The Big Green Egg is the newest and hottest trend in backyard cooking. One of its most admired features is the removable gasket that allows it to be cleaned easily without damaging the ceramic shell. However, this type of gasket can often become torn or warped over time with use, which requires a replacement.

The “how to replace big green egg gasket” is a question that has been asked by many people. The “Rutland Gasket” is the replacement for the Big Green Egg Gasket.

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To begin, we must establish whether or not The Big Green Eggs gasket needs to be changed. Once we’ve decided that The Big Green Egg requires a new gasket, we may proceed to the procedures below to properly install a new Rutland gasket.

Is it time to replace the gasket on your Big Green Egg? (3 Methods of Determination)


Simply starting up The Big Green Egg for a cook is a simple method to see whether your gasket needs to be changed. All of the smoke should be coming out of the daisy wheel / top vent while the Big Green Egg is heating up.

Notice how the smoke is leaking through the bottom and the top is finished in this shot. This is a clear indication that the gasket has failed and has to be replaced.


Another technique to check whether The Big Green Egg needs a new gasket is to attempt to reach 225 degrees. If you have the daisy wheel on and the draft vent is damaged as indicated above and you’re having trouble getting the Big Green Egg to that low temperature, the gasket is most likely leaking and has to be replaced.


A third technique to evaluate the gasket is to examine it physically. The gasket should not resemble the one in the image above. It’s clear to understand why I’m changing this specific gasket in this scenario.

Before changing the gasket, there are a few extra BGE Gasket Tips & Tricks to consider.

Without the gasket, your Big Green Egg will continue to function normally (outside of needing to close the lid a little softer than normal). As a result, you may have difficulty dialing in the lower temperatures. Another reason to replace the gasket is that it also serves as a closing cushion. Because it’s practically ceramic on ceramic, I’ve had to shut mine very carefully.

Another compelling reason to get a new Rutland gasket for the BGE is to save money. When you seal the egg down, if your current gasket isn’t operating correctly, air will get in.

This prolongs the heating of the BGE and delays the cooling process. As a result, you’re burning more lump coal than necessary, which is gradually costing you more money.

My Big Green Egg was acquired secondhand and is approximately 5+ years old. As a result, based on the current gasket, it was due for replacement at least 4-5 years ago. The good news is that even with a Rutland gasket, changing the gasket on The Big Green Egg is simple!

Items needed to repair the gasket on a Big Green Egg

  • Acetone
  • Ultra Copper Permatex
  • Rutland Gasket is a brand of gasket made by Rutland The Large Egg part number is 95-6, which is a 7 Foot 5/8′′ Gasket Kit that will fit an MD, SM, or any Mini Max. Any size larger than the large will need the use of two of these gaskets.
  • Scraper
  • Gloves made of rubber (optional)
  • a large cardboard piece (or similar throw away item)

On the Big Green Egg, how do you install the Rutland Gasket?

The Rutland Gasket: Preparing The Big Green Egg


While removing The Big Green Egg’s gasket with a drywall blade is quicker, I like to begin with a wood shim. Because it is less abrasive, it is gentler on the ceramic. Scrape the old BGE gasket off using a scraper.


There will be certain instances where the shim may fall short. To clear off these places, use the drywall blade like a scraper.


Prior to starting, you should remove 95% of the old. The next step is to use Acetone to clean it.


Because acetone evaporates quickly, be ready to apply it as soon as you have it on your rag or Towel (paper).


Clean the whole surface area of the BGE gasket. You won’t get everything, but if you’re a perfectionist, a 3M stripe off wheel may help. These are the same chemicals that are used to remove decals from automotive paint, therefore they are rather safe for the BGE.

Having said that, I’ve never had an issue with leaving 5% or less. This is due to the fact that it is really caked on. It’s not worth scratching or scraping into the fragile porcelain of your Big Green Eggs.

Carry on with the procedure for the Big Green Egg’s dome.

On the Big Green Egg, install the Rutland Gasket.

Do yourself a favor and just toss the Rutland adhesive. The Big Green Egg gets to hotter temps than what the Rutland gasket cement is designed for. Your better option is to On the Big Green Egg, install the Rutland Gasket. with Permatex’s Ultra Copper. This can better withstand the higher heat.

Another benefit of utilizing the Rutland gasket is that you only need to change one of the two BGE gaskets. Continue polishing the dome of the Big Green Egg, but after that’s done, the top is finished!

One more thing before you begin the installation: if you need to continue, keep this in mind. This fiberglass gasket has a tendency to itch. As a result, you may wish to put on a pair of rubber gloves. I’ve worked with fiberglass before and am accustomed to it, so I’m not bothered by it.


Apply a 1/8″ bead of Ultra Copper Permatex around the ring of The Big Green Egg. Make sure the bead stays in the middle so that when you compress the gasket it doesn’t squish outside the Rutland Gasket.


Start on the rear left hinge corner if you’re right-handed (reverse if you are left handed). Begin by cutting the end of the pipe at a 45-degree angle. Continue carefully making your way around the BGE’s rim. Simply keep pushing the Rutland Gasket into the Ultra Copper while avoiding straining it.


Continue around the perimeter of The Big Green Egg.


Cut the Rutland gasket at the same 45 degree angle closing the gap. The gasket will fur out on the ends a little, this is fine as long as you don’t cut it short. Simply try to push the frays down into the Ultra Copper Permatex. After a couple uses this will stay, lay flat and not stand out as much and still create a great seal.


Using a piece of cardboard, gently push the gasket around the Big Green Egg. Remove the cardboard and set the Big Green Egg aside for one hour with the lid open.

How Do You Fix a Rutland Gasket on a Big Green Egg?


After an hour has gone, shut the lid and let it to rest for 24 hours. Always attempt to complete this installation while the weather prediction is favorable. If the weather isn’t cooperating, cover the Big Green Egg with a tarp and bring it to the garage or an overhang.

After around 24 hours, it’s a good idea to put your egg in the oven at 250 degrees for an hour or two to finish the curing process.

I usually advocate a thorough clean burn when the curing is finished. I do a clean burn to remove any material that has accumulated in the firebox. Plus, depending on how frequently you cook, it’s a good idea to do it every now and again. If you haven’t done so before, I suggest cleaning your Big Green Egg plate setter, grate, and even pizza stone while you’re at it.

The installation of your new Rutland gasket on The Big Green Egg is now complete! Enjoy all of your future cooking, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or call out if you run into any issues!


Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

20 minutes of active time

1 hour of additional time

1 hour and 30 minutes total

Difficulty: Simple

$20 is the estimated cost.

If you have a leaking seal, a disinigrated seal, or are just wanting to replace the seal on your Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe, you’ve come to the right spot! For many years of successful cooking, this Rutland Gasket Replacement will address all of your problems.


  • Towel (paper)
  • Acetone is a substance that is used to make (Optional)
  • Ultra Copper Permatex
  • Rutland Gasket – Part Number 95-6, 7′ 5/8″ Gasket Kit Rutland Gasket – Part Number 95-6, 7′ 5/8″ Gasket Kit


  • Scraper
  • Gloves made of rubber (optional)
  • Cardboard of a Large Size


  1. Remove the old gasket from the dome and base of the Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe using the scraper.
  2. Rub with Towel (paper) and acetone to get the remaining adhesive off for better contact.
  3. Run a 1/8″ bead of Permatex around the base of the Big Green Egg ONLY on the bottom (Centered).
  4. Make a 45-degree angle on one end of the new Rutland Gasket.
  5. Begin at the rear of the Big Green Egg, centering the gasket on the surface and pressing it softly into the Permatex bead.
  6. Continue all the way around the base of the BGE, overlapping and cutting another 45 degree angle at the end to complete the gasket.
  7. Place a large piece of cardboard over the rim of the BGE’s base and press down all the way around the BGE to compress the remainder of the gasket into the Permatex and secure it.
  8. It’s recommended to keep the lid open for an hour after pressing the gasket into the Permatex to allow the Permatex to set.
  9. Close the lid after an hour and let the BGE rest for 12-24 hours before using it.
  10. Cook for a “cure” when the 12-24 hours are up.
  11. Start the BGE and cook at 250 degrees for an hour or two to ensure that the Permatex is properly cured before any cooking.


Acetone is included as an optional ingredient because some claim the ceramic may absorb it. I’ve noticed that if it’s merely dabbed on the rim to remove any additional particles, it doesn’t make a difference.

The “rutland gasket for large big green egg” is a replacement gasket that can be used to replace the Big Green Egg Gasket. The Rutland Gasket has been found to last longer and resist heat better than the original.

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