Mowing a small suburban lawn shouldn’t be a hassle, and the Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ401E electric lawn mower helps streamline this process.

Sun Joe mowers offer a host of impressive and convenient features that make lawn maintenance a breeze. And the simple design typical of Sun Joe product’s allows for easy storage and no fuss operation.

Why lug around a heavy gas-powered mower or sweat buckets pushing a reel mower? This compact 14” Sun Joe model delivers all the performance you need to care for a small yard.

Are you mowing a larger property or tackling more than one lawn in your day? The size and design of this mower may not be enough for that job, but the Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ401E will do a great job on the average North American suburban lawn.

Efficient and quiet, this mower also offers a precision trim. Give your grass the attention it deserves while avoiding the excessive maintenance, noise and emissions of traditional gas mowers.

You’ll be amazed at the features provided on this compact model by a well-known manufacturer.

Features and Benefits of the Sun Joe Mow Joe

  • 14” wide cutting path ideal for smaller yards and tighter spaces
  • 12 amp motor provides effective power to plow through long grass
  • Affordable price
  • Easy push button start up and safety lock
  • Adjustable height offering three different levels
  • Heavy duty plastic body to avoid corrosion and improve durability
  • Rear bag features hard top and detaches for easy grass clippings disposal
  • Storage Made Simple

You want an electric lawn mower that gets the job done, but storage is a vital consideration.

It’s not a good idea to buy a mower that will use up most of your garden shed or force your car out of the garage.

The Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ401E measures only 35.5” long and 16” wide, with a handle standing just over 38” tall. The mower weighs about 28lbs, and can be tucked into the corner or along the wall with ease.

Here is what one owner had to say about the Sun Joe Electric Mower:

“Assembly is straight forward, simple and succint. It has 3 settings high mid and low. The blade was clean cut and managed to get a relatively smooth cutting over the whole lawn. No gas smell and is a lot less noisy than my neighbors behemoth. Overall is very excellent. Highly recommend for first time buyer.” (CoopaPple)

Uncomplicated Operation

This mower starts with the push of a button, and a safety lock on the handle keeps the Sun Joe Mow Joe in line.

Height adjustments (high, low and medium) must be done manually, but will allow you to take care of your grass properly from season to season.

Probably one of the best features the Sun Joe mower offers is the hard top clippings bag. Attached to the rear of the mower and made with a sleek, durable hard top, this bag collects the grass clippings pushed up past the blade by an onboard fan.

A built in handle makes it simple to carry over to your compost pile or garbage bin.

Just like the mower, this rear bag is designed more for small yards and carries a limited amount of clippings. If you would rather leave the grass cuttings on the lawn, simply remove the bag before you start mowing.


Due to the 14” width, you’ll need to make more passes across your lawn. The Sun Joe Mow Joe may be lightweight, but be prepared to do more walking than you would with a wider model.

Also some reviewers are commenting on the quality of the wheels and the height adjustment feature. Constructed mainly of plastic to help create a lightweight design, the Sun Joe Mow Joe isn’t likely to stand up to heavy abuse. And be sure the wheels are secured properly before putting this mower to work.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

City and suburban lawns tend to be on the small side, with limited storage space on the property. Those conditions call for a mower like the Sun Joe MJ401E – small and compact, affordable and easy to operate.

The clippings bag may be a bit small, but you can detach and carry it around without strain. Push button starts are totally user friendly, as is the size and shape of this model.

Although the Sun Joe’s wheels can’t be treated roughly, you’ll appreciate the three height adjustments and precision trimming of a 14” steel blade. And the equipment is covered by a two-year warranty.

Overall there’s much to appreciate about this mower. For small yards, small budgets and smaller storage spaces, you can’t beat the Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ401E.