It’s the most wonderful time of year – camping season. However, it can be a pricey endeavor as you need to buy everything from tents and sleeping bags to food and water. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your next trip, keep reading below!

Camping is a fun, inexpensive way to spend time outdoors. However, the average cost of camping can be quite expensive. Here are some simple ways that you can save money on your next camping trip. Read more in detail here: how much does camping cost per night.

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Camping with your family is a fantastic way to spend a holiday that everyone will appreciate. However, like with any trip, there are expenses to consider. A tent, Bags for sleeping, and other camping supplies are required.

We’ve broken down the typical cost of tent camping as well as techniques to save costs so you can stick to your budget.

Campsite and transportation

If you’re just travelling for a few days, one of the best things about camping is that you can remain near to home. If you have more time, you may load up your camping supplies and travel as far as you wish.

This is an excellent chance to view some spectacular landscapes while also pitching your tent in unique settings.

The journey there

No matter where you’re camping, you’ll need to take into account the cost of fuel for The journey there. You’re really not able to control this cost. It will depend entirely on the cost of gas where you live and how far you’re going to be driving.

Stay close to home if you want to save money on gas.

Cost of transportation: $40.00 – $300.00

Fees for camping

Be prepared to pay an entry fee to campsites unless you’re free-styling it and camping on back roads. There are several national parks, state parks, and camping recreation spots to select from, both local and far.

The price will vary. Throughout the year, several national parks may offer free camping, so keep an eye out for these opportunities.

You’ll spend $5 to $10 extra each night if you camp during the peak season, which runs from May to September. You may save money by camping outside of peak season, but be prepared for colder weather.

In most campsites, the fee per night for a campsite ranges from $12 to $45 per night, depending on whether you’re staying in a simple site with a fire pit or one with complete amenities. Many parks provide a yearlong pass that allows you to camp whenever you wish. Annual passes range in price from $30 to $80.

Some campgrounds charge each night for your complete family, while others offer a flat rate for up to 10 people and then charge per person beyond that.

Campsite prices range from $24.00 to $90.00. (for an average of two nights)

A Sleeping Place

When it comes to camping equipment, there are a few requirements to have. Although you can rent certain goods, such as the tent, if you plan on camping with your family in the future, it is far more cost efficient to own your own tent.

The tent is perhaps the most significant gear for any camping vacation. But what kind of tent should you acquire that isn’t too expensive? There are a few alternatives for a family of four. The size is one of the first things you’ll need to select.

Prepare yourself: cramming four people into a four-person tent won’t leave much space for anything else. Or do you like a six-person tent with enough space for the four of you?

The sort of tent you pick and how much you’re prepared to spend for it will determine your response.

Another item to consider is how often you intend to go camping. If you intend on camping often, you’ll want a tent that’s long-lasting and well-built so you don’t have to replace it every few years.

a simple tent

You can buy a a simple tent starting at about $50 if you’re on a tight budget. A four-person tent will have enough room for you to lay out your Bags for sleeping, but that’s about it.

These tents are suitable for camping in mild weather. These tents have a conventional structure that can withstand wind and mild rain. Look for ones with a window at the rear of the tent so that you can receive some fresh air.

Dome tent

Dome tents will give you more room than the a simple tent – for your family of four opt for a six-man tent. This way you’ll be able to store your clothes and maybe a few other pieces of camping gear inside.

Dome tents provide more headroom, allowing you to avoid crouching down low all of the time. The entryway, sides, and ceiling of most dome tents feature vents, so you’ll have plenty of air. A dome tent may cost anything between $80 and $300.

Premium tents of the highest quality

If money isn’t an issue, you can get some top-of-the-line tents with plenty of standing area for four people. A luxury tent is nearly like sleeping at home since it is long-lasting, robust, and weatherproof.

A decently priced luxury tent should cost between $300 and $700.

Tent prices range from $50 to $700.00.

Pads and Bags for sleeping

You’ll need Pads and Bags for sleeping for comfort, one for each family member.

Bags for sleeping

At first glance, Bags for sleeping look like they’re really expensive – but you can buy some good affordable Bags for sleeping. If you’re not going to be camping in cold weather, a lightweight sleeping bag will work just fine.

A standard polyester fill sleeping bag costs about $25. The price increases from there. A lightweight goose down sleeping bag may be purchased for $80. This sleeping bag is easy to pack and carry and is ideal for colder camping situations.

Sleeping bag prices range from $25.00 to $80.00 per person.

Pads for sleeping

Pads for sleeping are necessary for some padding between you and the ground, and to add some warmth on those colder nights. As with a sleeping bag, you can spend as much or as little on Pads for sleeping – it all depends on how much comfort you want.

A modest sleeping mat with only a smidgeon of padding costs about $30. Prices start at $100 for one that is more robust, thick, and will keep you warm.

Sleeping pad prices range from $30.00 to $100.00 per person.

Rain Gear

You won’t need to spend any more money on apparel for the most part. Rain gear, on the other hand, should be on your list. Expect rain, even if the forecast calls for sun, sun, and more sun. At the very least!

Rain gear does not have to be expensive. A poncho that slips over your shoulders will set you back approximately $12. If there’s a possibility it’ll rain a lot, invest in a rain jacket so you don’t have to spend the whole day in your tent. A rain jacket with matching rain trousers costs between $20 and $70.

Rain gear costs $12.00 to $70.00 per person.

Food and cooking

You’ll have to account for food costs… This sum will vary depending on the size of your family and the meals you bring on your vacation.

Water and Food

When camping, you may save money by prepping certain meals and carrying them with you. You may save even more money if you stick to hot dogs instead of hamburgers and steak.

You’ll spend between $10 to $40 per person on average, not counting the bottled water you’ll need to carry for drinking and cooking.

Water and Food per person, per day: $10.00 – $40.00

Stove at Camp

You’ll need a cooking stove unless you want to cook everything over an open fire. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to get a nice stove that can cook a can of soup and boil water — a one-burner butane stove costs $23.

If you need more than one burner, a decent quality two-burner stove might cost up to $100.

Stove at Camp + fuel: $30.00 – $110.00

Cooler for food

A Cooler for food is optional, but certainly much more convenient. You’ll be able to pack it with ice and save on some food costs when you prepare some food at home.

Most coolers are pretty long-lasting, so this is one thing you won’t have to replace anytime soon. Coolers range in price from $20 for a simple, basic cooler chest to over $180 for one with a detachable liner.

Cooler for food: $20.00 – $180.00

Lanterns and Flashlights

It may not seem important, but you’ll need some way to light up the night when you’re camping. Make sure your camping gear includes Lanterns and Flashlights…as well as batteries.


There’s no need to spend a fortune on flashlights… Just make sure you have two of them. For $10, you can purchase a good flashlight, or for $20, you can have a water-resistant flashlight.

$15.00 – $30.00 for flashlights and batteries


At least one or two lanterns are required, and they are ideal for use in the tent at night. The price ranges from $20 for a simple LED lantern to $180 for one with folding panels for even more light.

$20.00 – $180.00 for lanterns

Kit for First Aid

Buy a Kit for First Aid that you use just for camping. This way it’s always stocked with any supplies you’ll need. You could put together your own kit, but it’s more affordable to buy a first aid camping kit that has everything you need starting at $24.

Expect to invest roughly $50 for a couple additional more first-aid items in your bag.

Kit for First Aid: $24.00 – $50.00

Optional Camping Equipment

There are some optional products that might make your vacation a bit more pleasant, in addition to the required camping equipment. When you first start camping with your family, don’t feel obligated to purchase all or all of these goods. You may start with the essentials and gradually expand your camping kit each year.


At least one tarp is a useful camping equipment. A tarp is one method to make camping life a bit simpler by spreading it beneath the tent to keep out the wet and cold – or over the tent for further weather protection.

Tarp: $15.00 – $45.00

Chairs for camping

Most campgrounds will have picnic tables and some logs for sitting around the fire. Having your own Chairs for camping is not only a bit more comfortable, they’re convenient as well. You’ll be able to set them up wherever you want and sit back to relax.

Chairs for camping: $24.00 – $140.00

Table for camping

Another convenience is a Table for camping. Even when there’s a picnic table in your campsite, having a folding camp table is ideal for additional space for prepping food. And if you arrive at your campsite to find you don’t have a picnic table, you’ll be glad you have your own.

Table for camping: $30.00 – $110.00

Camping Costs on Average

A camping vacation with your family does not need having the finest of everything. Purchase the necessities and stick to your budget.

After a few camping excursions, you’ll be able to establish which additional camping gear are essential for you and your family, which you can then purchase when your budget allows.

Camping for four people at a low cost for two days

Expect to spend about $655.00 for a weekend camping trip if you budget conservatively and include all prices (assuming you don’t already have any of these items):

  • $64 for camping and petrol
  • Water and Food – $80
  • Camping essentials – $442
  • Optional Camping Equipment – $69

Camping for four people for two days is more expensive.

If money isn’t an issue, your first camping vacation may cost up to $3,285.00:

  • $390 for camping and petrol
  • Water and Food – $320
  • Camping essentials – $2280
  • Optional Camping Equipment – $295

A family weekend out in the woods, appreciating nature and spending some time to unwind together, is hard to top. There’s not much better than waking up to the sound of birds chirping while sleeping in your tent with your family.

Camping is absolutely cheap for your family, even if you’re on a budget (particularly for repeat excursions once you’ve already bought your gear). We’ve put up a pricing guide for tent camping as well as tips to save money so you can plan your first family camping vacation.

The “camp stove cost” is the average cost of camping. Camping can be a fun and inexpensive way to spend time with family and friends, but it does come with a price. There are many ways to save money on your next camping trip, from choosing a cheaper campsite to using a camp stove.

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