Headphones on, battle gear ready, stretching your arms and preparing your back for a long day to fight the green villain that awaits in all its high and mighty allies on the front yard….

Have you felt like this time and time again when you need to cut your lawn? You don’t need to anymore as long as you have the right ally with you. It is time you meet your new lawnmower buddy, GREENWORKS 25302.

Why Greenworks 25302?

It is a twin force on two batteries lawn mower with an adjustment of up to five options in height as settings for cutting the grass.  It is best for half acre land area or even less, but big enough to cover larger areas as well as handy and efficient to go through small yards.

Built to meet customer preference:

Some complain that gas-powered machines are a nuisance to the environment or it is too heavy to operate. How can the next door 10-year-old boy use it for his summer job project to save up for a new bike? Or grandpa just wanted to do a bit of exercise or some postponed chores at the same time without getting serious physical strain. And so this product is the answer to all this as it is made for all ages and is very light and easy to handle.

Two for the price of one!

This product is a big bonus for the homeowners that like to combine mulch and grass cutting. Such a treat for them as it can do both with just a single product.  It is battery operated that you do not need to worry about annoying cable cords attached to the power source and for it to possibly be an obstacle while doing the job. It may even restrict the whole process when it is not long enough and may even cause possible accidents. It is proven to operate for long hours with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries one 40v 4Ah and another 40V 2Ah. It is rechargeable and functions efficiently in a way where if one of the battery dies during operation, the other picks up automatically to start and continue the work. An interesting thing to note among GreenWorks patrons is that the batteries can actually be exchanged with other similar tools under the same brand like hedge trimmers or snow blowers.

Assembly and Performance

With no need for tools or other stuff, the Greenworks 25302 is so easy to put together. In just simple steps you are all ready to go. The assembly is so easy that all you have to do is unfold the handle to be attached to the hook at the machine’s base. The handle is amazingly adjustable to whatever height you are comfortable with.  The dimension of the product is 21 inches in height, 22 inches in width and 32 inches in length.

Get the motor running by inserting the safety key first, push the ignition button and crank up the handle then you are good to go.

The machine weighs about 42.5lbs without the batteries having a rear bag discharge and a foam padded handle. The batteries usually weigh 3lbs for the 4Ah battery and 1.5lbs for the 2Ah battery. The deck material is 24 inches and 20 on the deck itself with 2-10″ blades on the wheels.

This durable and efficient machine runs with an engine of 2.5 horsepower rating for each of it. It can go through different cutting heights in as much as 5 varieties. Some cut their lawn in different lengths many times but too many keeping it the same height can be easier. Yet for the former, this is a bonus feature as it can cut 1 3/8 inches (35.05mm),  1 7/8 inches (47.75mm), 2 3/8 inches (60.45mm), 2 7/8 inches (73.15mm) and 3 3/8 inches (85.85mm) when compared to other walk mowers. This is so easy to attain as you only need to adjust the lever into a specific position to achieve whatever cut you plan for your beautiful lawn. As for other products you do not have many options and there is the tedious task of adjusting the wheel again and again to achieve this.

Quality in Price Range with Amazing Warranty

The machine is housed in plastic composite but it is a reliable workhorse that can withstand possible damage from usage. No need to worry on dents, or be dinged by cracked stones or similar debris. It is sturdy but light in contrast to the usual fuel lawn mowers. With this, the company even gives a 4-year guarantee on the main unit and 2 years for the batteries.

Future looks bright for innovating companies

When I see a company open for customer feedback, I cannot help but admire their openness and ambition. Indeed collecting customer reviews will not only help them improve their future products but instigate a sense of empathy to their existing customers that may pave the way for new patrons. So below are among the very few inconveniences some customers encountered that were equally important to mention as well as the good abilities of the product. 

One of the few minute concerns mentioned is that it does not have light to illuminate the way ahead during operation over a low light.  Another is that although it does a terrific job of mulching smaller objects, it just cannot do the same for pine cones, twigs and branches. Just so is true for a pile of leaves so the option is to rake them first. In the end, making sure it is not a big pile up before you run it over by a mower makes you and the machine safe and sound. To clear this up it is best to avoid it as much as possible. The last reminder would be on the power source of the machine. It is but fitting to know the power capacity of the machine. As the Greenworks lawn mower functions with no power cords and with only Lithium batteries, it is suggested to do operations for as much as an hour over a 2400 square foot lawn. Bigger and longer than this would be best handled by the heavy and fuel powered machine. It is always better to honestly know your needs and fit your products into it for a satisfying experience.