Although you might have all you need for a vibrant and healthy lawn, fertilizers, herbicides, seeds, name them, you still have one more thing to consider. A zero-turn mower. The fast and efficient bridge between lawn tractors and regular push lawnmowers makes it easier to keep your yard always manicured and neat. Also, it can offer unparalleled maneuverability since it can cut in tight spaces and make sharp turns. When we were looking for the best zero-turn lawn mower, Husqvarna aced the first position; therefore, in this article, we give you a detailed Husqvarna zero-turn mower review. But before that, we need to understand what type of mower is a zero-turn.

What is a Zero-Turn Mower?

A zero-turn mower, also referred to as a zero-turn riding mower, is a regular riding lawn mower that comes with a turning radius that's effectively zero when the wheels rotate in the opposite direction, just like a tank turning in place.

Different models and brands usually achieve this in various ways. For example, hydraulic speed control of every drive wheel is the most popular method when using a diesel or gasoline engine. On the other hand, battery-powered models use two electric motors. Thus, both homeowner and commercial riding mowers are present, with different power options, cutting decks sizes, and prices. Besides, a zero-turn mower usually costs more and drives faster than a riding mower that has steerable front wheels but the same size.

Now that we know what a zero-turn mower is, let's check the best zero-turn mower reviews.

Husqvarna Z254 Zero-Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • 26 HP Kohler engine provides reliable startups and a max speed of 6.5 MPH
  • A patent-pending park brake system automatically activates or deactivates as the steering levers are moved...
  • Air induction mowing technology draws air from the top and bottom of the deck, improving grass and delivering...
  • Reinforced steel stamped cutting deck is made of heavy flat-stock steel for maximum durability
  • Clippings can be discharged, mulched or bagged (mulching kit and bagger attachment sold separately)

The Husqvarna Z254 Riding Mower is quite impressive when it comes to visual appeal. Besides, it's solid and comes with a 26 HP Kohler engine that offers reliable startups and a maximum speed of 6.5 MPH. In addition, the lawnmower is built like a tank. So if your lawn has a lot of bumpy surfaces, small undulating hills, and uneven terrain, you can be assured that it won't topple over. Moreover, it has an auto parking brake system that usually activates or deactivates as the steering levers move outward or inward.

The Husqvarna z254 Mower comes with one of the best airflow systems on the market and features an easy-to-use clutch mechanism. The air induction mowing technology usually draws air from the top as well as the bottom of the deck, enhancing and cutting grass perfectly. Additionally, the fan is powerful, and its airflow usually helps significantly improve the mower's durability.

The Husqvarna Z254 Mower comes with a reinforced steel cutting deck made of heavy flat-stock steel for durability. You can discharge, mulch, or bag the grass clippings in a bagger attachment and mulching kit, sold separately. Besides, this unit is one of the budget-friendly mowers on the market. Therefore, this might be the best model if you need a reliable and robust riding mower within your budget.

Here are some of the great features that the Husqvarna Z254 riding mower comes with.

1. Enhanced engine design

Husqvarna lawn mowers engines, just like other lawnmowers, are rated in horsepower. So naturally, the more horsepower you have, the faster and more efficient the mower will be. As a result, it usually comes in handy for commercial landscaping projects. Nonetheless, if you need the mower for small-scale projects, you don't need a high-horsepower engine.

The Husqvarna Z254 mower's powerful engine features a powerful fan that is important for an enhanced mower performance. The fan usually draws air to the bottom and top of the mower deck, thereby offering better grass movement and eventually offering your lawn an even trim. Furthermore, the engine features an enhanced filtration system; it reduces foliage block, increases the airflow, and allows the unit to last much longer.

2. User-friendly

The Husqvarna Z254 zero-turn mower is very easy to use. It features an automatic choke system that usually makes starting the machine as easy as possible. This feature is exceptional since most regular zero-turn mowers usually come with a string pull start system or other mechanisms that require effort to start. These systems are tricky to use, and the Husqvarna Z254 effectively gets rid of them.

Moreover, in terms of lawn mowing efficiency, this unit does quick work of any backyard condition, even cutting wet grass. It usually has zero-turn radius abilities, which makes the unit have an adequate turning radius of zero. Also, it'll allow you to mow in reverse and help you deal with the largest of lawns in few hours. Additionally, the zero-turn feature usually makes the mower handy, so you can easily maneuver it across the yard fast if there are not many obstacles to the lookout.

3. Extremely strong and durable

Husqvarna provides this unit with a reinforced steel cutting deck which usually reduces the wear and tear damage that the cutting deck blades would take during the more challenging cutting tasks. As a result, it allows the cutting blades to function much better and enhances the mower's general longevity. Furthermore, the Husqvarna Z524 has two additional features, which some of the other riding mowers don't have: the auto parking brake system and the rear engine guard.

The rear engine guard is handy in offering an additional layer of protection to the mower to make it more durable. Conversely, the auto-braking system makes the mower safe for you, especially if your yard has uneven grounds. If your foot slides off the pedal, the mower will automatically stop, thus minimizing many accidents that might have been caused.

4. Comfortable and customizable

Sitting for an extended period can get uncomfortable for the back, and when mowing with a riding mower, you have to sit for long periods. The Z254 mower comes with foam-padded hand grips and a comfortable seat that you can sit for an extended period without getting exhausted. Besides, the high back seat and the hand grips allow you to access the control levers easily.

5. Cutting width

Cutting width, in this case, is the width of the strip the mower's blades can chop off. The Z254 mower has a larger cutting deck which is responsible for its efficacy. If you have a large yard or want to spend less time mowing, then a mower with a wide cutting width of about 50 inches will do the task. The Z254 mower has a cutting width of 54 inches and can handle small and medium yards.

6. Superior performance

The Z254 mower usually allows you to do anything you want with the clippings. You can discharge, mulch, or bag them as per your choice. The cutting deck sports a deep-cut design, and this offers better-cut quality and bagging. Besides, this unit is excellent in airflow, robust build, and high-performance blades, making it for keeps. Moreover, add to that anti-slip foot area and the ergonomic control panel, and you have an intuitive mower that makes the task easy and fun.

What Would Have Been Better in the Husqvarna Z254?

Although Z254 is an excellent mower, there are certain things that Husqvarna would work on:

1. Lack in maneuverability

The tank-like build of the mower usually allows a high level of durability; however, it compromises maneuverability. For example, the Z254 mower won't allow you to cut horizontally on sharp slopes. Although this might not seem like a big issue for people with smaller yards, even terrain structures, it's a deal-breaker for those with uneven ground. Additionally, even with the zero-turn feature, riding this mower around obstacles can be an issue.

2. Needs regular maintenance

Though the Z254 is comfortable and the controls are at arm's reach, the cutting deck can break down quickly with thick grass and lawn debris accumulation. For this model, the grass accumulation on the cutting deck is swift. And though the advanced airflow system usually protects the engine from foliage block, unfortunately, it doesn't do the same for the deck. Therefore, because of this, regular maintenance is a must for the mower.

  • Pros
  • Features auto choke system and auto park brake system making it easy to start and stop
  • User-friendly control panel
  • The zero-turn feature usually allows fast work for long trimming tasks
  • Built to be highly durable and strong
  • The powerful fan increases airflow, enhancing the mower durability
  • Features spring-assisted deck lift system
  • Gives the option to discharge, mulch, or bag clippings
  • Comes with air induction mowing technology
  • Cons
  • Doesn't allow horizontal cuts on uneven grounds
  • The cutting deck can break easily
  • Doesn't come with a headlight
  • A bit challenging to remove the mower from the packaging

What Are the Main Types of Zero-Turn Mowers?

1. Two-function mower

A two-function mower usually mulches and discharges the grass from the side or mulches and bags the grass. Mulching mowers come with tiny blades that continuously cut the grass to reduce its size. This grass type is healthier for your yard as it returns the nutrients to the ground. Nonetheless, a two-function mower might experience some issues when cutting tall grasses.

2. Three-function mower

A three-function mower usually eliminates tall grass effectively by mulching, bagging, or side discharging. Therefore, it is ideal for clearing out a grass pile when cutting grass in a big area. Also, it comes in handy when cutting tall wet grass in the spring or early fall. Besides, you can adjust the height of the blade to take the grass down in levels for a clean cut.

What Are the Benefits of Zero-Turn Lawn Mower?

1. Cover more ground 

Zero-turn mowers usually have a larger deck than other lawnmower types. The cutting deck is about 45 to 60 inches allowing you to mow a large strip of grass within a short period.

2. Better maneuverability

A zero-turn lawn mower has a zero-degree turning radius, meaning it usually makes a complete turn-around in a tight area so you can start cutting in another direction or avoid obstacles. Besides, it can go from forward to reverse in no time.

3. Enjoy a comfortable ride.

The main comfort feature on a zero-turn mower is a comfortable seat, with some models featuring high-back seats with cup holders for improved comfort. Also, it gets rid of traditional steering wheel designs for steering levers that are much easier to control.

4. Minimal maintenance & durability

The reduced time sped mowing due to the larger deck means less time is spent on the machine. Therefore, this means that the mower will require less maintenance concerning oil changes and part replacement. Additionally, it'll last longer than other small mowers used for more extended periods.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower

1. How do you steer Husqvarna zero-turn lawn mowers?

The Husqvarna zero-turn mower work on a lever system for moving forward and backward. To make turns while steering the mower, you need to push the lever slightly forward on the opposite side you want it to turn to. For instance, push the right lever forward to turn left and the left lever to turn right. Pulling the controls backward will engage your machine into reverse gear.

2. What is the best Z-turn mower for the money?

The best one has to be the Husqvarna Z254 Z-Turn Mower; it usually offers great value for money since it has a powerful engine, durable construction, and allows you to cut more grass within a short period.

3. Can I use a Husqvarna Z-turn mower in my home yard?

If you have a yard of less than 1/2 an acre, you only need a traditional push-along mower to cut the grass. However, if your yard is over 2-acres, you can consider purchasing a Husqvarna Z254 mower. Otherwise, going to the expense of purchasing these mower models is not necessary for a small yard.