Geese can be an annoyance, especially in urban areas where geese tend to feed on plants and defecate near ponds. With some preparation, you’ll find it easy to keep them away from your pond for good with these four simple tips.

Geese are a common problem in ponds and lakes. The “homemade goose repellent” is one of the best ways to keep them away.

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The distinction between geese and ducks is significant. Geese are often thought of as magnificent creatures that fly in a beautiful “V” in the sky. To say the least, it’s a stunning sight.

When they seem to be exceedingly lovely while flying in a beautiful pattern in the sky, you should be aware that their attractiveness is mostly restricted to their appearance and demeanor. It’s best to keep away from geese if you spot them near by.

It’s wonderful to watch geese fly in the sky, but dealing with them on a property or piece of land is a different story. They may create so many problems that keeping them at bay might be challenging.

If a gaggle of geese takes up residence on your land, they will quarrel, defecate, and create noise throughout the day. If you have a lovely pond on your property, you may say goodbye to the serene and tranquil aesthetic.

Building a Pond

Building a Pond in your backyard or your garden requires a considerable amount of commitment, time, and effort. You will have to spend a great deal of money to build a pond as well.

A pond not only enhances the aesthetics of the property, but it also improves the view. You may even add some fish in the pond and make a fake waterfall.

It’s a terrific approach to create a relaxing environment where you can unwind and enjoy your time outside. However, if there are geese in the area, things will quickly deteriorate.

What Kinds of Issues Can Geese Cause?

Before we get into how to get rid of geese for good, let’s take a look at how many difficulties geese may create. There are many distinct species of geese and other waterfowl, such as swans and ducks.

However, you should be aware that the most common species you may see is the Canada goose. They have grayish-brown bodies and generally have thin, long necks, making them easy to see.

These creatures are very gregarious and prefer to mate throughout their lives. Perhaps the most significant reason they are such a problem is because they spend so much of their time in bigger groupings.

Because Canadian geese tend to travel in bunches, they may wreak a lot of havoc in your life. They are very gregarious animals, so if you notice a few of geese surrounding your home, you should be aware that you will soon have a dozen geese on your land.

Canada Geese will migrate every year, and they will continue to roam between regions. They have a strong drive to mate, and they often give birth in the same location where they were born.

To put it another way, you can’t expect your issue to go away on its own. Essentially, even if you relocate, this issue will not be resolved over time.

When you consider that geese may live up to 25 years, it’s easy to understand how they might become a persistent nuisance. Let’s take a look at some of the big issues they may create now that you know they’re not going away anytime soon.


If geese swarm your land, you may as well forget about your lovely garden around your pond. They’ll begin grazing and will totally overgraze the whole region.

Before you know it, the whole area will be dead and bleak. Geese have been known to overgraze large golf courses and parks, so a modest garden next to a pond is of no consequence to them.

You’ll have to reseed the whole area and then grow new grass, which will cost thousands of dollars. The cost of the harm inflicted by these creatures is just too high.

Again significantly, you should be aware that reseeding isn’t a long-term solution, since, as previously said, the geese will just return to your land and begin grazing once more. Every year, you can anticipate the exact same thing to happen.


It’s difficult to disregard geese’s aggressive characteristics while discussing the difficulties they pose. Geese are quite violent during their mating season, and they are fiercely protective of their young.

If you go too near to the adult geese, they will flap their wings and pursue you, your pets, and almost anything or anybody that gets too close. They will guard the pond area as much as they can if they consider it their own.

You’ll have a hard time remaining there for more than a few minutes if you like spending time near the pond and have meticulously constructed the spot. If there are humans around, the geese will just frighten them away.

Their rage may be so intense that even walking out of the home and spending a few minutes in your garden will be difficult. They’re going to come after you every time you come out.


The huge quantity of garbage that geese create is maybe the most significant reason why they are such a concern. Geese have huge, messy droppings, unlike most other birds, which have small droppings.

More significantly, the stench of their feces is just too much to bear. The foul odor may quickly travel hundreds of yards, making it impossible to remain inside or outdoors.

You’ll find it difficult to clear up the excrement on a regular basis, particularly if the geese are chasing you. Only getting rid of them is a viable alternative.

How to Keep Geese Away from Your Pond and Get Rid of Them

It will be difficult to keep a flock of geese away from your pond. It is, nevertheless, not impossible. You may attempt a variety of various tactics and approaches to keep them at bay.

1 — Decoys, both visual and audible

Using a mix of visual and acoustic decoys may be the most effective technique to keep geese out of your garden and pond. Remember that the deployment of visual and acoustic decoys will not discourage all birds.

However, there have been documented situations when decoys have successfully deterred enormous flocks. To get rid of the geese, a variety of visual deterrents may be utilized separately or in combination.

Then there are the auditory deterrents. They work just as effectively, plus the noises they generate will startle the geese and drive them away.

There are solar-powered alternatives that can be triggered by motion, so you won’t have to worry about them constantly screaming out. There are a variety of ultrasonic deterrents available that will keep the geese away without causing any inconvenience to you.

2 – Repellents in Liquid Form

Using a liquid repellent is maybe one of the greatest alternatives accessible to you. It is critical that you read the reviews and ratings before purchasing one, and that you only purchase an EPA-approved repellant.

They include geese abhor, which is a nontoxic component. Geese are known to avoid this chemical since they do not want to eat, nest, or even mate when it is present.

It is absolutely safe to use, and it is simple to apply around your yard. It has no unpleasant odor, and you don’t have to be concerned about the repellant washing away.

Perhaps the nicest part is that you won’t have to worry about attracting geese by emitting a foul odor. You’ll be completely unaware that it’s even there!

3 – Nets

Installing wire or netting all around the place might be a sensible choice if you really want to safeguard the region. The nets and wires will make it quite difficult for the geese to wander about, and you may even lay that net over the pond if you wish.

They won’t be able to swim in the pond, nor will they be able to walk on the flat ground. The geese will soon get so irritated that they will just move to another location.

4 – Get a Canine Companion

A border collie is one of the most effective canines for deterring Canada geese from approaching your land. It’s only a game to them, but it’s terrible for a goose to have a dog sprinting at it at full speed.

They won’t be here for long, and they’ll be moving on to somewhere else!

There are many ways to keep geese from your pond. The “methyl anthranilate geese repellent” is one of the 4 great ways to keep them away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to keep geese away?

A: Historically speaking, the most effective way to keep geese away is by using a shot gun. However, this may not be an option for those living in urban environments that are densely populated with people. If you cannot afford or find a shotgun, then I would recommend buying some long range trash bags and placing them around your property as well as sprinkling cayenne pepper on top of it.

What do geese hate the most?

A: Geese hate the smell of garlic.

What will keep geese away from pond?

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