I have a blackstone griddle that I bought online. Now, how do I connect it to my RV Campers propane?

“blackstone® 17″ & 22″ griddle quick-connect adapter” is a piece of equipment that allows users to connect the Blackstone Griddle to a RV Campers propane. The device connects to either the left or right side of the grill and has an adjustable ring that can be used for different sized burners.

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One of the main reasons I decided to upgrade from my Big Green Green to this 28′′ Blackstone Griddles was that I needed something that could be easily transported for camping. Nobody wants to tote an additional 20 pound tank when they already have two 30 pound tanks fastened to the front of their camper and ready to go.


I propose buying up a few fittings and attaching 1/4 inch fast connections to both the Blackstone Grill and the propane tank to address this problem. By attaching the female end of the fitting to the propane tank, you may quickly detach the tank and store it wherever you want to barbecue at home.

When you attach the male end of the Blackstone Griddle to your camper’s female fast connect connector, you’re ready to go.


Before we go into the items we’ll need, one thing to keep in mind is that all propane supply lines must have a regulator. You should not need a second one before attaching your Blackstone Grill since your camper should already have one on the front propane tanks.

In a nutshell, keep the regulator with the propane tank on your back deck (or where ever your favorite grilling location is).

Now, let’s look at the items that you’ll need to connect your Blackstone Griddle to your RV camper. I’ll link to Amazon for components, but the fittings may also be bought at your local big box shop (Lowes, Home Depot, Menards…).

Blackstone Grill to RV Camper Connection Parts

Connecting a Blackstone Grill to an RV Camper

The first step will be to wrap the threads with yellow tape after you have all of the pieces. Simply walk around the threads twice to ensure that no gas leaks occur once the fittings are tightened. You’ll need to perform this at every threaded fitting.


After applying the yellow tape to the adapter, start with the 3/8′′ x 3/8′′ swivel union and attach it to the 3/8′′ Flare x 1/4′′ adapter. Tighten the two fittings together using a crescent wrench and a set of dogs.

Rep with the male end of the 1/4′′ fast connection adapter attached to the 3/8′′ x 1/4′′ adapter. This end of the fast connection to the Blackstone is complete and ready to be hooked into a propane tank on your back deck or the RV Camper when this is taped and tightened.


The Blackstone Grill is ready to connect to the RV Camper at this stage, but you’ll need to change your tank line at home so you can grill here as well. Wrap the yellow gas tape around the 3/8′′ Flare x 1/4′′ adapter and tighten the female end of the 1/4 fast connection.

Finally, use yellow tape to wrap the other end of the adaptor and secure it to the hose.

Make sure the propane tank regulator is attached to this pipe. This step was skipped above since the camper should already have this regulator installed. You’ll probably have trouble getting enough propane if you use two regulators.

So make sure you only have one regulator put anywhere in the line when connecting your Blackstone barbecue to your propane tank on your back deck or your camper.


That concludes the discussion. You can now instantly connect and detach your propane on your back porch, then connect and unplug your Blackstone Grill from your RV Camper.


Other items you may need while taking the Blackstone Grill camping are:

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