Squirrels have a hard time getting off the ground, which makes them easy targets for predators. Here are four simple ways to keep these pesky animals out of your yard:
1) Have some bird feeders with seed inside that squirrels can’t reach; 2) put up something around your decks, such as netting or wire mesh (squirrels aren’t strong enough to push through); 3) bring in a cat or small dog; 4) spray peppermint oil on the deck and nearby plants.

The “how to keep squirrels off patio screen” is a blog post that offers 4 simple ways to keep squirrels off your deck. The author offers an overview of the most common problems and solutions for keeping squirrels from eating your plants, chewing on your wires, and getting into your house.

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Squirrels are adorable little creatures, aren’t they? They have fluffy tails, are little in stature, and may give a touch of nature to any outfit.

They, like other little rodents, may seem charming from afar, but you don’t want them on your property.

Squirrels, like other tiny rodents, may leave their droppings all over the place, wreak havoc in garages, and even nibble through the wood of a deck if it’s constructed of that material.

This is without taking into account the fact that they might transmit a variety of parasites and illnesses that no one wants in their house or on their pets.

Squirrels, like raccoons (another unpleasant nuisance), can devour almost everything. They may also get into a variety of places because to their tiny size and ability to squeeze into tight crevices.

When it comes to getting food, animals will go to any length to get their hands on it. They choose the simplest and safest route, but will consume everything they can.

Squirrels, on the other hand, are considerably simpler to get rid of than raccoons. When it comes to getting to food sources, the latter may be extremely obstinate.

There are a variety of methods for removing squirrels from your deck and preventing them from causing damage to it.

1 – Feeding the Squirrels Is Not A Good Idea

Squirrels, like any other animal, will seek food wherever it is available.

Sure, seeing these furry little bunnies amble into your yard and sweetly munch on little morsels of food is adorable. But that’s only the start of a long and arduous process.

If you want to keep squirrels away from your deck, make sure there isn’t any food around. Even having an open bird feeder qualifies.

There are choices that are expressly designed to keep pesky pests like squirrels out, so keep them outdoors.

Make careful to keep whatever pet food you have on hand in your house. Squirrels will attempt to take advantage of any food supply that is readily accessible to them.

Because their food supply has been cut off, they will most likely search for a new place to set up business.

2 – Take Care of Your Garbage

When it comes to food sources, your trash cans can provide a steady supply of food for a variety of animals. Raccoons, mice, rats, and a variety of insects find your garbage cans to be a plentiful source of food.

If you’re going to keep your garbage can outside, make sure it’s animal-proof.

Squirrels have sharp, powerful teeth and have been known to gnaw through trash cans in the past. When keeping trash cans outdoors, choose the ones that are heavy-duty.

Tighter seals are also seen in the more durable garbage cans. Animals will not want to exert much effort to reach the rubbish, implying that they will ultimately abandon the region and seek other food sources.

3 – Make it less warm and inviting

While food is the most critical factor for animals, finding a consistent supply of shelter is a close second. One of the reasons they may be drawn to areas like decks is that they provide cover from the weather as well as protection from predators.

These are the places where they plan to make their nests. They are particularly drawn to regions with a lot of detritus, such as leaves and shrubs, which they may utilize to construct their nests.

They will take shrubs, trees, and any other sort of covering that provides safety for them and their young if there are no decks nearby.

Maintain a clean and debris-free yard. The fewer shelter alternatives they have, the more likely they are to find something else.

Yard cleaning is a laborious operation, but it is necessary to prevent pests from establishing nests on your property.

Checking your chimney is also a smart idea. Even if they don’t hide beneath the deck, they may live in small locations like the chimney, venturing out to make a mess or nibble on the wood.

Keep your garage door closed as much as possible. Greenhouses, sheds, birdhouses, and even dog homes fall under this category.

You may be able to restore these constructions after the squirrel issue has been resolved, but it’s always best to be cautious than sorry.

4 – Provide it with Distractions

There is a happy medium if you appreciate watching squirrels in your yard but despise what they do to your deck. Simply provide them with a diversion to prevent them from approaching your deck.

This may seem to be the polar opposite of everything said in this essay, yet it helps them to maintain their attractiveness while avoiding the chaos and devastation that may accompany it.

Set out some delectable refreshments on the other side of your property. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and corn cobs may all be used to fill a small box.

They’ll contentedly munch away, and you’ll be able to enjoy watching them without worrying about them wrecking your patio or deck.

Getting Squirrels Out

If you’re reading this and you already have a squirrel issue, putting up deterrents won’t be enough. Instead, you’ll need to figure out how to get rid of them and then put in place measures to keep them gone for good.

The following methods are all safe for Getting Squirrels Out. There are definitely lethal options, but it is always a good idea to just get rid of the squirrels instead of killing them off.

Soap and water should be used.

Bugs, insects, and rodents may all be kept at bay with the use of soap. Simply fill a garden sprayer halfway with water and add some liquid dish soap.

When your mixture is complete, go ahead and spray the affected areas.

Begin by spraying the deck’s planks as well as the remainder of the home. This will not only keep the squirrels away, but it will also help you clean your house. If you opt to use a lot of spray, be cautious.

While it’s amusing to watch a squirrel stumble about, it may cause to serious injuries in people.


To make it simpler to use, combine vinegar and water in a spray bottle, same to how you would soap. Because of its strong odor, vinegar has inherent repelling properties.

Make sure you dilute it to the point that no one can smell it when you spray it.

Squirrels, rats, flies, and other pests will avoid the area if you use the same strategy of spraying surrounding afflicted regions. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run by preventing damage caused by these creatures.

Cayenne Pepper Powder

Try mixing some Cayenne Pepper Powder with a little bit of water and spray it around the impacted areas. The spicy smell should be enough to deter squirrels from returning to the area. It is important that you respray from time to time.

After a thunderstorm, the mixture may get diluted and lose its effectiveness in keeping squirrels off your deck.

Repellent for Deer

What works to keep away larger pests can actually work just fine for Getting Squirrels Out, too. Use Repellent for Deer around the perimeter of the patio or deck as well as on the edge of the back wall and any rain spouts that the squirrels could potentially climb on.

Repellent for Deer is also great if you want to keep your patio furniture protected from damage. Simply spray the repellent on the underside of the patio furniture so that you don’t damage the furniture in the process.

If all else fails, make a point of reading the manufacturer’s label and following their recommendations.

Urine from coyotes and foxes

As disgusting as it may seem, it may be a viable option for dealing with a squirrel infestation.

Predators, like any other nuisance, are the fastest and most efficient treatment. If squirrels scent coyote or fox urine, they will be motivated to flee as soon as possible.

Spray the affected areas using a lawn sprayer. It’s not like you have to walk out into the woods to find it, as revolting as that may seem. Both of these items may be found at your neighborhood garden and home improvement shop.

It’s the equivalent of releasing a predator into the wild without really doing so. Be cautious not to use too much urine, since the odor may be rather unpleasant for others.

Other Predators Should Be Introduced

The urine works so well because it convinces the squirrels that there are predators around. If you don’t want to sprinkle animal pee all over your yard, you may at least give the impression that predators are around.

Put your cat or dog on patrol if you have one. Allow them to spend long amounts of time on the patio or in the backyard.

The squirrels will either flee when they spot the animals or suffer the painful experience of being pursued.

In any case, the presence of predators should be enough to drive even the most tenacious squirrels away.

Just keep an eye out for squirrels if you don’t want your pet to devour them. Not only is this a potentially unpleasant situation, but squirrels may also transmit illness, putting your dog or cat in danger.

If you don’t have a pet, you may purchase hawk or owl figurines or plastic replicas. Because both are natural predators, put them out in the open where the squirrels may see them.

Remember that this technique will only work for a few weeks at a time; squirrels will ultimately find out that they aren’t genuine and go on to something else.

Use yourself as the predator if everything else fails. Squirrels are also afraid of humans and will avoid regions where people spend a lot of time.

If you need a reason to spend more time on your patio or deck, this is the finest one you can come up with.

Overhanging Branches Should Be Trimmed

Squirrels use overhanging branches as a means of gaining access to the patio, deck, and even the roof. It also provides them with a viable escape path in the event that they feel attacked or in danger.

Trim any overhanging branches from trees in your yard. Start by pruning them back to at least five feet from the patio or deck, making it impossible for squirrels to leap down.

If the issue continues, you may need to try another solution since the squirrels may have established a home under your patio or deck.

Sprinklers should be installed.

There are very few things in the world that appreciate getting hosed down. Squirrels dislike being wet, thus being blasted with pressure water from a sprinkler is an effective deterrent for squirrels.

You may use timers to set particular sprinklers to provide more moisture in the yard than the squirrels are used to.

Even better if you can grab them with one of the sprays. In addition, your lawn will get a proper watering, which will keep it looking lush and green.

Combine and contrast

Squirrels may be tenacious if they believe they have a direct path to a food supply or a secure home. Using one strategy may work for a brief length of time before the squirrels return.

Mix and match some of the above-mentioned options. Predators, for example, may be effective in the short term, but they may not be adequate to keep them away indefinitely.

If you put up as much fight as you can, the squirrels will finally give up and go on.

The “what will keep squirrels away from your house” is a question that has been asked for years. There are 4 simple ways to keep these pesky pests away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will keep squirrels off my deck?

A: Unfortunately, there is no particular way to keep squirrels off your deck. They are a common problem in many climates and its difficult to get rid of them completely. However, we do have some advice that might help deter these pesky pests!

How do you keep squirrels from pooping on your deck?

A: You can use a lighted mesh netting or fence to keep them away.

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