The groundhog is one of the most common animals kept as a pet. They are easy to take care for and have a natural innate curiosity that can be quite endearing. But their digging habits make them a nuisance when left unattended outside. Here’s ten ways you can keep your groundhogs from ruining your shed!

The “groundhog living under my porch” is a common problem that many homeowners have. There are ways to keep groundhogs from digging under your shed, and these 10 tips will help you do it.

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It’s no secret that groundhogs may be a nuisance on your property. They dig holes in your yard and are basically a bother.

You could see groundhogs excavating beneath your shed if you’re extremely unfortunate. This is going to be an issue, and you should definitely put a stop to it.

However, how can you prevent groundhogs from tunneling beneath your shed? Are there any dependable strategies for making it hard for groundhogs to accomplish this?

Continue reading to discover how to keep groundhogs out of your shed. You’ll also get some excellent general tips on how to prevent groundhogs off your land.

1 – Steel Mesh Fencing is a good option.

Steel mesh fence is the most practical solution to prevent groundhogs from burrowing beneath your shed. If you do things correctly, groundhogs won’t be able to get beyond a certain point, and it should be hard for them to go beneath the shed.

You must ensure that the steel mesh fence completely surrounds the shed. To make this operate correctly, it must also penetrate deep into the earth.

Steel mesh fence should be buried at least 18 inches deep, according to most experts. Some people believe that going deeper is a good idea, but you may decide how far you want to go on your own.

When installing the fence, make sure the bottom curves outward to prevent groundhogs from digging below it.

If you do it correctly, you’ll be able to prevent groundhogs from tunneling beneath your shed. It will require some effort on your behalf, but it will be well worth it in the end.

2 – Eliminate Wood Piles

It’s also a good idea to get rid of any items in your yard that groundhogs may use to hide and relax. If you have a lot of brush and wood piles in your yard, groundhogs will be attracted to it.

Take the effort to clear up all of the wood piles in your yard so that it is spotless. The groundhogs will have fewer hiding places, and the area will be more exposed as a result.

Because they live in rural locations where branches fall regularly, many individuals have large wood piles in their yards. If you can be more proactive in cleaning up after yourself, you’ll have a better chance of keeping groundhogs out of your yard.

This may be sufficient to make your yard an unpleasant choice in comparison to others in the neighborhood. The groundhog will seek out areas where it feels comfortable to rest, and removing them will go a long way toward removing the groundhog from your property.

3 – Remove Grass Cover and Undergrowth

Groundhogs will be increasingly exposed if undergrowth and grass cover are removed. Groundhogs will feel more at ease in yards with long grass in which to hide.

They’ll also enjoy hiding from predators by utilizing foliage as shelter. If you don’t have any hiding places like these in your yard, the groundhog may feel too exposed to stay.

When you want to keep groundhogs out of your yard, this is a good way to do it. When used in conjunction with other groundhog repellent tactics, it will work as an effective deterrent.

Staying on top of your lawn mowing and keeping things short will go a long way. You can make things inconvenient for the local groundhog population by getting out in your yard and removing vegetation on a regular basis.

4 – Make a Garlic and Chili Pepper Spray

Mixing a spray with garlic and spicy peppers is another option you may want to investigate. Strong odors like this can repel groundhogs, and you may spray it all over your yard if you want to.

It’s ideal to use a blender to purée the garlic and spicy peppers for the best results. The puree may then be placed in a bottle with some water.

It will produce a liquid mist that will entice groundhogs to escape. They’re not going to enjoy it, and it could just deter them from messing with your yard in the future.

When applying this sort of spray on your lawn, try to be as thorough as possible. Groundhogs will be scared away if you spray it all over your garden and grass.

When using this sort of spray, some individuals like to add a little liquid soap to the mix. It may be a good idea since it will allow the spray to adhere better to the surface of grass and plants, making it more difficult for the substance to wash away fast.

5 – Fill the Groundhog’s Tunnels with Smelly Things

You might attempt to prevent the groundhog from using the tunnels it has built. When it comes to dumping stinky stuff down the groundhog tunnels, many individuals have had wonderful luck.

You may, for example, dump filthy cat litter into the holes since the groundhog will not like it. It will be more smelly if it has been stained by cat pee.

You may want to consider lightly shutting the tunnel so that the aroma can remain. It’s possible that the groundhog may flee and cease harassing you.

If you have a cat, this is a really cost-effective option. When attempting to plug groundhog tunnels, be cautious since groundhogs will attempt to bite those who attempt to do so.

Because a groundhog’s sharp teeth might cause injury, you’ll want to have your wits about you. If you don’t think this notion is safe, there are lots of alternative options to consider.

6 – Use the Urine of a Predator

Predator urine will do a fantastic job of keeping groundhogs away from your land. Groundhogs are aware of a variety of predators that they should be wary of.

Groundhogs are eaten by bobcats, wolves, coyotes, and foxes, among other creatures. If you sprinkle your yard with the urine of these predators, groundhogs will get quite anxious.

If you can buy some predator urine spray, you may be able to address your groundhog issue without making a huge deal out of it. However, if you’re only attempting to keep groundhogs away, this is best employed as a preventative measure.

Overall, this is a fantastic concept that will deter groundhogs from visiting your property. To frighten the groundhogs away, you could consider applying predator urine.

7 – Allow your dog to frighten them away

Groundhogs may also be deterred by having a dog in your yard. Groundhogs are obviously cautious of dogs, and your dog’s presence in your yard may assist to keep groundhogs away.

Having a bigger, more terrifying dog may, of course, be more effective than having a little dog. Dogs, on the other hand, can absolutely scare groundhogs away, and this is a fantastic thing to attempt.

The only drawback is that you won’t want to leave your dog outdoors all of the time. It is not rational to keep a dog outdoors at all times of the day or year in many places of North America.

Regardless, having a dog in your yard for part of the day might be beneficial. It may assist to keep groundhogs away since they will recognize that it is safer for them to go to yards without dogs.

Groundhogs are chased by dogs, who may even kill them if they catch them. When you don’t want your dog to be hurt while hunting down wild animals, many people choose to employ their dogs to block certain wild creatures from approaching their property.

It’s also worth noting that dog pee is a good deterrent for groundhogs. Predator urine, as previously noted, may make groundhogs afraid of approaching, and your dog can assist by just urinating in the yard regularly.

8 – Scatter human and dog hair about the yard

People are typically disliked by groundhogs, and they are aware that they must avoid them. This implies that having your yard smell like a person will help keep groundhogs away.

If you have hair clippings left over after cutting your hair or beard, don’t toss them away. Instead, use them to frighten away groundhogs by placing them strategically about the yard.

Overall, this works a lot better than you may expect. Groundhogs may be deterred by scattering human hair clippings about your yard on a regular basis.

However, you only get a haircut once in a while, and many individuals do not cut their own hair. Asking your barber or hairdresser to allow you take your hair clippings home may seem strange.

In this case, spreading dog hair throughout the yard could suffice. Dogs may be man’s greatest friend, but as you know from the facts above, they are all groundhogs’ worst enemies.

Spreading dog hair around the yard can irritate groundhogs greatly. When it comes to preventing groundhogs, it may be just as effective as human hair.

Dogs shed a lot, which means you’ll have no trouble locating dog hair to sprinkle throughout the yard. You may take advantage of this and attempt to frighten the groundhogs away.

Trap the Groundhogs (number 9)

Some individuals believe that trapping and relocating groundhogs is the most realistic solution. It may seem to be a major bother, but it is a viable option for removing groundhogs from your property.

If you decide to go this way, you’ll need to purchase some humane groundhog traps. Humane traps can be found online, but if you don’t want to wait for shipment, you may also look for them at hardware shops.

The fundamental concept is to set the humane trap near the entrance to any burrows you’ve discovered in your yard. You may put something in the trap, like broccoli, and wait for a groundhog to fall into it.

Groundhogs may be attracted using a variety of baits. Apple slices have worked well for some individuals, but you might also try carrots, sweet corn, or fresh lettuce.

It’s a good idea to cover the trap after you’ve caught the groundhog. If you cover the trap with a blanket, the groundhog may become calmer, making transferring it easier.

The majority of people will then opt to chase the groundhog away from the region in order to avoid seeing it again. You may release it out someplace in the woods so you won’t have to worry about that specific groundhog.

The only issue with this plan is that it may be illegal in your location. Trapping and relocating animals may or may not be lawful in your area, depending on your local regulations.

You’ll need to look up information about your local laws before moving forward with this. If you’re not permitted to do so, you’ll have to come up with alternative ways to get rid of groundhogs.

It Is Acceptable to Kill Groundhogs

Many animals are forbidden to kill in North America, but groundhogs are an exception. They’re called nuisance animals since they might cause harm to your home.

In most cases, you’ll be fully within your rights to kill a groundhog in a humane manner. If you allow groundhogs to wander freely on your property, they may cause damage to your home’s foundation.

Many individuals will prefer to catch and kill groundhogs in order to permanently eliminate the issue. When they have the chance, some people choose to just shoot the animals.

It’s up to you if you want to go all the way and murder the groundhog. Some individuals are ethically opposed to animal slaughter, while others may disagree.

You can determine what the appropriate course of action is by using your own moral compass. Killing groundhogs may not be absolutely required, but from a particular viewpoint, it may be simpler than attempting to keep them at bay.

ten – Make a phone call to a professional

Calling an expert for assistance may be the simplest way to address a groundhog issue. You may not want to attempt to get rid of groundhogs yourself if they’ve already dug beneath your shed.

When trying to remove groundhogs from a burrow, there is considerable risk involved. You don’t want to be bitten, and you may not have the equipment or knowledge to deal with something like this.

That is why many individuals just hire pest exterminators to deal with such problems. Professionals have the greatest equipment, making it simple for them to catch and remove the animals.

They also have a lot of experience, which makes knowing what to do a lot simpler. When you bring in the professionals, even vexing critters like groundhogs may be exterminated quickly.

Of course, the drawback to this plan is that it will need you to spend some of your hard-earned money. However, if you don’t have to worry about groundhogs beneath your shed any more, it could be worth it.

To receive some assistance, check into pest control firms in your region. Different organizations may approach challenges like this in different ways, which means you may have a choice in terms of who you choose.

There may be pest control businesses that can get rid of groundhogs in non-lethal methods, for example. Simply do study before deciding what to do about your groundhog issue.

Last Thoughts

You may do a variety of things to keep groundhogs away from your property. Steel mesh fence may be used to keep groundhogs from burrowing beneath your shed, but you can also attempt to prevent groundhogs from entering your property in the first place.

You should look through all of the suggestions above and decide which choices appeal to you the most. To get the best outcomes, many individuals may combine multiple of these concepts.

Whatever you decide to do, it’ll be critical that you follow through. You can’t let a groundhog issue go uncontrolled since it might ultimately cause harm to your property’s structures.

Thankfully, employing some of the strategies described below, you should be able to obtain decent success and eliminate your groundhog issue. Even if you don’t have time to do any of these tasks, you may seek assistance.

It may be more feasible for some folks to just contact the pros and leave it at that. You may make a decision depending on the amount of time you have to solve the issue and your entire budget.

The “will vinegar keep groundhogs away” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer is yes, but you need to use a specific type of vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep groundhogs from digging under my shed?

A: I dont know.

What smell do groundhogs hate?

A: The following animals hate the smell of groundhogs because they are so smelly themselves. Dogs, cats, foxes and skunks all dislike them.

What can I use to keep groundhogs away?

A: You can use a broom or mop to remove any grass in the area where you have seen them.

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