With the growth of the lawn care industry, there are many people offering services to help keep your in the best possible shape. Sunday Lawn Care does just that, offering boxed subscription nutrients in treating lawns and gardens.

By Lawngonewild

Landowners enjoying looking for a way to treat and maintain their lawn should consider Sunday Lawn Care, offering easy ways to treat and maintain your lawn featuring specialized programs and environmentally friendly nutrients delivered right to your desired location.

We have been able to look at multiple lawn care companies, gauging their services and features set to help give you the best result when it comes to caring for lawns as well as help you in choosing the correct lawn care company that suits your needs.

As Lawngonewild, in this review we look deeply into Sundays Lawn Care products and customer ratings and without a doubt believe that it’s one of the best options you should definitely consider when it comes to your lawn care needs. Be sure to select this as an option to your Lawn care needs.

Positives and negatives

To help you with your decision, we have highlighted a list of positive and some downsides in Sunday products, based on our research, consumer reviews and plan features:

  • Nutrient packs are compiled based on the climate you reside in
  • Uses non-harmful contents
  • Reasonably priced than full-service lawn care plans
  • In 2019 Redirected over 10,00 pounds of pesticides from lawns
  • Has no pre-emergent weed control products
  • Plans are best fit for lawns 10,000 Square feet or less

Sunday Lawn Care Plans and Services

This product is a successful attempt to reduce chemical-laced products that can negatively impact people and pets. Sunday lawn products helps treat your lawn through the use of non-toxic nutrients that your lawn surely needs.

To begin using this subscription, all you need to do is enter your home address on Sunday Secure Site then, using historical weather information, satellite imagery, property data and soil composition, Sunday is able to create and send a free  analysis of your soil, state of your lawn, as well as the climate you live in to determine which products you are required to have and use.

They offer different number of nutrient packets:

  • Lawn Strength – with Nitrogen, molasses and food hydrolysate
  • Grass Machine – for strengthening roots and producing deep greener blades covering up to 3,000 square feet
  • Green Out – Potassium macronutrient, manganese micronutrient, micronutrient blend for maximum color and health
  • Grass Power House - with seaweed kelp abstract, to help in the growth of deeper and lusher lawns
  • Iron Booster – With nitrogen and reusable hose end sprayer
  • Heat Helper – Encourages grass growth and helps prepare lawn for peak heat

With the Sunday Lawn Pack, you as the consumer will have access to different categorised blends, that is core nutrient, target nutrient or focus nutrients suitable for your individual lawn care needs and desires.

You are ensured a good and fertile soil foundation, because included are products like seaweed extract, humic acid and recycled grocery produce together with jet black carbon and a various number of nutrients.

Products like the Weed Warriors help to kill grass, seeds and moss in 20 minutes and require extra care when using it in yards close to residential areas. This is suitable for gardens and on unwanted moss. The Dandelion Doom, an iron-based formula has the ability to kill dandelions and broadleaf weeds in hours. This is made possible through its iron-based formula.

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Sunday is set to help create a good and new American lawn as well as help sustain the lawns entire ecosystem. Through the use of new technologies as well as modern science to come up with its creations, you are sure to have better, beautiful and appealing yards.

What is the Cost of Sunday Lawn Care?

Their prices range from $69 per year and features:

  • A hose and Sprayer
  •  Lab soil test
  • Personalized instructions
  • 6-8 nutrient pouches
  • Availability to contact the Sunday Support team

Every individual box is shipped once every year, and products made available for direct purchase. Gift subscriptions, e.g., welcome card, lawn care plan, are also available. You can also cancel the plan at your desired time.


The Sunday headquarters is in Boulder, Colorado but they are able to offer shipping services of their products through all the 50 American states. The organization monitors where products are headed and send the initial shipment of lawn care, early in the spring. Where you live will determine when you will receive your package, due to locality some receive earlier than others.


If you desire a new and innovative, yet ecological direction to caring for your lawn and you are not in need of other services e.g., aeration, you will definitely be satisfied with what Sunday products offer. They are in our opinion, one of the Best and affordable Self Help lawn care packages in the market. In addition to that their products are user friendly and the delivery is fast and reliable.

In the case that Sunday lawn care doesn’t meet your requirements or satisfy your lawn desires be sure to look at the following as well;

TruGreen (Traditional option)

If you are in need of a full-service lawn care package that includes a valid licensed certified specialist then TruGreen is surely your required pick. These specialists hold regional insights and quality equipment offering a decent array of products. Sunday is good for customers who desire to try few newer products, and is a recommended choice for a majority of home owners but it fails in offering services like aeration and grub prevention. TruGeen has a catalogue of services that help make, sustain and maintain a healthy, good lawn through offering a multitude of their products.

They also provide affordable rates as well as being available throughout the year. For more information please be sure to call 866-817-2297 or access this form. You will be able to book plans and services on the company’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of Sunday Lawn Care?

They offer a plan that starts at $69 per year.

Are the Products Sunday Care offering Safe?

Yes, to some extent even more than some traditional lawn care companies. Their products are not laced with chemicals. In their products they favor the use of natural ingredients e.g., molasses, seaweed and iron.

Are their Products able to Kill weeds?

It is possible through the use of their “Weed Warrior”, a non-selective herbicide that kills a number of weeds. The only downside is that it will kill any grass it might touch since It is non selective.

Are Sunday Lawn Care Products organic?

Like the Weed warrior, products are made of natural contents that help control weeds.

Our Process:

The Lawn Goes Wild team gives value to trust and transparency. We also believe information is and should be accurately collected and given. Through our gauging system we are able to fully score and rate objectively lawn companies in the market.

We are able to determine the best lawn control companies through thorough looks into their plans, coverage, customer assistance and accessibility among other features. Be sure to look into more information here.

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