Husqvarna 6021P 21-Inch 149cc Kohler XT-6 Gas Powered 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower comes with it a remarkably compacted design. The user can obtain pleasure coming from the solutions of this very efficient lawn mower. It is incredibly convenient to maneuver even on tight portions of the yard. This particular mower comes with 3 in 1 cutting program that gives the possibility for the user to back bag, mulch or discharge the cut grasses on the sides. The ball-bearing rolls are designed to give durability and smooth process though the 4 point 9 place cutting length flexibility program lets the user to use this machine on different lawn settings.

Product Features

· This mower comes with 21 inches cutting width capacity.

· With 149cc OHV Kohler engine

· Made with 3-in-1 system for cutting that enables the user to mulch, side discharge or rear bag the cut grass

· It is gasoline-powered machine.

· With ball bearing rolls

· A non-CARB complaint

· With 2 year warranty on parts and repair


The main benefit of the Husqvarna 6021P 21-Inch 149cc Kohler XT-6 Gas Powered 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower is that is powered with gasoline. Together with its Kohler engine, the user can anticipate that the cutting performance of this mower is really great and exact. This mower could handle all kinds of weeds and it is great for larger yards. From house and even to semi-industrial usage, Husqvarna 6021P is one of the reputable tools essential in managing your yard.

It could also work on the various yard terrains. Some mowers most especially those that are powered with gasoline are only suitable for smooth surfaces and the user has to exert more effort in cleaning hilly, tough and sloppy terrain. This lawn mower can make the job much easier for you because of its back wheels that are exclusively designed to be larger and higher. Compared to most gas powered mowers, it is lighter and more compacted. You can also store it easily when you are already done with your mowing task.


Husqvarna 6021P 21-Inch 149cc Kohler XT-6 Gas Powered 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower has some concerns to face, most especially in terms of it being a gas-powered mower. Just the same with other kinds of gas lawn mower, Husqvarna 6021P requires refueling or maintenance. Those people who are very concerned with environment will not be satisfied with gas lawn mower due to its spills and dangerous emissions. A gas powered lawn mower is innovative in terms of noise yet in terms of noise yet other kinds like electric are 100% noiseless.

Customer Reviews and Score

There were 68 reviews made for this lawn mower and this product obtained an average score of 3.5 out of five stars. 29 customers rated this machine with 5 stars and another 11 reviewers gave a score of 4 stars. There were also 8 users who rate it with 3 stars while only 5 persons gave 2 stars. The remaining 15 customers are those who are not happy with this lawn mower and so, they rated it with only 1 star.


Husqvarna 6021P is made with 3 in 1 cutting program. The ball-bearing wheels of this lawn mower are planned to provide durability and easy to finish mowing process. It is a kind of gas-powered mower that is made with innovative noise-free feature.