Lawn mowing is not the fanciest of chores, but it needs to be done regularly too. The last thing you need is a bushy lawn that will be home to bugs and other small animals, not to mention quite unsightly. This Ryobi electric lawn mower review shows how you can use it on your lawn.

The Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower

This Ryobi lawn mower is designed to make your gardening easy. It is a cordless electric mower with a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty and a 90-day no-risk satisfaction guarantee.

It is the best cordless mower you can get, especially now when the world seeks to reduce climate damage; as an electric lawn mower, it won't leak oils or dangerous fumes as does a gas mower. This Ryobi electric mower is also easy to set up, use, and store.

When buying battery-powered mowers, it is best to consider performance, battery life, ease of use, and build to determine how good it is for your lawn. Not to worry, we will break down each feature of this Ryobi mower, so you have all the details needed before you buy. But first, these are the pros and cons of this Ryobi lawn equipment.

  • Pros
  • It starts quickly
  • Its quiet operation will not disturb neighbors
  • It is self-propelled, thus requiring less pushing effort from you
  • It comes with LED headlights so you can mow under thick bushes or when it is dark
  • It is cordless, giving you the freedom to mow the farthest corners of your lawn
  • It uses a brushless motor, so it won't need a lot of maintenance
  • It is lightweight and collapses nicely to take up less storage space
  • The 20-inch blade mows a large areaYou can just the blade's cutting level depending on the height of your glass
  • It comes with adjustable handlesIt can bag, mulch, or side discharge grass clippings
  • It comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • The company offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • The 6.0 Ah battery is also compatible with other Ryobi lawn equipment
  • Cons
  • It is a bit costly
  • It is only available in the black and neon green color combination
  • It takes some getting-used-to to turn it when it is self-propelling
  • Though it can side discharge, you will need to buy the accessory separately

Features of the Ryobi Electric Brushless, Cordless, and Self Propelled Lawn Mower

When transitioning from using a gas-powered mower, you will need the best electric mowers, such as this Ryobi mower, to make the purchase worthwhile. For the longest time, gas mowers have made a name for themselves as reliable mowers with the best cutting abilities. They also tend to last very long, but their use of gas is not safe for you or the ecosystem.

Electric lawn mowers are quickly replacing gas mowers. They promise the same power as the best push gas mower so you can cover the entire lawn in less time. But, before buying this electric mower from Ryobi, these are the main features you should know to tell if it is the right fit.

1. Battery life

The Ryobi 40V 20-inch battery mower has the power needed to cover your lawn in no time, even when you need to cut very thick grass. It uses one 40 volt lithium-ion battery, but the battery compartment has space to add a second battery when you don't want to stop mowing if one runs out of juice.

According to the manufacturer, the 6.0 Ah battery is compatible with other Ryobi tools and gives the mower as much power as any gas mower. However, while this battery mower is projected to last up to 45 minutes on a single charge, the condition of the grass you are cutting often determines how long it will take to drain the battery. For instance, wet grass uses more battery power compared to dry grass.

When you need to monitor how much power is left after you mow, you can use the built-in power bar when it is charging, and you'll be able to estimate how far and how long you can mow before the battery drains fully next time. According to the manufacturer, the battery can fully charge in one to three hours.

The battery is well-protected in its compartment with a durable cover so moisture and debris can't get in. In addition, the package comes with a battery charger, so you'll be ready to start mowing in no time.

2. Design

While buying battery mowers, design plays a significant role when determining how effective they will be on any lawn. Luckily, this Ryobi 40 volt lawn mower comes with the best design to make mowing fast and effortless.

For starters, it comes with long handles, which are also adjustable. Thus, it is easy to use by people with different body builds, from height and muscular strength. In addition, the handle is thick, which makes it easy to grasp.

The self-propelled mower is also cordless, so you can cover the entire lawn freely as long as you have power. Working without a cord is also safe as you cannot trip over it or accidentally cut it, which can have fatal consequences.

Then, it also comes with soft wheels that navigate through different surfaces with ease. The mower comes with a plastic body that sports black and neon green colors. While this is not a bad color combination, you could find this mower less appealing if neon green is not your favorite color. However, the bright color makes the machine visible from far or when you store it with other gardening tools.

You also get a 20-inch mower deck that covers more surface area with every push. In addition, you can easily adjust the height of the mowing deck to cut your grass to the desired level. The mower can cut seven different heights that you can adjust using a single-point adjustment feature on the side.

Another thing you will love about the design is the LED headlights. Now, while you will rarely use the mower at night, the headlights make it easier to navigate the mower in thick bushes.

3. Performance

A good mower needs to be easy to use and cut the grass the way you want thoroughly. Luckily, this mower has all the features of a strong and durable lawn tool.

a) 3-in-1 mower

The mower can carry out three functions after cutting the grass.

  1. Bagging. If you want to transfer the grass clippings to one area after mowing, you will love the Easy-Lift single motion lock that releases the bagger so you can remove the grass. Once removed, it is easy to lock the bagger back in place to continue mowing. When you don't want to leave a grass trail when mowing, it is better to empty the bagger before it is full.
  2. Mulching. The mower can shred grass clippings into tiny pieces and drop them on the lawn surface. They will get absorbed into the soil to add more nutrients for a healthier grass cover.
  3. If you would like the side discharging feature, you can purchase the side-discharge accessory separately here

b) It is self-driven

This Ryobi model is a self-propelled mower. As such, you won't need to use so much energy when pushing it, but rather, you will only need to follow it as it cuts grass.

The cruise-control-based setting works when you hold the handle and pull the lever up. This way, you don't need to worry about the mower running from you, and if you let go of the handle, the lawn mower shuts. In addition, self-propelling makes it easy to mow sloppy surfaces.

c) It uses a brushless motor

The next great feature that improves the mower's performance is the brushless motor. The lack of brushes means less maintenance while the mower remains very effective. The brushless motor also means less noise when the tool is in operation. Thus, you are guaranteed never to disturb your neighbors when mowing early in the morning or late in the evening.

d) It has a 20-inch deck

The mower deck also improves performance. The 20-inch deck will help you cover more swaths when pushing the mower, and depending on how large your lawn is, you can get it done in less than an hour.

e) It has a long battery life

Reliable battery life means you can mow without the battery draining fast. While you can get work done with a single battery, you can fix one more battery into the extra compartment and use it when you have a larger lawn.

f) It is lightweight

One challenge of using this Ryobi mower is when you need to mow sharp corners. You will need to lift it and turn it in the other direction physically. While this is a put-off for many, you will appreciate that this mower is very lightweight so that you can lift it without strain.

5. Care and maintenance

When you are done mowing your outdoors, you need to keep the mower in pristine condition so it can serve you longer. The one thing you can not do is clean it with water and soap. Instead, you can wipe the interior with a dry cloth to rid dust and debris.

You will also need to remove grass from the bagger so the grass doesn't rot in there when the mower is not in use. Alternatively, you will also need to dust out the mulch plug every time you use it.

6. Storage

When buying any tool, you need to consider how much storage space it needs. This Ryobi 40 volt 20-inch electric lawn mower is designed to fold up nicely for easy storage. The handles are collapsible over the body, which reduces the size of the mower. You can then store it in the store or under a worktable or any corner you deem fit, and luckily, the neon green highlights make it visible even when placed in a busy room.

As a sharp and electric garden tool, you will need to store it in a dry place and away from your children or pet's reach. In addition, make sure the battery chamber is on top, which means storing it either vertically or horizontally.

7. Price

This mower is better than many traditional mowers that use gas to fuel them. Therefore, you can expect to pay a little bit more for it. Fortunately, it is one of the best mowers you can get under $500 with its features. As an electric, brushless, self-propelled, and noiseless mower, it is worth the price and ideal for mowing small and medium-sized lawns with no hassle.

How to Set Up the Ryobi Electric Mower

The Ryobi lawn mower is ideal for a modest-sized lawn, lightweight, self-propelled, and noiseless. When you buy it, this is how you set it up to start mowing, and luckily, it comes with a detailed instruction manual, so you will find each step easy to follow.

  1. Check the package to confirm it has the battery, charger, bagger, start key, mulching plug, and the manual.
  2. Following the user manual, unfold the handles and attach the bagger.
  3. Next, set your desired blade height.
  4. Install the battery into the battery compartment and add an extra battery to the extra space if you suspect one might run out before you finish mowing.
  5. Insert the start key and start mowing.


The Ryobi mower is electric and easy to use, thus the best buy when you want to transition from using your powerful gas mower. With a brushless motor, you are guaranteed as much power as a gas mower, with the positive exception that electricity is better for your health and ecosystem as well as running cost.

This high-powered workhorse is also priced right and is effective with a rechargeable battery that lasts long to mow a 1/4 acre lawn. In addition, the self-propelled feature is excellent as it reduces the need to manually push the mower to cut grass, while the collapsible design saves a lot of storage space.

The only downsides you can expect from this lawn mower are the limited choice of colors and the lack of built-in side discharge accessories. Still, it is one of the best modern lawn mowers you can get that will last you a long time.