Whether you are a long-time Toro fan or are looking for a lawn mower that will deliver exceptional performance, Toro lawn mowers are one of the best choices. Toro is famous for sturdy mowers as it allows you to customize everything from the cutting height to the mower storage style. In addition, the mower works automatically and has a lot of power to tackle any thick grass such as crabgrass. Therefore, it's the best choice if you are in the market for a self-propelled mower that is affordable and includes a full-strength rear-wheel drive. Below is a detailed Toro Recycler 22 review that will guarantee you have all the information, including pros and cons, before making your purchase decision.

1. Design

Toro Recycler 22 is a Personal Pace 22-inch variable speed self-propelled lawn mower that delivers lightweight agility and exceptional performance thanks to the 7.25 ft-lb gross torque 190cc Briggs& Stratton Engine that comes with a ready start that starts with the first pull. It is a walk-behind mower that features a compact 22-inch single-blade deck made with 14-gauge steel, and the deck can quickly generate a lot of air flow, which makes it effective at mulching. The 22-inch steel deck also helps to reduce the number of passes needed to efficiently cover as much an area as possible before you can move up with a riding mower.

The great mower comes with Toro's exclusive Personal Pace Self-Propel System that allows you to mow at speeds that are adjustable according to your walking speed until up to 4.8 miles per hour. In addition, the personal pace lawn mower features a 3-in-1 mowing system that has mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities to allow a flexible performance.

The Smart Stow Toro mower gets its name from Toro because it can fold the handle and store your mower in an upright position without worrying that the lawn mower will leak. This makes it suitable for people who don't have a lot of storage space.

2. Performance

Toro Personal Pace Mower has nine cutting positions with a 1-4 inch cutting height range that helps to manicure your lawn to your specifications while also providing a superior mulching performance. The lawn mower also includes a bag-on-demand feature that allows users to switch from bagging to mulching using the flip of a quick change lever and a steel deck washout port feature.

The lawn mower has 11-inch rear wheels that can easily maneuver over any rugged terrains without missing any beat as long as the topography is in plane form. The Toro recycler has a front-wheel-drive that assists the mower to have better maneuverability around fences and in tight quarters and against any obstacles. However, the front wheels may not have enough pulling power to save effort and time for climbing steep inclines, and sometimes it is said to stall when climbing uphill.

3. Durability

Since Toro makes exceptionally durable products, the Toro self-propelled lawn mower is no exception, and it offers impressive overall durability. So if you don't have a lot of ascending and across hills and need a lawnmower for a typical mowing day, then this Toro 20332 is a great, trustworthy workhorse.

However, when it comes to durability, the only problem might be an issue of a loose rear wheel when you remove it from the box, which might cause the self-propel system to disengage. Still, you are guaranteed it will be working as usual with a few turns of a socket wrench.

4. Ease of Use

Toro Recycler 20332 is easy to use, more than expected. Thanks to Toro's signature Smartstow system, it can shave 70% off the Recycler’s storage footprint by redesigning its body for space-saving upright storage. It is also easy to use because it has a check-and-add feature, and this means that you don't need any oil changes or checking the oil level for the rest of the life engine.

In addition, the self-propelled mower starts quickly, and it works well for even the less abled individuals who may avoid the pull mowers because of the degree of effort needed to rev their engines.

5. Functionality

The 22-inch Toro product is not like the traditional mowers with only the start or stop options. Instead, it comes with a personal pace system that quickly adjusts to the pressure applied by your operator, and it moves at the exact preferred speed. It worked perfectly when a user goes slowly on uneven terrain or a potentially dangerous turn and moves at full speed at the straight walking pace with only a slight increase and shift in pressure. This usually minimizes the risk of spinning and damaging the lawn with a fast start and stops.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance

This mower doesn't need maintenance, and even if it needs a washout port system, it will enable you to clean the deck's underside efficiently. The Smartstwo system has improved the self-propelled model as no design before has been made in such a way that it's easy to access the mower's blade effortlessly. With a brushless motor inside, you can change the air filter and spark plug every once a year to keep the blade sharp.

Additionally, separating the oil and gas also helps to minimize noise and air pollution and promotes a longer, more substantial engine lifespan. Any other issues that may come up are covered mainly by Toro's two-year comprehensive warranty by including three years of "Guaranteed to Start" protection. This guarantees a user that the manufacturers will cover the cost of fixing the lawn mower that may fail to start on the first or second attempt.

7. Cost

Toro Recycler comes at a hefty price, and it's worth every coin, especially if you favor a self-propelled lawn mower for managing a challenging landscape. Even though the Toro mower has an underpowered front-wheel drive that is frustrating when climbing steep inclines, no one can deny the muscle the engine adds to the lawnmower.

Even though it's priced on the higher end for its size, it does a great job, and also some features give it value for the money. Some features that ensure the Toro Personal Pace model gives you value for your money include SmartStow for ultimate space-saving, the personal pace system that provides ease, the customizability for bagging or mulching, and the 2-year full coverage warranty and three years guaranteed to start.

8. Storage

Like most Toro products, the Toro Recycler Personal Pace saves plenty of storage space as it takes up less than 70% of space in your garage when it's stored upright. You will need to fold, lock and store using the Smartstow technology, which is easy to engage. The Briggs & Stratton engine has been engineered to prevent fuel and oil leaks, allowing the lawnmower to be positioned upright by the turn of the handle locks. In addition, this allows easy access to the underside of blade changes or cleaning when needed.

How Does the 22-inch Toro Recycler Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Work?

Toro Recycler 22-inch walk-behind mower will use a single steel atomic blade and a front throw chamber that does the cutting to ensure the grass clippings are lifted, suspended and recut to a fine mulch. They are then sent to the bag or could be recycled back to your lawn for an environmentally friendly, healthy, and lush-looking yard or lawn.

You will notice that little bagging will be required for the individuals interested in bags, thanks to the ultra-fine particles or clippings produced in the process. In addition, the grass bag is relatively easy to remove and attach again, and with the nine cutting positions, which range from one to four inches, you get the best out of customization for the best cut quality of the yard.

  • Pros
  • Smartstow technology that streamlines storage footprint up to 70%
  • Cleanly cut grass, and it comes with a mulching, bagging, and discharge drive system
  • Personal Pace Self-Propel System that adjusts automatically to walking speed
  • It has a 22-inch steel deck washout port that is great and also works well
  • Quiet in comparison to other gas-powered mowers
  • Lightweight and therefore easy to handle and assemble
  • Easy to start as it starts on a max of one or two pulls without failing
  • Customizable Cutting Options where you can choose a cutting height, cutting speed, cutting width, and clipping cleanup styles
  • Briggs & Stratton 7.25 ft. lb. gross torque engine with a ready start, and therefore, there will be no need to choke or prime
  • 11-inch high rear-wheel drive that assists a user in handling the rough or uneven terrain
  • 3-year Guaranteed to Start and a 2-year full coverage warranty.
  • No oil change or oil check of the gas tank needed
  • Cons
  • The walk-behind mower has an angled oil cap fastening
  • Plastic gear on the drive wheel
  • The drive wheel may fall off in most cases
  • Toro customer service could be better

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Toro Recycler Lawn Mower

Before choosing a Toro recycler mower, there are things you should consider, and they include:

a). Stopping Mechanism

The start and stop mechanism are among the most important factors to consider when choosing a Toro recycler lawn mower, and there are mainly two types of starting systems. One starting system is called the electric start, and with this, you push a button and start the engine, and you can stop the mower using the same button.

On the other hand, some mowers have a blade-brake-clutch, and if you release the lever, only the blades will stop moving, and the engine will keep running.

b). Size of the lawn

The size of the yard is another thing to keep in mind, and that's why it's crucial to determine the engine power of the lawn mower, and it should be according to your yard size. Recycler mowers are popular for mowing medium to large-sized yards and if your lawn is too large, then opt for a riding mower instead of a recycler mower.

c). storage

Before making your purchase, think of the amount of storage space your lawn mower might need, and this is necessary to avoid your mower taking up too much space in your garage. In addition, you can choose to purchase a mower that includes a collapsible handlebar, as this feature will help you store it vertically.

d). Wheel size

Most lawn mowers usually have larger rear wheels than the front wheels, but all four wheels have the exact dimensions for the Toro recycler lawn mower. This might make them easy to maneuver, and you can also make U-turns, as pulling the mower backwards may be a chore.

Frequently Asked Questions on Toro Recycler 22 Review

1. Who makes the Toro lawn mowers?

This question often pops up because there is a lot of confusion. After all, Toro company owns and produces other brands apart from their own. However, Toro's brands are bought and paid for and are also divisions of the Toro company.

Tor lawn mowers are made in the US, and the mowers are assembled in plants distributed across US areas such as El Paso in Texas, Windom, and Shakopee in Minnesota. The name Toro reflects the manufacturer's long-standing partnership with the company Bull Tractor and the company has been in the market fr a long time and was founded back in 1914.

2. What is the lifespan of a Toro mower?

The average lifespan of a Toro lawn mower is about eight to ten years, but this will be extremely easy with proper care and maintenance. Notably, if you don't maintain your mower well in today's world, it will probably last half that time.

3. Why has my Toro self-propelled mower stopped propelling?

The most prevalent causes for a Toro lawn mower not self-propelling may be the V-belt has rotated the drive pully to the lawn mower wheels and if the V-blet is broken or worn out and this makes the wheels not turn. In addition, the self-propelled lawn mower might stop propelling if the drive pulley is broken or worn out as the transmission will not be enabled to engage the wheel assembly.