This is a post about cooking meat on the Big Green Egg (or Kamado Joe). It will teach you how to cook one of the most perfect cuts of beef, ribeye steak. This recipe is for all those who love their steaks with a good sear and sauce.

The “kamado joe steak temperature” is the perfect ribeye steak on the Big Green Egg (or Kamado Joe). The steak can be cooked at a low temperature and it will come out juicy, tender, and flavorful.

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While reverse searing a steak is a favorite, this way of preparing the perfect Rib-eye is something you must try. It’ll not only give the most juicy, mouthwatering taste, but it’ll also make hitting your desired internal temperature a breeze!

How to Cook the Perfect Rib-eye Steak on the Big Green Egg

The best way to cook rib-eye is over direct fire. Set the temperature on the Big Green Egg to about 300 degrees. Add a few bits of mesquite wood to the top of the coals for added taste, then place your grill grate on top. This cook doesn’t need a plate setter or a convertor.

Ingredients for Rib-eye Steak

The following Ingredients are suggested for this nicely cooked Rib-eye:

  • Dizzy Pig’s Steaks are Raised
  • Mesquite
  • Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Rib-eye Steak: How to Cook It


To prepare the Rib-eye steak, start out by putting a thin layer of Olive Oil Extra Virgin on and rubbing it into the meat.


After that, liberally apply Dizzy Pig’s Raising the Steaks spice.


Finish it up with a dash of McCormick Mesquite spice.


No, the steaks may be kept in the refrigerator for up to an hour. This will let the meat to absorb all of the flavors from the spices you’ve applied. That’s all there is to it when it comes to making the ultimate Rib-eye Steak!

What is the Best Way to Cook Rib-eye Steak?


It’s time to put your Rib-eyes on the BGE after the BGE has reached a consistent temperature of 300 degrees and the meat has rested in the fridge to absorb the seasoning. Begin by placing the steaks on the grill grate and sealing the cover.


Remove the top vent and place away after the steaks are on the grill. After around 2-3 minutes, you’ll observe the steak beginning to sear and the temperature in the BGE rapidly increasing. You may shut the lid after flipping them.

It’s time to check the temperature after another two minutes. I prefer to pluck my rib-eyes at 130 degrees since they are rib-eyes. When you plate them, you’ll see that they’ve risen another 5 degrees “ish,” giving you that perfectly cooked steak. Enjoy!


1 minute to prepare

Time to cook: 6 minutes

7-minute total time

This ribeye has so much flavor that it will be back on your cooking cycle in no time. The Dizzy Pig and Mesquite Raising the Steaks Seasoning will have you wanting more!


  • 1 Olive Oil Extra Virgin
  • Seasoning the Steaks No. 1 (Dizzy Pig)
  • 1 McCormick Mesquite


  1. Start out by putting a thin layer of Olive Oil Extra Virgin on the Ribeyes. Follow this with a generous amount of Raising the Steak by Dizzy Pig and then a little Mesquite.
  2. Refrigerate the steaks for about an hour to enable the spices to thoroughly penetrate the flesh.
  3. Preheat the Big Green Egg at to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no need for a plate setter or a conve”egg”tor since this is a direct cook.
  4. Close the cover and place the steaks on the grill grate. Allow them to cook for two to three minutes after removing the top vent cover. In two minutes, flip the steaks and check again. When the internal temperature of the steaks reaches 130 degrees, remove them from the oven.
  5. The temperature will raise approximately 5 degrees while plating and resting, settling at the optimum medium steak. Enjoy!

The “big green egg ribeye steak” is a great cooking technique. It is the perfect way to cook a ribeye steak on the Big Green Egg, or Kamado Joe.

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