundreds in future bills.,

The “blackstone natural gas” is a process that converts a blackstone griddle to natural gas. The process involves the use of heat, pressure and steam.

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While moving tanks was inconvenient, acquiring the 36′′ Blackstone Griddle led me to convert my Blackstone Griddle to natural gas. For travels, I got weary of lugging my 28′′ Blackstone from the back deck to the camper.

When I pulled the trigger on the 36′′ griddle, it was all over. I can now keep the 28′′ in the camper and no longer need to replenish the tanks on the back deck for my Blackstone. This is definitely the most practical option, and I should have done it years ago. There’s also the added benefit of natural gas being less expensive than propane!

While the conversion kit is available directly from Blackstone, I was able to get it for a much lower price at Walmart after some digging. That being said, they are really difficult to come by in the spring since they appear to sell out rapidly. If you cook a lot like me, the conversion kit is certainly worth checking into and will ultimately pay for itself.

To convert a Blackstone Griddle to Natural Gas, you’ll need the following tools.

The Natural Gas Conversion Kit from Blackstone includes the following items:

  • Natural Gas Hose, 10′ 3/8″
  • Quick Connect Fitting 3/8″
  • 16 Orifices for Natural Gas
    • M6x1.0 mm – 2.0mm for Main Burners (6 pcs)
    • Main Burners – M6x.75mm – 2.0mm (6pcs)
    • 1.39mm M6x1.0mm for Side Burners (2pcs)
    • 1.39mm M6x.75mm for Side Burners (2pcs)
  • There are two thread gauges.
  • Wrench for 7mm orifice (7mm socket will also work)

You’ll also need a screwdriver, gas tape, and, although it may be overkill, I suggest thread seal on the orifices themselves.

Most homes have a 1/2″ gas line and not a Quick Connect Fitting 3/8″ for the 1/2″ gas line. To ensure you have all the tools needed to start the job and it is cheap enough. I recommend stopping by a box store and pick up a 1/2″ to 3/8″ reducer. This will hopefully prevent any extra trips to the store mid installation.

Also, the Blackstone natural gas conversion kit is intended to work with natural gas at a water column of 7 inches. Before beginning, check your gas pressure with the gas provider and the regulator manufacturer. I suggest contacting an expert if you are unsure about this installation.

How to Make a Natural Gas Blackstone Griddle

Before I begin this walkthrough, I’d want to point you one error that you should avoid! When reinstalling the new, don’t overtighten the orifices! I did this by accident and had one snap on me, which was a headache to get the break threads out of, but thankfully I was able to do it without having to buy more components to correct my error.

Also, make sure your propane tank is turned off and unplugged from the Blackstone before continuing.


Disconnect the igniter wires from the starting button first. These are really stunning. The wire on the furthest burner will be the longest, and as you go closer to the starting, the wire on the burners will be shorter (this is a good note for when you go to put it back together).


Remove the burners first to convert a Blackstone to Natural Gas. A screw will secure the rear of each burner to the Blackstone’s base/stand. Remove the screws and store them somewhere secure.


You should now be able to simply remove the burners and lay them away in a secure location after removing the rear screw and disconnecting the igniters from the starting switch.


Unscrew and remove all existing orifices using the Blackstone’s Natural Gas Conversion Kits 7mm orifice wrench. Some I was able to get by hand, while others required the use of vice grips to get leverage on the orifice wrench.


Take an existing orifice and use the included thread check gauges to verify the orifice’s gauges. This will inform you which orifices your thread type requires. After you’ve worked it out, use thread sealer to seal the new opening.


After that, screw in the new orifices. Simply hand tighten it; however, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE ORIFICE, as it will break and leave you with tangled strands!


It’s time to reassemble the Blackstone now that the additional orifices have been inserted. Begin by reconnecting the burner wires to the starter and installing them. After reconnecting the igniter wires to the starter, replace the rear screw in the burners to secure them to the Blackstone.


Attach the 3/8′′ Blackstone supplied hose to the Blackstone in the final stages. Although it is probably overkill, I do propose adding gas tape to help create a good seal. The fast connect was also connected to the Natural Gas supply line.


Finally, switch on the natural gas and wait for the pressure to build up. While this is the last stage, I strongly advise you to check for leaks! To do so, I find that mixing water and dish soap together is the best method.

Apply the water and dish soap all around each new connection/threads. The dish soap and water mixture should bubble if there is a leak. This will need to be repaired before the Blackstone may be used again.

I propose not just shutting off the burners on the Blackstone but also the main valve that supplies it as a good practice habit. Natural gas isn’t like a propane tank that will hopefully go dry without harming anybody; it will keep flowing, and it is very combustible.

Additional Information about Blackstone’s Natural Gas Conversion Kit

The Blackstone natural gas conversion kit is not optimal or suggested for the AirFryer Griddle Combo, and it is also not compatible with the Culinary series, according to Blackstone’s website. However, the kit is compatible with the 28″ and 36″ griddles, as well as the Tailgater, Rangetop Combo, and Single Burner Rec Stove.


Other Things to Think About Before Making the Switch from Propane to Natural Gas

Keep in mind that propane is essentially natural gas that has had the propane removed from it. It becomes more portable as a result of this. You are fortunate if your home has natural gas, since many individuals still rely on enormous propane tanks and/or electric appliances.

Aside from not having to continually exchange propane tanks, natural gas is really less expensive than propane. So you’re not only saving yourself the trouble of having to swap propane tanks, but you’re also saving money.

Another incentive to move from propane to natural gas is that natural gas is more consistent and accessible. You may or may not have heard in the news in recent years that northern areas were experiencing propane shortages in the midst of winter. Natural gas eliminates all of these concerns, as well as the price gouging that comes with it.

To add to the appeal of natural gas over propane, it’s also worth noting that natural gas is safer than propane.

So switching from propane to natural gas was a simple option for me. I already had it piped outside to a generator; it’s safer, there are less tank changing difficulties, and it’s ultimately less expensive. Return to your Blackstone Griddle and prepare something delicious!

The “blackstone natural gas conversion kit amazon” is a product that converts a Blackstone Griddle to Natural Gas. The product comes with the necessary parts, instructions and warranty information.

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