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This Big Green Egg chicken wing recipe with Cow Lick Spice is extremely amazing. A “naked” wing has never tasted so amazing.

Adding a sauce, which I have numerous different techniques for, but Cow Lick by Dizzy Pig is highly recommended since it simply strikes the spot.

This spice is a Dizzy Pig original, and it is a fantastic flavor packed with fresh ground pepper, earthy chiles, paprika, garlic, and onion, according to Dizzy Pig.

It also goes well with burgers, chicken, chili, steaks, prime rib, and brisket. Cow Lick seasoning is a must-have for every spice collection.

Prepare the Cow Lick Wings on the Big Green Egg.

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This dish works best when cooked at a lower temperature to preserve the chicken juicy. Preheat the Big Green Egg at 275-300°F. The wings will be grilled on the grill directly.

Cow Lick Chicken Wings for the Big Green Egg: How to Make Them


To begin, spread out the wings in preparation for the Cow Lick Seasoning.


Sprinkle the wings liberally with Dizzy Pig’s Cow Lick spice.


Flip the wings over and apply the Cow Lick to the other side.

Cooking Instructions for Cow Lick Chicken Wings


Allow the chicken to cook to around 160 degrees before flipping to acquire some color on the other side.


Allow the chicken to cook until it reaches the USDA’s minimum temperature of 165 degrees. I love to cook them at a temperature of 175-180 degrees, which gives the wings a nice crisp.


Take advantage of Dizzy Pigs Cow Lick Seasoning’s strong tastes!

How to make the Cow Lick Chicken Wings more flavorful

The following sauces/spices go well with these chicken wings:

Which sort of wood should be used with the chicken to enhance the flavor?

Fruit woods like Apple, Peach, and Cherry are ideal for pairing with chicken. I like to use Apple wood while cooking chicken since it seems to be more readily accessible in shops around me. It has a mellow sweet and fruity taste that pairs well with chicken, as well as beef and pork.

When smoking chicken on the Big Green Egg, maple is another fantastic choice. This also gives the meat a sweet taste. It may also be used to cook other meats including as pork, ham, and even seafood.