If you have more than an acre of lawn to mow, you want a lawnmower that will give you speed and maneuverability. This is why today we're doing the Toro zero turn mowers review. We want to enable you to get the best mower that will make your life so much easier.

So, why Toro? Toro is more than a company that produces fantastic products for your use. Dating back to 1914, Toro has focussed more on producing the best products in the market. They have fostered genuine and caring relationships with their customers.

You can be sure that you'll get a professional-looking lawn with this Timecutter zero-turn mower. With over a century's worth of experience, you know that you're getting the best in the market. The patented MyRIDE® Suspension System comes with several unique features, including a front shock adjustable operator platform that protects you from the bumps and a suspended and fully floating rear for your convenience.

Before we get started, let's see what a zero-turn mower is.

What Is A Zero-Turn Mower?

A zero-turn mower is an excellent lawnmower that can do a 360-degree turn without moving. You can think of it as a tank that's turning in place. Except as it turns, it does wonders to your lawn. The name comes from the fact that this lawnmower has a zero turning radius once its two drive wheels rotate in opposite directions.

Another unique thing about these mowers is that their mower deck is in front of the mower than underneath it. As a result, this Toro zero-turn mowers review has mowers that you can comfortably use whether you are a landscaper or not.

These Toro mowers are easy to use and downright convenient. Get ready to have fun as you maintain your superb lawn. Let's dive into the best Toro mowers in the market.

Which is the Best Toro Zero Turn Mowers?

1. Toro TimeCutter SS5060

Starting us off is this TimeCutter mower that will make any toro owner proud. This is one of the coolest and also most luxurious models the company has and features a wide 50-inch deck. You also get to enjoy the 23 HP Kawasaki engine that will give you the flexibility of slowing things down or speeding them up.

Since the whole point of getting this Timecutter to deliver incredible results while keeping you as comfortable as possible, you'll also enjoy some fantastic features in that respect. These include a foot-assisted deck lift system, adjustable armrests, and an anti-vibration mat on the floor pan.

You'll be able to cut your grass as fast as 7mph and have an easy time doing it. The smart speed control allows you to choose the ground speed with just a flip of the lever. This speed change does not affect the engine or blade tip speed. In addition, this Timecutter mower is durable thanks to its stellar construction and the unibody steel frame.

  • Pros
  • Durable
  • Has a precision steering system
  • Has good traction
  • Comes with a smart speed control feature
  • Comes with an easy-to-clean floor pan
  • Has anti-vibration floor mat
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Comes with an engine guard
  • Cons
  • Manual is not very detailed

2. Toro TimeCutter SS4260

Our second pick has a 42-inch mower deck and a 21.5 hp 726cc Kawasaki V-Twin engine to give maximum performance. You also get the Smart Speed feature that gives you ultimate control of maneuverability and speed. By flipping the lever, you'll be able to change the ground speed without altering the blade or engine speed.

The 42-inch mowing deck gives you some of the best performance you'll see in a minute. You'll be able to work under any condition without much worry. You'll be able to mow several acres within no time. With the available low-speed range, you'll be able to maneuver around landscaping, gardens, and even trees.

The zero-turning experience is enhanced in this Timecutter zero-turn mower, thanks to the dual hydrostatic drive system. The independent drives in this independent hydrostatic drive system are safely anchored to the unibody frame of this new zero-turn mower.

The heavy-duty unibody steel frame ensures that you continue using these mowers for years to come. The precision steering system ensures that you don't experience any jerky operation. You can forget about those annoying sudden stops and starts with this residential mower.

  • Pros
  • Has the smart speed feature for convenience
  • Has a precision steering system
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Covers large areas very fast and smoothly
  • Has an anti-vibration floor mat
  • Comes with an engine guard for Toro engines
  • Has a cool 7mph ground speed
  • Easy to clean floor pan
  • Cons
  • An oil change can be a challenge

3. TimeCutter MX5050

TimeCutter MX5050 50 in. 24-HP Kohler V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower with Smart Speed
  • TimeCutter MX5050 50 in. 24-HP Kohler V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower with Smart Speed

Our third pick in these Timecutter models is this machine that's perfect for residential use, in addition to getting back support and fun and practical mowing experience. Toro offers some of the best value products, and this mower is no different. But, of course, you can also use it for commercial use if you want. You can do many yard tasks with this Time Cutter, thanks to Toro’s Speed Control System.

For example, you can use the mow speed to cover a large patch of land faster, the trim speed for a closer cut, and the tow speed for extending the use of your machine by towing attachments. You can also work on tall grass with ease, thanks to the 24.5 HP V-Twin Toro engine. In addition, you can set the cutting height to seven different positions.

This 50-inch fabricated cutting deck allows you vast flexibility and enables you to get a professional cut each time. The seat of this machine is padded, tall, comes with a cup holder, and has an anti-vibration mat. You will have a fantastic time riding lawnmower.

This Toro mower has large rear tires to enable you to get a smooth ride all the way, no matter the terrain. You can comfortably raise and lower the cutting deck to get to your desired height. You can do this using the foot-assisted height of the cut lever. This is accessible from your position.

  • Pros
  • Comes with an engine guard for extra protection
  • Works great on tall grass
  • Gets you a professional cut every time
  • Allows for 7 various cutting heights
  • Easy to keep clean thanks to the deck wash port
  • Comes with an anti-vibration mat for your comfort
  • Has large rear tires for better traction
  • Complete with a cup holder
  • Has an automatic parking brake
  • Comfortable to use
  • Cons
  • Expensive

4. Toro TimeCutter SS4235

Another great pick on our Toro zero-turn mowers review is this Toro TimeCutter SS4235 mower that comes with a 22 hp 725cc Kohler V-Twin engine and a 42-inch cutting deck. The extra-tall seat adds to your comfort and allows you to have a better experience, especially if you are tall. In addition, the smart speed feature gives you better control over speed and maneuverability.

Just like with our other residential mowers above, you can change the ground speed on this Toro Timecutter with a flip of a lever. This won't alter the blade tip speed or engine speed. With this Timecutter mower, you never have to worry about flexibility, thanks to the unibody steel frame. The 4-inch deep discharge deck design enables you to get superior cutting performance all the time.

The zero turning abilities on this Toro Timecutter are thanks to the dual hydrostatic drive system that ensures you get a smooth experience. The anchors on this system are anchored to the unibody of this Toro Time Cutter. If you have questions, you can contact any Toro dealer or customer support, and they'll be happy to help.

This great mower is durable and comes with a 3-gallon fuel tank. So you won't have to keep making a stop now and then. The heavy-duty steel frame ensures that you get the best flexibility and maneuverability. The non-slip and easy-to-clean floor pan also makes things easier.

  • Pros
  • Has an easy to clean and non-slip floor pan
  • Comes with an anti-vibration mat for your comfort
  • Has a 3-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Comes with an extra-tall seat
  • Has great maneuverability
  • Easy to keep clean thanks to the deck wash port
  • Cons
  • The user manual isn't very detailed

5. Toro TimeCutter SS3200 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Our final pick is these riding mowers with unique features like a powerful Toro engine, Speed Control, and a 32-inch mowing deck. The Speed control feature allows you to select the best speed feature to enable you to do your job the best. This great mower gives you outstanding cutting performance while still allowing you to do the job at record speed.

The wash ports ensure that your Timecutter mower is always clean no matter how many acres you're dealing with. You now have no excuse to have a dirty deck. This 452cc Toro engine is here to give you the best performance to make you forget all about push mowers. The 3-gallon capacity gives you enough time to work on your lawn without running out.

With a maximum speed of 7mph, you can be sure that sunset will not find you still mowing the lawn. Thanks to the effective hydrostatic drive systems, you will have smooth maneuverability. The zero-turn capabilities of this mower are off the charts.

The easy-to-remove floor pan also makes things easier for you. The engine guard protects your engine from debris, dirt, branches, any other potentially harmful thing. As you decide on which mower you want to buy online, remember that you can always contact customer support for any clarifications.

  • Pros
  • Has a 3-gallon fuel tank capacity for convenience
  • Has a max speed of 7mph
  • Great maneuverability
  • Comes with an engine guard
  • Gives you good cutting performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Cons
  • The user manual isn't very detailed

What Should You Consider When Getting A Zero Turn Mower?

1. Durability

Before you settle on the mower you want, ensure that it has sturdy construction to allow you to use it for years and even decades. We've selected the best Toro mowers for you, so you don't have to worry about this.

The heavy-duty unibody construction is an excellent indicator that this is a product that's built to last. When it comes to deck construction, choose a deck that is very high quality. Remember, a heavier deck doesn't always mean it's high quality.

2. Cutting Height

Go for the mowers that allow you to comfortably and easily adjust the height without affecting other functions. Also, ensure that the parts that make these intricate parts are durable and won't break over time.

3. Comfort

We've seen a mower that comes with an extra-tall seat for your comfort. Mowing large acres of land can be tedious, and we want you to have fun and do a great job without sweating too much. Therefore, look for features that add to your comforts, like padded seats, an anti-vibrating mat, and more.

4. Engine Design

A twin-cylinder is often preferred to a single-cylinder, especially when it comes to commercial mowers. We've selected options that all come with an engine guard. This ensures that no dirt, debris, branches, and more find their way to the engine.

5. Speed and Steering Control

Some of the features to look out for when controlling the speed and steering include smooth operator controls, adjustable speeds, and zero-turn steering. These features will give you reasonable control over your machine.

6. Budget

When buying one of these mowers above or even the Myride zero turn mower, you want to be working within your budget. Knowing how much you're working with will allow you to get the absolute best in the market at that price point.

7. Property Size

The size of your property or lawn will determine the type of mower you get. Whether it's the Myride zero turn mower or one of our excellent options above, you'll make the best decision based on where you'll be using the mower.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Toro Zero Turn Mower

1. How does a zero-turn mower work?

A typical zero-turn machine pivots around using its rear wheels. This is different from what other riding lawn mowers do. The latter uses front-wheel-steering designs.

2. What is the advantage of a zero-turn mower?

The significant advantages are maneuverability and speed. You get to reach the hard-to-reach corners for other mowers quite simply, and you can cover a large tract of land in a fraction of the time it would take someone with a typical riding mower.

Image Source: toro.com