A few simple tips and tricks are all you need to keep geese off your dock.
6 Smart Ways To Keep Geese Off Your Dock
A Few Tips And Tricks Are All You Need To Keep Geese Off Your Dock

The “best way to keep birds off your dock” is a question that has been asked many times. There are six smart ways to keep geese from landing on your dock.

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Having geese constantly about your dock might be really inconvenient. This may be inconvenient for a variety of reasons.

You could notice that geese are defecating all over your deck, forcing you to clean it up much more often than is necessary. Furthermore, the sounds made by geese might be enough to make you wish them to keep away from your land.

But what can you do to keep geese away from your dock? There are a few of options you might try that could work.

Continue reading to learn more about how to keep geese away from your dock. You may try combining many of these ideas if you like, but often just one or two will enough.

1 – Make an effort to use decoys

When it comes to keeping geese away from your dock, decoys may be really effective. You see, there are a lot of predators that geese are aware of, and you may take advantage of this.

You may purchase decoys and position them around your dock to make geese less inclined to stop there. Alligator decoys are one of the most prevalent and widely used forms of decoys for geese.

The majority of alligator decoys on the market are just decoy alligator heads, and they perform really well at scaring geese away. You may also acquire a decoy that looks like a dead goose and use it as a decoy.

The dead goose decoy warns passing geese that your pier is not a safe place to land. This may be effective in keeping geese away from the dock for a period of time.

The only significant disadvantage to this strategy is that the geese will eventually get used to the decoys. Because the geese in the region understood that the decoys weren’t serious dangers, you could end up with geese on your dock regardless.

Even so, it’s worked successfully for folks who just need to frighten geese away for a short time. You may also use this in conjunction with other measures to deter geese from approaching the area where your dock is situated.

2 – Disturbing Noises

Loud sounds scare geese away quite well, and you may use this to keep geese away from your dock if you want to. Geese are frightened by a variety of loud sounds, and they will typically feel endangered if loud noises are heard near your dock.

Although it may not always be practicable, you may place a noise generator near your dock to deter geese from approaching it. The noise generator may either play music or just generate noises to frighten geese.

The sort of noise doesn’t matter as much as the volume, but it must be audible. Because you don’t want to disturb your neighbors, this makes this notion a little less viable for people who have docks near populous areas.

Regardless, this is a viable option for deterring geese from approaching your pier. If your dock is too loud, people may prefer to go somewhere else and avoid your dock.

3 – Bird Nets and Wiring

Some individuals have installed bird wire or nets on their docks to make it more difficult for geese to use them. The main concept is that installing wire and netting will make it much more difficult for geese to land and wander about.

Geese are intelligent enough to recognize when they won’t have a clear route to land, and they’ll be able to tell if they attempt to land on your pier and end up entangled in a net. This alone may be sufficient to deter geese from attempting to land there.

Many individuals have had success with this strategy, but it is not without problems. It makes it difficult to utilize your dock since you’ll have to remove bird wire and nets to have access to the dock without tripping.

It isn’t all that inconvenient, and it does a good job of keeping geese away from your dock when you aren’t using it. You’ll simply have to get accustomed to putting things up like way when you’re not using the dock to keep geese from ruining everything.

4 – Goose Repellent Liquid

Liquid goose repellant is a substance that can be purchased from a variety of merchants to deter geese from landing on your dock. This is a basic beverage that includes components that geese despise, and it will cause them to flee from your dock, allowing you to utilize it in peace.

Overall, this is going to be one of the finest options for getting rid of your geese issue quickly. It’s simple to apply this liquid geese repellent on your dock, and the results should be satisfactory.

As you would guess, the repellant won’t last forever, and if your dock is often splashed by waves, you could have trouble keeping it on the dock. The feasibility of utilizing liquid repellant on a dock is primarily determined by the way your dock is built up and the sort of water on which it sits.

Even in ideal conditions, the liquid geese repellent will need to be sprayed to the dock from time to time. This might grow pricey, so it might not be the best solution for most individuals who wish to keep geese at bay for an extended length of time.

5 – Arrange Reflective Items on the Dock

Finally, you may want to try putting some shiny things on your dock to frighten away the geese in the vicinity. These will confuse and frighten the geese, causing them to avoid landing on your pier.

Mylar streamers are one of the most popular reflective objects to use on a dock. Simply hang them around your dock to effectively scare the geese away.

Reflective goods that have been created to frighten geese are also available on the market. If you want, you can look into purchasing items like that, but in all honesty, simple mylar streamers will suffice.

To keep geese away from the dock area, you should be able to simply hang a number of reflective things on or around it. It’s really simple to do, and it’ll be one of the most cost-effective solutions open to you.

6 – Tall Grass and Bushes

It’s also worth mentioning that geese will avoid landing in areas with shrubs and long grass. Allowing the grass near your dock to grow a little higher than usual may deter geese from approaching.

Bushes may also serve as an effective deterrent since geese see them as possible danger zones. This is due to the fact that geese have numerous natural predators, and they are aware that predators would conceal in thick grass or shrubs in order to snare them at an advantageous time.

You may try planting some plants near the dock to see if it helps to make the area less appealing to geese. Overall, it’s worth a go since it’s simple to do and could possibly give a touch of aesthetic appeal to the region.

Combining this approach for frightening geese away with some of the other recommendations will almost certainly be a smart idea. It may not be enough to just have higher grass and a few shrubs, but it may make a difference.

Bid adieu to Your Goose Issues

It will be easier to keep geese away from your dock now that you know more about them and what they’re terrified of. If you use a combination of the methods above, you should be able to keep geese away from your dock in the future.

It’s sometimes a good idea to switch things around in your plan so the geese don’t figure out what you’re up to. It’s a good idea to shift any decoys you’ve placed about every now and again, and you can also move any shiny things around.

It’ll be good to no longer have to deal with geese pooping on your pier. You may relax on a more tranquil dock that is ideal for your requirements.

The “ultrasonic disruptors for geese” is a product that can be used to keep geese off your dock. The device emits an ultrasonic sound that the geese cannot hear, but humans can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep geese off your dock?

A: Geese are birds, and in some cases they will fly away when disturbed.

What will keep geese away?

A: A scarecrow

How do I keep geese off my lakefront?

A: If you are concerned that geese will be a nuisance on your lakefront, you may want to consider building a fence around the area with barbed wire. Geese tend not to fly over fences and they cannot fit through them because of their size and weight.

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