Burrowing rats are common to many countries, but they can also be a problem in homes. Voles will often dig under the walls of your home and create tunnels that allow these rodents to live indoors. They’ll come into contact with food sources like garbage cans or pet dishes and cause damage around the house. But it’s not always possible (or affordable) for homeowners to employ various methods of rat removal – so how do you get rid of them without using potentially dangerous substances?

The “killing rats with salt” is a way to rid your home of burrowing rodents without using poison. The method can be used on rats, mice, squirrels, and gophers.

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Rats are cunning little pests that may infiltrate any house. They dig tunnels in the yard to get from their nests to food sources and to protect themselves from predators.

They establish their paths and then utilize them again and over again, thus it’s crucial to find them so you can eliminate the rats.

What Places Do Rats Dig Burrows?

Rats like to hide beneath dense shrubs or other forms of landscaping. The burrows normally have one primary entrance, but they also contain a few exits that aren’t directly connected to it.

The entrance will be near the nest, but the exits will likely go via walls or pathways close to your home.

Rats Are a Problem

Rats Are a Problem is that they are incredibly destructive. They will gnaw on your home and anything that is in their way, including plastic pipes, furniture, and whatever else you can imagine. They can also carry diseases, and it is hard to tell which rats have diseases and which do not.

Rat-bite fever, jaundice, cowpox virus, and salmonellosis are among the illnesses transmitted by rats. You must keep them away from your house and do all you can to keep them from returning.

Where to Look for Rat Burrows

Rat droppings are the most evident evidence of burrowing rats. They will excrete near their burrows and in areas where they locate food. Furthermore, since they usually use the same path, the grass and soil will be worn down.

If you encounter rats, it’s an indication of a bigger infestation. “Where you see one rat, 50 others are lurking,” goes an ancient proverb.

Rat Poisoning

The fastest and simplest way to get rid of rats is to hire an exterminator and poison them, but this technique comes with a slew of drawbacks.

Other creatures, domesticated or wild, may consume the poison and perish as a result. Using deadly chemicals poses the risk of other wild creatures, pets, or even tiny children ingesting the poison and dying.

Because the chemicals used in rat poison are harmful to all life, this approach should only be utilized if you’ve exhausted all other options and the rats persist. If you must use poison, be sure to contact a competent exterminator and follow the instructions on how to poison rats properly.

Burrowing Rats: How to Get Rid of Them (Without Poison)

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of rats without resorting to poisonous chemicals that are damaging to all living things.

1 – Ensure that all containers are securely closed.

Rats have a penchant for getting into trash cans and food containers. They are ingenious and destructive, chewing open a side of a container or chewing a hole in it.

Make sure your garbage cans are sealed and closed, and that any containers you use to keep pet food are also sealed and closed.

In fact, using heavy-duty plastic or metal containers is your best chance, since rats find it tough to nibble their way in. Rats can flatten their bodies and fit through even the tiniest openings, so if your container has any holes, you can be sure that a rat can get in.

2 – Get Rid of the Pile of Stuff Around the House

Rats like to build their nests in locations where they feel secure. Rats will build nests in heaps of rubbish, firewood, or anything else around your home. Rats take advantage of the chance to create a nest when a pile of anything sits for a long period.

If you store your firewood outside your house, be sure to shift it and rotate it on a regular basis. It would be even great if the firewood could be moved farther away from your home. You don’t want the rats to have easy access.

3 – Keep Your Landscaping Clean

If you have a pile of branches or other landscaping waste in your yard, get it out of there as quickly as possible. Rats will start to nest within it if it remains in one spot for too long.

If you can’t have it removed until a certain day, make sure the pile is as far away from your house as feasible.

You also need to maintain your shrubs and trees manicured. Rats will take over area beneath bushes or within thick trees if there is enough foliage for them to feel comfortable and hide.

Trim trees and shrubs away from your house so that they aren’t right up against it, and keep landscaping waste as far away as possible.

4 – Remove Water Sources

Rats, like every other living entity, need water to survive, and if you have a water supply nearby, they will flourish. Make sure any pipes that may be leaking are repaired, and don’t keep water collection containers out in the yard.

You should also make sure that your hose spigots are totally turned off, otherwise the rats will drink from the drips. If there is any moisture or water in your basement, you should take measures and remove it using a sump pump or other equipment.

Keep in mind that the less appealing and handy your house is, the more likely the rats are to flee. They need water, and if they cannot have it on your land, they will seek it elsewhere.

5 – Secure and protect your entry points

This is a good idea in general, but it’s particularly important if you have burrowing rats.

Make sure your entrances and windows are properly sealed to prevent them from entering. Check your chimney to ensure that the screen is in place and that rodents are not able to get via the chimney.

If you have vents from your laundry room or bathroom that lead to the outside of your house, you should cover the flap on the outside with a screen. Anything you can do to make it harder for rats to access your house will assist them from establishing a nest nearby.

6 – Enlist the help of owls to eat them

Rats are naturally preyed upon by owls. Building an owl home is the greatest method to attract them to your yard. Make sure the entrance is large enough for the owl to fit through, but not so enormous that other bigger birds of prey can’t.

Place the box on top of a 10-foot pole to prevent squirrels and other rodents from nesting in it.

7 – Use traps, smoke bombs, or dry ice to your advantage.

These tactics are effective, but they are riskier since they may injure creatures that aren’t your intended targets. There are several varieties of rat traps available, and you must choose the one that is the safest for your property.

If you’re going to utilize smoke bombs, make sure the burrows aren’t too close to any trees or combustible structures. Because dry ice creates carbon dioxide, it will kill the rats.

It’s a fast and efficient solution to the issue, but it’s important to exercise caution since it may hurt humans and other animals.

The “how to get rid of rats outside” is a problem that many people have. The best way to get rid of them is with traps, repellents, and exclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of burrowing rats?

A: You can try an all-natural rat deterrent such as chili, garlic, or cayenne pepper.

What is the fastest way to kill a rat without poison?

A: The rat must be caught and killed before it can bite. It is advisable to use a stick, wire or some other object that the rat cannot run off with but strong enough so that you are able to break its neck.

How do I stop rats burrowing under my house?

A: You could use rat poison in your yard or set up a trap. Just make sure that you thoroughly read the label of the product and follow all directions before using it so you dont harm yourself, pets, children, or other animals.

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