How to stop pigeons from sitting on your fence.
The first step in stopping them is by changing the surrounding environment. Make it less appealing for birds with bird scents and repellent, removing any places they could land or roost, adding spikes at ground level, putting up a netting barrier around trees and shrubs so that birds can’t perch out of reach and place motion-detecting sprinklers where you regularly see the birds coming into contact with those areas most often

The “transparent bird gel” is a product that you can use to stop pigeons from sitting on your fence. The product comes with 10 different ways to get rid of the birds, so it will be easier for you to find one that works best for your situation.

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Pigeons are a kind of bird that you don’t want to have on your property. If you’ve seen pigeons roosting on your fence, you’ll want to find out how to convince them to fly away.

The disadvantage of having pigeons on your home is that they may cause major damage. You don’t want your fence area to be covered with bird feces since they’re untidy birds.

Fortunately, there are a variety of options for preventing pigeons from perching on your fences. You just need to take certain steps to discourage pigeons from circling so often.

Continue reading to discover the most effective methods for preventing pigeons from perching on fences. After reading all of the information, you should be able to relax and enjoy your home without worrying about the local pigeon population.

1 – Remove any food and water sources from close proximity to the fences.

Pigeons may be attracted to your home because there is food and water available. Pigeons will seek out areas that are handy for them to rest and eat.

If the pigeons are sitting on your fence, it’s possible that they’re doing so because it’s close to food. You may also have a bird bath or pooled water along the fence.

Eliminating these comforts will make it simpler to keep the pigeons out of the region. Pick up any berries or fruits that have fallen from adjacent bushes or trees that have fallen to the ground.

If you can, remove water sources so that pigeons don’t have access to it. Pigeons will be less likely to cluster around your fences as a result of this.

2 – Use Decoys to Scare the Pigeons

You may scare the pigeons away from the area personally by making noise and approaching them, but you won’t always be available to do so. This is why humans prefer to use decoys of predators that pigeons are afraid of to frighten them away.

An owl decoy is one of the most typical decoys used to frighten pigeons. These decoys are quite affordable and highly effective in scaring birds.

If you put an owl decoy on the fence where the pigeons have been congregating, the pigeons will want to avoid it. These owl decoys are very convincing, fooling the pigeons into believing they are in the presence of a real owl.

If you have a lengthy fence area, it could be a good idea to purchase many owl decoys. The pigeons will not feel like they can go close to the barrier as a result of this.

Of course, the pigeons might figure out that the decoy isn’t genuine, which is why you should strive to be as deceptive as possible. You’ll get greater results if you move the owl decoy every day or so to keep the pigeons guessing.

3 – Reflective Tape is a good idea.

Because it confuses birds, reflective tape is excellent for frightening them away. Because birds have a limited capacity to comprehend reflections, objects that reflect light will cause them to flee.

Most department shops have reflective tape, which you may use to place on or near fences. Pigeons should be less inclined to perch on the fence as a result of this.

If you don’t want to use reflective tape, you may make due with old reflective items you have around the home. You might, for example, put up some old mirrors or CDs that you no longer use.

It’s astonishing how effective shiny things are at scaring pigeons, and this is something you should certainly attempt. It will be an efficient pigeon deterrent when used in combination with some of the other approaches.

4 – Think about Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes will make it impossible for pigeons to perch on the fence since it will be too painful for them. Essentially, you’ll be adding a spiked strip to the top of the fence to prevent birds from landing on it.

These pigeon spikes are simple to put on a fence and do not cost a lot of money. Pigeons will be unable to land on a fence with spikes attached if they try to do so.

This is an excellent method for preventing pigeons from using your fence as a roosting area. The main disadvantage is that pigeons could try to utilize a neighboring location where the spikes aren’t there.

Spike strips like these, however, will be an important element of a pigeon deterrent plan. Pigeon spikes should be used with other items to create a pigeon-free habitat.

5 – Give Gel a Chance

You could use a special gel instead of pigeon spikes if you don’t like the notion of utilizing them. You may purchase gel to discourage birds from roosting on things at a variety of shops.

The top of the fence is coated with this gel, which makes everything slippery. The pigeons will be unable to grasp the fence any longer, and will thus be unwilling to attempt it.

This kind of gel has shown to be quite effective in preventing pigeons from perching on fences. Some individuals, however, believe it is cruel.

Because this gel might get on the pigeon’s body, the pigeon could have a hard time flying if that occurs. When the gel adheres to the pigeon’s feathers, it may cause it to become grounded, making it easy prey for nearby predators.

You may want to use the gel if you don’t care about pigeons or their well-being. It’s a simple solution to deter pigeons from utilizing the fence as a comfortable perch, and it comes highly recommended.

6 – Make use of bird nets

Bird netting is a kind of netting that is used to prevent unwelcome birds from landing on certain areas. If you like, you may add netting to the tops of your fences, which will make it exceedingly difficult for pigeons to utilize the fence.

Installing netting may or may not be a good choice depending on where your fence is positioned. It will, however, work on fences if you can attach the netting and get it up.

Some folks will put netting from the top of the fence to the trees nearby. This is a possibility, but it may not be as feasible for fencing as it is for other areas of your home.

7 – Use Ultrasonic Pigeon Repellent to keep pigeons away.

Pigeons may be scared away using ultrasonic gadgets available on the market. These tiny gadgets will produce ultrasonic noises that humans are unable to hear.

The pigeons will hear things that they don’t like, and many of these ultrasonic repellent devices simulate predator sounds. Pigeons should be hesitant of approaching the barrier as a result of this.

An ultrasonic pigeon repellant device may be placed on or near the fence. It should be able to continue playing noises that deter birds from approaching.

These gadgets are available in solar-powered versions, which is convenient. This means you can quickly attach an ultrasonic pigeon repellant device to a fence without worrying about batteries or charging it at an electrical outlet.

8 – Use Predator Urine as a sprinkling agent

Predator urine may also be used to frighten animals away, which you might exploit to your advantage. You probably already know that pigeons are afraid of owls, thus sprays containing owl urine will make them anxious.

You may get sprays containing either actual owl pee or synthetic owl urine. To keep pigeons away from your fence, spray it with this repellent spray.

Overall, this form of deterrent is effective at keeping pigeons away from fences. The only disadvantage is that it may cause your fence to smell.

Using predator urine sprays may not be suitable depending on where your fence is placed. Even so, it’s a viable alternative to explore if you need to frighten pigeons away from your property.

9 – Keep Dogs

Dogs may be rowdy and like barking at birds. If you have a dog, you’ll notice that it will run after birds like pigeons if they chance to be in the yard when you’re walking it.

Some people opt to employ dogs as a pigeon deterrent. You might put a dog home near the pigeons’ favorite spot on the fence to deter them from approaching.

Dogs aren’t natural pigeon predators, but they are large, frightening creatures that may easily kill birds if they approach too near. Dogs produce a lot of noise that will also frighten birds, which might be exactly what you need.

Allowing your dog outdoors could be a smart option if you’re searching for a cheap approach to deal with pigeons on your fence. Because most owners don’t keep their dogs outdoors all of the time, you’ll probably need additional deterrents as well.

ten – capture the pigeons

Some individuals like to capture pigeons in order to move them. Although this is a viable alternative, it may not be the ideal way to go about things.

Whether you want to capture a pigeon and move it, you’ll need to purchase traps and check to see if any pigeons have been caught. After trapping a pigeon, load it into a vehicle and transport it to a spot that is far away from your house.

The difficulty is that there’s no assurance the pigeon won’t return to your home. Also, dealing with a flock of pigeons will be an excruciatingly long process.

Pigeon flocks are typically between ten and thirty birds, therefore this isn’t going to be a practical solution. Overall, pigeon deterrent measures like the ones discussed above are much more effective.

What about putting the pigeons to death?

The majority of individuals believe that murdering pigeons is at least somewhat wrong. You don’t have to shoot the pigeons to remove them off your land, although in many countries it is lawful to do so.

Pigeons are an invasive species, which means they may be hunted down and killed in many parts of the nation. You’ll need to check your local regulations to determine whether it’s permissible, but you could theoretically murder the pigeons if you wanted to.

However, this is not a smart option since it would entail a lot of labor and would most likely not fix your issue. Birds have a remarkable ability to restore their numbers, and any pigeons you kill will be soon replaced by the flock.

After exterminating pigeons, you’d also have to spend time disposing of pigeon carcasses. Even though your instinct is to exterminate the pigeons completely, this is not the best course of action.

Take Care of Pigeons Right Away

It’s not a good idea to leave a pigeon issue unattended for too long. Pigeons can be a nuisance, and they aren’t simply unpleasant birds that won’t hurt you.

Pigeon droppings are very acidic, and over time, they might do serious damage to your fence. However, you don’t have to put up with pigeons when there are so many ways to deal with them.

The solutions outlined above should be sufficient to assist you in resolving your pigeon issue. When it comes to preventing pigeons from becoming a nuisance on your property, deterrent tactics are your best chance.

To keep pigeons away from your fences, you may want to employ a combination of deterrents. It will be simple to go ahead after you’ve chosen the ones that make the most sense for you.

The “pigeon spikes” are a great way to keep pigeons away from your property. There are 10 smart ways to stop the pigeons from sitting on your fence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep birds from sitting on my fence?

A: Unfortunately, there is no easy way to keep birds from sitting on your fence. However, you could try some of the following methods: Use wire mesh fences, use netting around trees or plant them near a wall.

How do I scare away pigeons?

A: The best way to keep pigeons away from your home is by being loud and bringing out a broom.

What is the best deterrent for pigeons?

A: There is no single best deterrent for pigeons. One particular type of bird repellant that has been shown to be effective are motion-activated sprinklers. The issue with these devices, however, is they require a constant power supply and are not always available when needed in some situations.

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