Inside the attractive red casing of the LawnBott LB3250 is a powerful robotic lawn mower for its size. It features Smart Spiral mode which activates when the LawnBott LB3250 detects a high patch of grass. This allows the mower to focus on that particular area which helps assure an evenly cut lawn. It also features adaptive programming which learns the growth pattern of your lawn over time. It then automatically modifies its mowing schedule to the actual mowing needs of your lawn. This feature saves battery life, lengthens the life of the electric motor, and contributes to a healthier looking lawn. Of course the LawnBott LB 3250 is programmable to your own preferred schedule. Like its big brother the LB3500, the LB3250 is fully automatic, and cuts in a random pattern. It comes with an alarm, safety tilt sensor and a thin, razor sharp blade which results in better cut quality than push or riding mowers.  The LB3250 also comes with a remote control. This mower is suited to medium to large sized lawns and best suits someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of the LB3500.

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LawnBott LB3250

LawnBott LB3250 Features and Specifications

  • LawnBott LB3250 Coverage  – 38,000 sq/ft
  • Mower Size (Length x Width x Height) – 22 x 16.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight with Battery – 24 lbs.
  • Cutting Disc  – 4 blade
  • Cutting Width – 12 inches
  • Cutting Height – 0.75 – 2.5 inches
  • Average Working Time – 3 hours
  • Charging Time – 4+ hours
  • Battery Type – Lithium Ion
  • Hill Capability – 27 degrees
  • Auto Recharge
  • Auto Programming
  • Rain Sensor
  • Remote Control
  • Drive System – 2WD
  • Software Update by Internet
  • Alarm
  • Smart Spiral Feature
  • RF Remote Control
  • Touch Sensitive Obstacle Detection
  • Multi-Zone Capable

LawnBott LB3250 Reviews

After extensive searching we found many editorial reviews but only a handful of independent consumer reviews. We did find one independent field test of the LawnBott LB3250

In field testing, the LawnBott LB3250 outperformed all manufacturer’s specifications. It handled very long grass exceptionally well. It mulched small twigs and branches with ease and its thin, flexible blade allowed it to escape damage when hitting rocks. Reports note the LB3250 is quiet especially when compared to the Robomower, mainly because of its direct motor to wheel method of action. Despite a smaller motor it is still powerful enough to handle steep slopes. Adding the spiked wheels only improved its ability to handle hills.  It has 4 programmable zones like the LB3500 but these zones are not as sophisticated as the LB3500. It is small and lightweight which helps it get into narrow and low height areas.

We found a few customers who had significant problems with battery charging when the firmware was upgraded. This happened on several occasions. Customers reported that technical support did resolve the problem but it did take a little time and investigation by the owners. One reviewer found that it seemed he was often replacing parts which became an issue after the warranty had expired. Another customer pointed out that the warranty was new again on each replaced part. The remote is not designed to drive the mower like a remote controlled car and has a range of only 20 feet.

On the positive side we found a few owners who have had the LB3250 for 3 seasons and they are still running well. One reviewer reported his LB3250 would mow for up to 8 hours with the 2 batteries installed.

Buy the LawnBott LB3250

Overall, there are few independent reviews of the LawnBott LB3250 and those reviews are mixed. However, LawnBott has a long history of quality products. If you avoid or resolve the firmware issue, it seems the LB3250 is as reliable as any of the other models, and are well loved by their owners. As there are more reviews for the LB3500 if you have a large lawn you may wish to consider upgrading to the LB3500.