The Big Green Egg can cook pizza on the sides and a smoker at once. This is an easy, no fail, family-friendly recipe that will make your friends envious of you when they come over for dinner.

The “neapolitan pizza on the big green egg” is a recipe that combines pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and mozzarella cheese. The result is a delicious pizza that can be cooked in an oven or on a grill.



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How to Make Pulled Smoked Pork BBQ Pizza on the Big Green Egg


The Big Green Egg is used to make Pulled Smoked Pork BBQ Pizza. Start the BGE and place the plate setter or convert”egg”tor with the feet facing down into the machine. After the plate setter is in place, the grill grate and then the pizza stone may be added.

While many people love to cook their pizzas at 700 degrees, I prefer to keep the BGE around 500 degrees. For me, this has always yielded delectable results!

Ingredients for Pulled Smoked Pork BBQ Pizza

After experimenting with a variety of pizza doughs, both handmade and shop purchased, my family has discovered that Delallo’s Italian pizza dough kit is the very best! If you have a favorite, please share it in the comments section below; we’d love to try some more!

  • 1 – Pizza Dough Kit (Italian) (Delallo is preferred)
  • Flour
  • BBQ sauce by Famous Dave’s Rich and Sassy (or your favorite)
  • Pulled Smoked Pork
  • Peppers, green (sliced)
  • Onion, yellow (Sliced)
  • Pizza Blend & Mozzarella Cheese
  • Pineapple

How to Prepare Pulled Smoked Pork BBQ Pizza on the Big Green Egg?


The dough is certainly the first step in preparing any pizza. Pour the flour mixture, yeast, and warm water into a mixing basin and knead for 3-5 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic.

Once you’ve finished, Transfer the dough to a separate bowl that has been rubbed with extra virgin olive oil and set aside to rest. Wrap cling wrap around the bowl. You’ll have to wait around 45 minutes as the dough rises.

After roughly 45 minutes, you may begin making your pizza dough. Any leftover dough may be refrigerated and used again a few days later.


To keep the dough from sticking to your baking mat, sprinkle it with flour. Roll out the dough to the thickness you choose. Transfer the dough on parchment paper after it’s finished. When it comes to transferring the pizza to the Big Green Egg, parchment paper will save you a lot of time.


It’s now time to add the garnishes. Begin by brushing the pizza dough with a thin coating of BBQ sauce.


Followed by the Pulled Smoked Pork.


Then there are the green peppers.


Then there was the onion.


A well-balanced coating of cheese!


Finally, add some fresh pineapple to finish it off with that ideal sweet taste!

How to Cook Pulled Smoked Pork BBQ Pizza on the Big Green Egg?


Now its time to get this Pulled Smoked Pork bbq pizza cooked so it can be enjoyed! The BGE should be running about 500 degrees and all ready to go.


After about 2-3 minutes, rotate the pizza 90 degrees. With the rear of the BGE typically running a bit hotter than the front, this helps guarantee a nice even fry. I normally do this while also removing the parchment paper, allowing the pizza to finish cooking directly on the pizza stone.


After a few more minutes check the bottom of the pizza for doneness. Once you have a good tan color you are ready to pull the Pulled Smoked Pork bbq pizza and enjoy it!


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The “the egg pizza” is a delicious and easy to make pizza. It is best made on a Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe. The ingredients are smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg?

A: Kamado Joe is a brand of metal grills. Big Green Egg is a brand of ceramic grills that are made in the USA. They both have different cooking methods and their construction makes them more or less suitable for certain types of food preparation, but they serve largely similar purposes.

What temperature do you cook pizza on the Big Green Egg?

A: I have no idea. Its not a question for me to answer.

How long does it take to cook a pizza on the Big Green Egg?

A: It typically takes about 60 minutes to cook a pizza on the Big Green Egg.

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