This video will teach you how to take your charcoal grill off the table and put it back on without a lid.

A charcoal grill is a type of outdoor cooking appliance used to cook food. The grill consists of a grate that holds the charcoal, and a cover to hold in heat. Putting out your charcoal grill without a lid can be difficult because you need to extinguish the flames while avoiding the hot coals.

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Cooking meals on the grill is a popular pastime among many people. When the weather is pleasant in the spring and summer, it’s an extremely enticing method to prepare supper.

You may like grilling burgers and hot dogs, but you may also prepare a variety of other foods. Cooking vegetables on the grill is simple, and if you’re prepared to put in the work, you may have a genuinely memorable supper.

Overall, using a charcoal grill will give you a pretty wonderful taste. It’s also amazing that, when it comes down to it, charcoal grills aren’t all that pricey.

If you have an older charcoal grill, there’s a possibility you don’t have a lid for it. This is bad since it makes putting out the fire a little more difficult.

Without a cover, how can you put out a charcoal grill? Continue reading to find out more about your alternatives if you find yourself in this scenario.

Allow the coals to burn off naturally.

One of the easiest ways to put out a charcoal grill that doesn’t have a lid is to Allow the coals to burn off naturally.. This might be less than ideal for a few reasons, though.

When the charcoal is still hot and potentially burning, you don’t want to leave an open barbecue unattended. It’s possible that anything will go wrong and cause a fire.

It could be a good idea to put the grill in a location that you believe is as safe as possible. You’ll want to keep the grill away from grass, plants, and any tree branches that may catch fire.

Even though it is implausible that a hot piece of charcoal may cause a fire, it’s better to be safe than sorry. When dealing with fire-related issues, you should never take chances.

You’ll need to open the vents on the charcoal barbecue to enable the embers to burn away. Keep them completely open to allow the coals to burn out completely.

Allow the coals to burn down completely until they are nothing but ash. It’ll be best if you keep your children away from the region while this procedure takes place.

It would be terrible if one of your children were harmed by touching a hot grill. To be safe, you should also keep pets away.

You may clean up the grill normally after the charcoal has burnt out and there is nothing left except ash. Most people think that as long as you’re paying attention, this is the safest way to set out a charcoal barbecue.

It is, however, time intensive, and you will need to keep an eye on the grill the whole time to keep things safe. However, if you do things this way, you won’t risk ruining your grill.

Remove the charcoal and bury it somewhere safe.

Taking the charcoal out of the grill is another option to explore. This may seem to be a little insane at first, and it isn’t a particularly safe solution when compared to just letting the charcoal burn off gradually.

This concept entails gently removing the charcoal from the grill in order to suffocate it somewhere. The best thing to do is to put it in a metal garbage can with a cover.

How will you get the charcoal out of the grill without being burned? Well, proceed with caution, or you’ll have a miserable experience.

To do this task, you will want a metal shovel or a metal-handled gardening shovel. It will be simpler to use a full-sized metal shovel since you will be able to transport more charcoal at once.

However, some grills are small, and a huge metal shovel may not be able to achieve a decent angle to scoop the charcoal up. Using a portable gardening shovel will be more practical in certain circumstances.

It’s also essential to wear heatproof gloves of some kind to protect your hands. You don’t want to take any excessive chances since the charcoal is going to be hot.

Barbecue gloves that are heatproof should suffice. They are inexpensive, and many people use them while grilling so that they don’t have to worry about burning their hands if they make a thoughtless error.

Remove the grates and anything else that is obstructing your access to the coals when you’re ready. Because the grill is still hot, use gloves while doing this.

Now take your shovel and begin dumping the coals into a metal garbage bin. You’ll be able to close the lid on the garbage can after all of the coals have been securely placed inside.

Because the fire requires oxygen to continue to burn, this will ultimately put the coals out. You won’t have to worry about anything if you close the lid on the garbage can.

The disadvantage is that the coals will not go out immediately. It will take some time for this to be completed, and you will need to locate a secure spot for the garbage.

It’s likely that it’ll take up to two days to entirely extinguish the coals. If the garbage can isn’t heavy enough, it might tip over and become a fire danger while you’re away.

The trashcan should be of good quality in order to endure the heat. This approach may not work with a low-cost, low-quality trashcan.

Place the trashcan on a level area where it won’t catch fire, and make sure it’s not surrounded by anything flammable. If everything goes according to plan, the trashcan will remain in position until the coals have fully burned out.

Remove the coals and put them out with water.

In many respects, the last major choice to consider will be the most perilous. However, you may argue that it is safer than storing the coals in a garbage can for a few days.

You’ll need to remove the embers from the charcoal barbecue one more to put it out. The difference this time is that you’ll be extinguishing them using a water source someplace else.

There are a number various methods to achieve this, but the most straightforward is to just use a bucket of water. To be safe, you want the bucket of water to be constructed of metal.

To protect yourself, you’ll need heatproof grilling gloves, a metal shovel of some kind, a solid metal bucket, and access to a hose. You’re ready to leave if you have all of these items.

Remove the grates and anything else that is blocking you from accessing the coals once again. Keep your gloves on when touching the grill to avoid being burned.

Place the coals in the metal bucket using your shovel. You’ll take the bucket to a spot where you may try to extinguish the coals while still wearing the gloves.

In the center of a sandpit or on a cement slab far enough away from your home and garage could be a decent spot to put the bucket. Once the bucket is in position, you may begin filling it with water using the hose.

The water will put out the fires, but if you’re not cautious, you’ll end up with a lot of hot steam. It’s best not to put your face too near to the bucket.

It may be safer to step back and fill the bucket with water from a safe distance. If that’s not feasible, at the very least, keep your face away from the bucket while wearing the heatproof barbeque gloves.

Some folks like to use a water sprayer to progressively saturate the coals. It’s a little safer to take things slowly like way, but it’ll take a lot longer to complete.

To do this, you might utilize your hose’s slow misting setting. Either technique should be good as long as you use extreme caution.

Simply keep filling the bucket with water until the coals are entirely gone. When you’re through, you’ll be able to congratulate yourself on your achievement while also feeling relieved that you didn’t burn yourself.

You Could Purchase a Charcoal Grill Lid

Did you know that if you lose your original charcoal grill lid, you don’t have to live without one for the rest of your life? You can really go out and get a charcoal grill cover right now and use it on the grill.

Grill lids are rather simple to come by online, and they’re also likely to be found in a variety of department shops and hardware stores. Look for grill lids anywhere grills and barbecue accessories are sold.

A new lid will be an excellent solution to mend your charcoal grill, but you may have trouble obtaining the precise item you want in certain circumstances. You might try going to the grill’s manufacturer’s website to see if you can get what you need.

Replacement components for these grills are often available from these vendors. It’s possible that you won’t need to purchase a new lid at all; instead, you’ll only need to fix the one you have.

For example, you may need a new handle in order to properly utilize the lid. Whatever the situation may be, you should investigate if you can change the charcoal grill’s cover so that you may begin putting the grill out quickly and efficiently using regular ways.

Invest in a New Grill

Have you considered purchasing a fresh new charcoal grill? Depending on the cost of your grill, it may be more cost effective to just purchase a new grill rather than searching for replacement components.

If you’ve been using a cheap grill, you might simply replace it with a new one without spending a lot of money. Many nice grills are available for around $100, indicating that you don’t need to be wealthy to consider purchasing a new grill.

The added convenience of a cover will make putting out the charcoal barbecue much easier. Also, while grilling some foods, you may want to shut the lid occasionally.

You can even consider upgrading to a much more upscale barbecue than the one you now have. It makes sense to have a barbecue that you love using if you spend a lot of time cooking outdoors.

Purchasing a new grill may be a worthwhile purchase, but it is ultimately up to you to determine if it is. If you’d prefer stay with what you’ve got for the time being, you can always follow the procedures indicated above when it’s time to fire up the charcoal grill.

Last Thoughts

Certain strategies are required to put out a charcoal barbecue without a cover. It should be a lot simpler to put out the coals now that you know what you’re doing.

You should always do your hardest to accomplish things safely. Make sure you have gloves to protect yourself, and always approach putting the coals out with caution.

It would be unwise to act rashly and end up badly burnt. It’s also possible that starting a fire may be disastrous.

You’ll have an easy time getting things right as long as you use your mind and follow the guidelines above. If it seems to be too much trouble, you may always attempt to find a replacement grill cover that fits your grill or purchase a new grill altogether.

The “how to cool down charcoal grill” is a tutorial on how to put out your charcoal grill without using a lid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you extinguish an open charcoal grill?

A: You will need to cover the grill with a lid so that it does not continue to release smoke.

Can you use a charcoal grill without a lid?

A: Yes, it is possible to use a charcoal grill without a lid.

Can you pour water on charcoal grill?

A: No, charcoal grills are too small to fit water in them.

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