Nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass, but when you have dogs around that’s a whole other story. You can’t just let your lawn go brown now can you? Luckily there are some simple tips to help keep your lawn green for dog owners all over.

If you have dogs, there are some simple tips on how to grow grass in high traffic areas.

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If you own a dog, you most certainly like it and want to provide it with a wonderful yard in which to play. The issue is that your dog may be making it difficult for you to maintain a beautiful yard.

Dogs trample the grass, dig holes in it, and urine on it. What can you do if your grass isn’t growing properly, in part due to the presence of dogs on your property?

There are a few things you may attempt to make growing grass a little more dependable. You don’t have to accept failure just because you have pets.

You may learn how to plant grass so that your dogs can run about in a beautiful, green area.

Start small and work your way up.

You don’t have to attempt to develop an extraordinarily vast area of grass all at once. If you’re willing to start small, it’ll really be a lot easier. This will allow you to concentrate on certain areas of your grass, allowing it to flourish over time.

When you think about it, this also allows you to attempt to keep your dogs out of certain areas of your yard.

You may simply keep the dogs away from the region of your lawn where the grass is growing if you want the grass to have time to grow strong in that location. If you tried to grow too much grass at once, this wouldn’t be so straightforward.

Keep in Mind That Sunny Spots Will Become Easier

Parts of your yard that get more sunlight will be able to flourish more quickly. If you want a healthy patch of grass in your yard, try planting it in a location that receives enough of sunlight.

Growing a patch of grass in a shaded location will be more difficult, but it is not impossible.

Think about the soil.

When it comes to growing a perfect lawn, having the appropriate soil composition is crucial. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got some sandy soil or decent black dirt to deal with. It will be more difficult for you to maintain your grass if it is largely clay.

Clay soil, on the other hand, isn’t suitable for growing many varieties of grass, and your dogs will most likely destroy it anyhow.

You don’t have to be discouraged if your house is on a lot where the whole ground is clay soil. You may purchase the soil you need and have it applied to the top few inches of your grass.

Slopes should not have grass growing on them.

Trying to grow grass on a slope may be a difficult experience, and the results may not be ideal. If you can, try to stay on level ground. It’s also much easier to keep a lawn in good shape when everything is as level as possible.

If you can avoid it, mowing a hill is not something you want to have to do. Take the time to evaluate your property’s topography so that you can make informed judgments.

Although certain areas of your lawn may not be suitable for grass growth, you may still give it a go if you want to.

Tough Grass Varieties Perform Better

If you’re worried about your grass surviving due of your dogs, you should attempt to grow the proper grass.

Certain species of grass are more suited to withstanding canines than others. If you’re able to use tough grass kinds, you’ll have a far better overall experience.

Those wishing to establish a dog-resistant lawn should look into the many alternatives available. If you reside in the northern United States, grass species including tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass are excellent choices.

Those in the southern parts of the United States will be able to use zoysia grass, Bermuda grass, and Bahia grass to get their desired outcomes.

All of the grasses described above can endure dogs running about and playing.

You’ll have the ideal lawn for your dogs to play on if you allow these grass species ample time to mature. It just takes a little time for these grasses to establish themselves and grow robust enough.

It’s advisable to check for precise information on each variety of grass if you want the finest results. Some grasses thrive in direct sunlight, while others have particular temperature needs.

You should choose a grass kind that is appropriate for both your local environment and your property.

Allow the roots to grow deep.

It will be much simpler for your grass to survive if it can develop deep roots.

When grass has just thin roots, it is all too easy for your dogs to destroy it simply by playing. The harshness of having dogs run about on top of it will be tolerated by a species of grass that has extensive roots.

By correctly caring for your grass, you may actually encourage it to develop deep roots. When it comes to mowing your grass, it’s best to avoid cutting it too short. At all times, try to maintain the grass approximately three inches height while avoiding removing too much grass at once.

You’ll be better off if you can only cut off one-third of a grass blade each time you mow. The grass will be able to establish deep roots since it will be easy to keep it healthy.

When it comes to the overall outcomes, paying attention to how you care for your grass will make a tremendous impact.

Water and Feed Your Lawn

Feeding and watering your grass will also help it grow stronger, but be careful not to overdo it. Find out how frequently your lawn needs to be watered by doing some research. If you know it’s going to rain soon, don’t water your grass either.

It will be simpler to provide your grass with what it requires if you keep an eye on the weather. You may also purchase specialized lawn fertilizer to provide your grass with additional nutrients.

This may assist in increasing the grass’s growth capacity so that it can become as powerful as feasible.

Adding extra nitrogen to your grass using a lawn fertilizer should provide excellent benefits. It will assist you in getting your lawn to where you want it to be in the long run.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply fertilizer more often than recommended, and you should always read the associated directions on any product you buy.

You should also bear in mind that certain fertilizers are not suitable for usage when you have pets. You want to choose goods that will not damage your pets, which may need some study. If you decide to apply fertilizer on your lawn, you must be aware of what you’re doing.

It may be feasible to keep your dogs away from fertilized portions of the lawn, but most people would prefer not to go to that bother. Just try to stick to fertilizer varieties that are particularly labeled as pet-friendly.

This will offer you peace of mind, and you won’t have to be concerned about injuring your dog.

Getting Rid of Brown Spots

Brown stains on your grass might occur as a result of your dog urinating in certain areas. This may be inconvenient, and you may be afraid that your grass will die as a result. Don’t worry; you can repair it without making a big issue out of it.

Simply take the time to water the grass a bit more around the brown areas, and everything should be fine. Some pet owners even bring a hose with them to water off the yard when their dogs urinate in certain areas.

However, you don’t have to go to such lengths to safeguard your grass.

It’s also worth mentioning that dark patches aren’t always produced by dog urine. For example, if the sun is unusually intense, certain areas of your yard may get burnt.

You can’t always assume the brown stains are caused by your pets.

Repair Your Lawn

Repair Your Lawn today by taking the above advice into account. You know a lot more about growing your lawn now, and this should make it easier for you to take the right actions.

Having dogs will not hinder you from having a healthy and attractive yard.

how to grow grass where dogs pee” is a simple tip that will help you grow grass in areas where your dog has peed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I protect my newly planted grass from my dog?

A: You can either purchase a dog proof fencing for your lawn or you can opt to use chicken wire.

What is the best grass seed to use when you have dogs?

A: Some of the best grass seeds to use when you have dogs are bermuda, tall fescue and crabgrass.
If your dog doesnt mind eating a little bit more dirt or mud in their food then you can plant some wildflower seed where your house is located. Wildflowers like daisies and dandelions can be great for picking up any left over nutrients that may remain on their surface.

What to use on lawns with dogs?

A: It is best to use a specialized dog-friendly fertilizer that does not contain the harmful chemicals found in traditional fertilizers. There are many organic options available from companies like EcoSmart, Earths Recipe and Nutriment.

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