The Huqsvarna LC221AH is a self-propelled gasoline mower with a 163CC engine. It has an orange body that stands out in terms of design, and as it has all-wheel drive it is an excellent choice for patios with hills and varied terrain.

This is a mower with plenty of power and versatility when it comes to large terrain.

This mower has two speed levers for each hand. In additionIt has 11-inch wheels on the back which gives you extra traction over different types of terrain. If your yard is flat or has light elevations, you won’t see much difference between this mower and a lower cost of front traction. However, for patios with high elevations, all-wheel drive will make a big difference.

According to the manufacturer, this equipment will be powered on with just two pulls. In our Huqsvarna mower tests, we have realized that this is true, although we did not test this specific model.

This mower has great versatility and lets you prune using various methods. You can discard the lawn from the back of the machine, using a bag, or remove it from the side using a bag. You can also use the remains to return nutrients to the soil.

The height of the wheels can be adjusted by 4 levers that extend beyond the wheels, which can be clicked on the spot with a quick movement. It’s less easy than a single lever that adjusts multiple wheels simultaneously, but still has a good design.

And while this mower has a cutting amplitude of 21 inches, which is quite average, it provides good traction that will allow you to prune a large yard faster. This is why the Huqsvarna LC221AH is suitable for medium and large patios, between medium and a full acrid.

It comes with a 3-year warranty, which will allow you to give it plenty of use before it expires. Most mowers come with guarantees of only 2 years.

This model is part of a line of self-propelled gasoline mowers. This unit features an excellent 160CC Honda engine. It is much more powerful than other competing models in this category, considering its self-propelled system.

The reliability of the Honda engine provides the power to produce a fully clean 21-inch amplitude, while being able to power the self-propelled system without difficulty. Specially machined and fluted wheels are also very convenient. They ensure you take advantage of all the torque and traction of the all-wheel drive system.

There are minor drawbacks to the Huqsvarna L221A when it comes to its ease of use. For beginners, the grab bar and hand controls are somewhat difficult to use. They are not very comfortable, and after spending a lot of time pruning can leave your hands a little tired. If you have any gardening gauntlet you should consider using them when using this machine.

Similarly, the self-propelled system has no adjustment. On the one hand, it’s a good thing, but on the other hand it can take some getting used to.

The all-wheel drive system of the self-propelled system is great for when you want to prune in a straight line on flat ground. If there are many trees to dodge, or hard corners, it may take a while to handle it.

The power that the Huqsvarna L221A prints on the blades, makes it leave a perfect cut in its path. This is not always the case with competing models of the same category. The 21-inch cutting amplitude is fairly average for a mid-range mower. You don’t want it to be smaller than this if you need to prune a yard that’s over half an acre once a week.

The Huqsvarna L221A comes with oil and a high quality air filter. You can clean the filter by hand a dozen times, and from there you may need to buy a new one to make sure the engine is working properly.

Perhaps the best thing about this mower is its Honda engine, which already has a reputation for being reliable and high-performance.

The hand controls are a bit stiff, to the point that they can make your hands tired, but this can be considered a safety feature. The steel cover is highly resistant, and will withstand rock hits and other things that may cause equipment damage.